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Last Top 20 Airtel Free Internet Tricks

Airtel has made a number of changes to the schematics and load data of . And when Boom proposed the Jio, it became imperative for Airtel to change the efficiency of its data. It has become easy to offer Airtel free internet data, call minutes and jackpot offers.

We will constantly publish working tips and often check how they work free airtel internet tips. Right now we will share work tips that will help you, if you know some tips, if you have a problem, let us know, let us find a solution.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Most of the tips below work for prepaid customers, so don’t try them if you have a postpaid connection.


Everyone wants free material, and once it comes to getting free data, there are 2 ways, like is to crack someone’s WIFI password or use some tricks to get your free data. If you are considering taking the second route, we have all the information you need.


Basic requirements for using Airtel’s free online tip

  • Airtel SIM card with 3G support (you can use a zero rental Airtel plan).
  • APN-
  • The Wynk Pack is activated on the Airtel SIM card.
  • 0 rupees. Credit on the SIM card (just in case).
  • If your speed is covered, use a small 3G packet.

Tip 1: – Airtel Wynk – free internet tip 2019

  • Download Wynk-App by clicking here
  • After installing of application , run the application with the active data package you have.
  • Now click MY ACCOUNT in the Wynk application and click FREE.
  • Click on Select Wynk Freedom Plan , which is completely free.
  • Now download the Tunnel Guru for PC or the Droid VPN for Android.
  • Connect your network to the APN :
  • The main task is now Open Tunnel Guru or PD Proxy and go to settings then options.
  • Go to Preferences and find Parental Proxy.
  • Set the parent authorized representative as location IP:, port:. 3128
  • Now click on the headings and write how : Host: Host:
  • Now connect it to port TCP 443.
  • Hooray! Hooray! You’ll be connected! !! Take advantage of Airtel’s free Internet access


Note: – This tip is confirmed by work carried out in Delhi, Haryana and in the northern states of India. Try it in your condition and tell me if it suits you or not… if it doesn’t fit, try a SIM card from Delhi.


Free Airtel WynkInternet Service Conditions

  • Minimum balance in rupees on the Airtel Sim card.
  • Your smartphone supports 4G and 3G connections.
  • The Wynk Music application is installed on your device because it’s a new trick that gives Wynk users free access to the internet.

Tip 2: – Airtel Vpn 2019 Droid Tip

  • You can download DroidVPN here
  • After downloading, go to . This is the link DroidVPN and , sign up for a newaccount: – Log in, please.
  • If you already have a droidvpn account, you can use it here for Airtel tours.
  • Now Open the DroidVPN application and click on Droid VPN settings.
  • Now select the connection protocol ->> select TCP.
  • Select the proxy settings as ->> Activate.
  • Choose proxy server as ->>
  • And port as ->> 3128
    • Now click on the HTTP headers and place the HTTP HYDERS
    • Host:
    • X-Online Host:
    • Host:
    • X-Online Host:
  • Now open Options and select a free server from the list.

Tip 3: – Airtel Troid Vpn Tip 2019

  • Download and open VPN Troid
  • Choose a free Troid VPN server
    • Set the port as TCP
    • Report 443
    • Port – 0
    • Now simply switch to the preset .
    • Must be checked (use proxy for TCPconnection).
  • And adjust the settings below.
    • Alternate host – or
    • Gate – 3128
    • Host – Host:
    • Ready Now press the save button and connect it (it will be connected directly).
  • You can use the setting below if the above does not work.
    • Open TroidVPN >> Select a freely available server and >> Install the TCP port as follows
    • Report 443
    • Port – 0
    • Now change to the default setting .
    • Define DNS –
    • Must check the box (Use a proxy for a TCP connection)
    • Alternate host – or
    • Gate – 3128
    • host – host: or host:
    • Ready Now press the save button and connect it (it will be connected immediately).

Tip 4: – Free 1GB 4G data for airlines 2019

This exit is the last exit. It works in almost every state (sim prepaid only) in the country.

Steps to get free 1GB data on Airtel prepaid simulators

  • Call 52122 from your Airtel Sim.
  • It deactivates automatically.
  • You will receive a confirmation message within 24 hours after (sometimes immediately).
  • To check all data, select *121*2#.

Tip 5: – Airtel 20194G 10GB 4G data

  • It’s a user trick.
  • Call 5999555 from your Airtel number.
  • The lucky ones receive 10 GB of data, valid for 10 days.

