If you want to learn more about Iron Grip in Destiny 2 and are not sure if you should use Iron Grip in Destiny 2, you have come to the right place.

We talked about Iron Grip Weather and Iron Gaze, whether you use it or not, we have a detailed article below, take a look.

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Before we know if we can use it in the game or not, we need to know what Iron Grip is?

The Iron Grip is a device that can be used to improve the stability of weapons. When you use extra gear with your weapon in a game, it usually improves your weapon’s performance and increases damage, etc. But is this the case here in Destiny 2?

Iron Grip in Destiny 2 significantly improves a weapon’s capabilities at the expense of reload speed, so we’re going to break down exactly what Iron Grip does, and we’re also going to look at Iron Gaze.

1. Iron gas in Destiny 2: Iron gas significantly improves target acquisition at the expense of range.

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Use of iron handle in the lot 2

Iron Grip offers more stability at the price of a charge rate plus 18-stability and a negative charge rate of 36. So we did some testing and found that the restart takes 1.9 seconds without the bonus and 2.43 seconds with the bonus. So it gets 28% slower after using the iron grip in Fate 2, which is not good at all. We also found that it has more vertical recoil and almost the same horizontal recoil. We performed this test with the AR.

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Use of iron gas in Destiny 2

Iron Gaze allows for better aiming at the expense of range, so minus 36 for range and plus 20 for aiming help.

We also did this test with an AR and found that the normal damage for a fall with an advantage, which we had, was about 29 feet. And when we found that out, after looking at it and leaving all the other bonuses unchanged, the sharp end came much closer, as we lost most of our range.

So we see that this range becomes 24% shorter than normal after using iron gas. That’ll cost you a lot of shots. We also found that it is very difficult to notice changes in visual perception during use, and all directional aids fill up.


When we used Iron Grip in Destiny 2, we didn’t see any benefit because it reduced the loading speed by 28%, which isn’t good at all, and the grip wasn’t very good either.

As for Iron Gaza, we recommend you take some time and use it, if you find it useful then you can use it, but our recommendation would be that it allows you to lose a lot of shooting, so we do not recommend using Iron Gaza in Destiny 2. So the conclusion is that you shouldn’t use them, because you’ll end up losing a lot of filming by using both.

So Destiny 2 was Iron Grip business.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to Iron Grip in Destiny 2.



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