This guide describes the steps to follow to get all the achievements of Conan’s new exiles: DLC of the island of Sipta. If you are one of these 100% successful hunters, you should consult the guide below.

Expelled from Conan: Guide to go to the island of Sipta

Before you start the Performance Hunt, do the following:

  1. Change the language of the game to English. To do this, go to the Settings, Game tab and change the language to English.
  2. Make sure you have installed yourself as an administrator. Start the SOLO game on Sipts, create your character and when it’s loaded, press Esc, go to Settings – Server Settings and click Create me admin. Then go to the Combat tab and change the damage multiplier to 10.
  3. Start the scam. Press Esc – Administration panel. On the left side of the screen, select God, Demigod, NoSprintCost, eliminate Hunger and Thirst, enter 10 on the moving speed factor and click Apply, set the level to 150. On the right side of the screen you will see the Search tab, find Katana, click on the Other tab and enter Katana.
  4. Every time you open a map – make sure that a Maelstrom or a wild flood is active. They have a random spawning speed with some cooling time. Maelstrom is a huge storm with enemies multiplying randomly, and Wild Surge is a kind of teleport door in the sky with enemies falling on you as you go under it. They look alike:


Wild Wave

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

If you notice Maelstrom or Wild Wave, stop what you are doing and go to the Special Achievements section of this guide.


The first step is to visit each location on the CSD card. Here’s the full map.

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

If you have problems with deleting – save the map image to your local disk, open it for example in a graphical editor. B. MS Paint, and zoom in for a more accurate position. And mark every place you open with a black square to make sure you’ve tidied it up.

To teleport to this location, open the map in the game, move the cursor to the desired location and hold down the left Ctrl key while pressing the right mouse button. You will be blasted to where the mouse pointer hangs. Sometimes you have to walk around the building or go around to unlock the place.

You will receive the following performance when you unlock each location:

In the vault. – Explore the vault.

Temple – Visit of Leyshrin.

Spirit of Darkness – Reaching the Tower.

The Pearl in the Tower – Discover the island of Sipta.

Second step

The second step is the realizations not related to Maelstrom or Surges, which you can get at any time.

First – press Esc, go to the administration panel. Write on the right side of the Sigil screen in the Search tab and click on the Other tab. You will receive a list of all signatures. Click once on each of them, they will be added to your inventory. Then close the administration panel, open your inventory and use any signature. You benefit from the following advantages:

Memory – signature print

Outside – Remember the seven plates immediately.

Next. Open the administration panel, type in the Search tab, and then click on Resource. Then click on Custom Quantity at the bottom, enter 100 and click on More ???. 10 to 15 times. You’ll get it:

Silver Key – Get? ????

Next. Find the blacksmith’s bench in the administration panel (in the building) and install it. When you search for Survivor in the Others tab, the weapon diagram (Survivor’s Axe) is shown. Give it to yourself. Then find Eldarius in the Resources tab, give yourself 17, and a single tree, and give yourself 2. Open your inventory, find the template you provided and use it. Then interact with the forge bench, move 2 insulating timbers and 17 Eldariums to the bench, and create the Survival axe. You’ll get it:

Shadow beyond time – Create an object with the Eldarius.

Specific services

This section is dedicated to individual performance. First of all:

Behind the bedroom wall is the entrance to the jacuzzi.

  • If you see Maelstrom on the map (check the configuration section if you don’t know what I’m talking about), just teleport in this huge storm. For information on teleporting with administrator rights, see step 1 in the manual. You will receive this service immediately.

Outsider – Victory over surgical incantations.

  • If you see a Wild Splash on the map, teleport to one of them and use your katana to kill enemies that fall on you from the teleport door in the sky.

Other gods – draw the mightiest plague.

  • If you see the giant blue oval teleport door in the sky, teleport to the next location:

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

The name of the site is Leitrin Serpentine. You can get it elsewhere, but I’ll talk about that later. Enter the building, go to the second floor and you’ll see a triangle on the floor in the middle of an area called the base of the altar in the foyer.

And there’s scientific evidence behind it. Interaction with the research notes. They learn how to build altar bases.

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

Then try to interact with the surface of the triangle called the base of the altar of the fireplace. If it indicates that the Leyshrine is asleep, you have to wait until a giant blue teleport appears in the sky. There’s no way to activate it and it has a random reproduction rate, just wait for it to manifest.

A blue teleport is waiting in the sky:

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

If it allows you to communicate with an altar base, look at the right side of the screen, select an altar base, see what you need to build it, give yourself these resources through the Management Panel, move them to the inventory of altar bases and build an altar.

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

Then interact with the altar you have to build and place a few hundred Big? ???? in the altar inventory. He’s gonna start processing… ???? and create a swirling chaos. You need 1,000 wormhole chaos generated in the altar.

Check the hexagonal lights around the base of the altar, they should change color from blue to red.

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

I’ll say it again. EACH HEXAGONAL LIGHT SHOULD TURN RED. When the light turns red, you’re done. Searching for a faulty door control on the second floor :

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

React with her and use Eldarium to pull the trigger.

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

Then use the lever you found. Do the same on the second floor of the building with the defective barricade check. Operate the lever.

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

Isle of Siptah DLC Achievement Guide

Then go back to the second floor and use the center lever with the red hexagonal lights. This will be the beginning of Surge and you will finally have your strength.

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