Focus 6: – Download the Airtel TV application and get 1 GB internet for free for 3 days

  • First download Airtel TV APP. Click here.
  • After downloading , install and open it.
  • Then Enter your Airtel number and check with the PTO. (You will receive the WBS on the number you entered)
  • At the same time receives 1 GB of internet data for free.
  • This is what you got for free: 1GB 3G/4G data .


Terms and conditions of Airtel’s free data offer:

  • U receives 1 GB of data for free.
  • To get free data, you need to download the Airtel TV application from the Google Play Store.
  • You will immediately receive 1GB of data.
  • This offer is valid for all users, so no stress.
  • Only for users with prepaid .
  • Period of validity of the data 3 days.

Tip 7: – 500 MB free 4G internet by air 2019

Follow these instructions to obtain free Airtel data

  • Download the MyAirtel application or update it to if it is already installed on your phone.
  • Go to the Applications section.
  • Search the list for the Airtel Movies application. You will also find a banner with 500 mb of free data.
  • Click on it and install the application to view movies.
  • Then register under the same cell-phone number airtel.
  • Within a few minutes you will receive a message confirming that 500 MB of 4G data has been deposited. This exclusive tip applies to all users of aertel prepaid services.

Tip 8: – Airtel Postpaid Tip (you get 60 GB free for 6 months)

Tip applies only to users ofpostpaid services. And it will work for selected customers.

To get this offer on your sim, follow these steps:

  • Connect to my airtel app with a valid postpaid number.
  • You will see a banner with free 4G data on 60 GB.
  • If you are prompted to do so, download the airtel tv application.
  • Enjoy 10GB/month for for the next 6 months.
  • Then sign in with him using the same Airtel cell phone number.

If the service does not start up, you can send SURPRISE to 121 to benefit from the same offer.

Focus9 : – Free 1.2 GB data plan by Airtel Focus

With this tip you get 1.2 GB of Airtel internet data for free. You need to download the 4 applications below:

  • Open this link in your browser.
  • Now enter your mobile phone number.
  • Install successively the My Airtel application, the Wynk movie, music and games .
  • For each downloaded application you will receive free data for the price of 300 Mb.
  • In short, after has downloaded the 4applications, you get for a total of 1.2 GB.



  • The offer is only available to prepaid Airtel users.
  • 1.2 GB of data can only be used with in the range of 12 to 6 hours.
  • If you have already installed one of the above applications, you are still entitled to this offer.
  • 50% Data withdrawal does not apply.

Trick 10 :- 30GB Airtel Free KickInternet

With the Airtel VoLTE Beta Program Beta Program – get 30 GB of free data on Pay attention: Airtel VoLTE Beta is now available in the following regions: West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

To use free stuff with the internet, you have to follow the instructions:

  • Click here to open the offer page.
  • Enter your Airtel mobile phone number to confirm.
  • Enter the received WBS on your smartphone.
  • Give your opinion about your experience with the VoLTE to enjoy the benefits of the free Airtel data of 30GB.
  • It’s very simple!

Tip 11: – Earn Rs 15 of free call time every month

  • Airtel has introduced a bonus melody service that accompanies outgoing calls. You get 5 pips for every display you hear, and the limit is set at Rs 15 per month.
  • Of course this number is not a big , but it is better to have something than nothing.
  • Moreover, there is no work here, just listen to the announcements of the sponsors.
  • To activate this offer, simply call at 50080 or choose *580#.

trick 12: – Airtel Unlimited 3G download trick for Android

  • Make sure your account balance is low (preferably less than 1 or 2 rupees).
  • Download Opera Next 7.5.3 Handler to your Android phone
  • Select the check box for the Remove Port option.
  • Select the proxy type as the real host .
  • Enter the proxy server in the form:
  • Turn on your data now and the will benefit from free and unlimited internet access.

Tip 13: – 500 MB free forusers in Gujarat and Maharashtra

  • Just choose *129# and select the third option of the popular .
  • Select 4. Internet package option and select 98Rs (500 mb) Plan.
  • Press 1 and set the automatic update.
  • Works only in Gujarat and Maharashtra. (Try to get a low balance below 98 points).
  • You can also use it several times to get extra benefits when working with data.
  • Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! It can stop functioning at any time.

Focus 14: – Focus on 2gb 3G data with the Moto E

Here’s Airtel’s latest trick to get 2 GB of 3G data. Take the following steps:-

  • You need airtel Moto e first gen Android phone and SIM cards 2.
  • If you do not have an e-motorcycle, will use its construction file (for advanced users only).
  • So we’re assuming you have a engine phone. Now insert your first Sim Airtel card into slot 1 and activate the mobile data.
  • Follow this link and click on and activate the data offer 1gb for 2 months .
  • You will receive 500 MB 3G data per month for 2 months.
  • Follow the same process with , another Sim card and Sim 2 slot.
  • For example, a total of receives 2 GB of data in 2 months , allowing this trick with 3g to be applied.

Tip 15: – Free internet tip for airlines Opera Mini Handler

  • First Download Opera Mini-Handler.
  • After the successful download of , Just install it on your smartphone.
  • Now go to your mobile internet settings.
  • Change the option Access Point and create a new Access Point.
  • Fill in the form below Options for the new access point
    • Name: Airtel Internet
    • Apn:
    • Alternatives:
    • Gate: 80
  • Click Save option in the upper right corner.
  • Now Turn on your Internet and open the Opera Mini Handler App from your homepage.
  • Sometimes only needsfor the first time.
  • When the download is complete, press the button and the is now ready to use.
  • Have fun!

Tip 16: – Free Internet Tip Airtel Uc Browser Manager

  • First download the Uc browser manager.
  • After downloading , just install on your smartphone.
  • Enable mobile data
  • Open browser Uc Browser , scroll down in the manager and press Clear Port
  • Now select Real Host on the proxy server.
  • Fill in one of the proxies you want –
    • broadcast on
  • Click the OK-button& You can now use this Uc-browser without internet.
  • Take advantage of the free internet.

Tip 17: – Last Airtel in service Tcp 2019

  • Use Pd-Proxy to configure.
  • Use TCP port as – 3128 port.
  • And get the list of agents –
  • Unlimited host tip – to create a new host like yours, just add something to , for example:-
    • even

We know it’s embarrassing, but in the east (India) it works very well

Focus 18: – Airtel Proxy Server Configuration for PC / Laptop

  • Open Firefox.
  • Navigation aids
  • Parameter > Network > Configuration
  • manual installation
  • Use a Single proxy from the lists above.
  • Authority: – 176 126 237 199 (or as above)
  • Gate: – 80
  • APN :-
  • Home page :- (or higher as host)


Note:- If you are getting a low download speed of , disable JavaScript. I’m sure you’ll feel the difference.

Tip 19: – Free Airtel working online – Tip for the Uc 2019 manager

  • Your mobile device >> Network Settings >> Access Point Names (APN).
  • Now create New APN as shown below
  • Turn on your mobile data
    • Apn :-
    • Alternatives:-
    • Gate: – 80
  • Now save with setting.
  • Now you need . Download every uc manager from Google.
  • Now open the manager uc and by setting as shown below
    • Type of assistant:- http
    • proxy server :-
  • Save these settings in the Uc manager and open it.
  • Hooray! Hooray! Enjoy the free Trick Viewer Airtel 3G

Note: – Limit of 250 mb per proxy server

Change it to another free host like:-

broadcast on

Have a good time.

Tip 20: – Airtel WebTunnel Vpn Tip 2019

  • Download the first Vpn application for Webtunnel.
  • After Configuring the vpn webtunnel on your Android device Open the application and follow the steps below.
  • In the VPN application, of the Web tunnel performs the following configurations
    • Title Host Type:-
    • Server:- Select a free server (use server 9)
    • proxy host type :- (or) (or) a free Airtel hostel.
    • Gate: – 80
    • The following column selects:- Fastest HTTP:1
  • Now , press the connection key.
  • You’re done.

They’ll be online soon. You can now enjoy free Airtel 3g/4g Internet on your Android device.


Note: – WebTunnel vpn app has a daily limit of 250 mb . So you can use 250 MB free internet per day, only . Maintain a zero balance of on your shipping time at to avoid balance reduction.

Free seats for Airtel Internet 2019

You can even replace with to check efficiency and speed.


Free professional representation for the internet Airtel 2019

  • or
  • OF
  • OR
  • King of Germany
  • or
  • (resumption of aid)

Thank you for reading this article. Notify me of any questions in the comment section below.



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