Whatever the inspiration, the resurrection of the immortal Fenyx is in itself an incredible action. It is an absolute pleasure to play our protagonist, the phoenix. Their skills are among the most adaptable and affordable in games, starting with the basics of Platforming Bypass, which any player can easily become familiar with. I had no trouble starting the adventure, because the area itself had familiar aspects that immediately became clear. The very first assignment in the campaign – climbing the cliff of the sandy coastline that seemed to have been wiped out by our hero. Again, like the will of our hero Link with the breath of the fauna, the shutter speed measures the strength of our hero, exhausted at each bar of the pressed stone. Simple actions such as walking and jumping do not affect your elasticity, but sprinting and swinging activate your stamina and their life span decreases rapidly.

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On the way through the living and open world of the immortals there are seven corresponding districts, each with its own theme, each representing the God Titan captured by Zeus. Phosphorus, the bird that helps you, informs Phoenix of his next encounters and guides the fearless heroine through the countless trials that await her for her deviant divinity. After unlocking the wings of the Daedalus, a journey through the air from this epic sandpit lets the Phoenix glide freely in the face of a barrage of enemies usually populated by hordes, but scattered throughout the environment. Historical monuments from Greek mythology serve as base camp and help to solve the riddles of the phoenix. Each of these areas has many portals that lead them to different crypts of the Tataros. Each vault trains the phoenix with a new skill that takes him to the next chapter of his adventures. Although the name has a very open world of adventure, the campaign is strictly linear in advertising, and these boxes serve as narrative checkpoints.

Huge monsters and growing mammoths show their determination to crush the humanoids, the phoenix does everything he can to avoid defeat. Killing these animals after a long and intense fight is so pleasant that it can go in all directions. Sometimes they are quite simple, but usually it’s a pretty exciting challenge that offers some of the best sequences in the game. The cinematography increases the intensity of these epic action points and is complemented by a permanent repertoire of our hero. Phoenix and his intoxicating character help strengthen any battle, whether between allies or enemies. Their charm comes from their character when a legend is born. An incredibly inspiring fairy tale that will fascinate players with its striking elements of play and presentation, accompanied by several songs.

The Phoenix Rebellion of the Immortals is one of my personalities, my favourites, on his way to the new generation and saying goodbye to the latter. He can deliver a lot of heartbreaking comedy enclaves, but his heart shines with some of his sentimental moments. Of course the shock of tears breaks the courage of everyday moments, but at the same time the performance determines the rhythm and the main tone of the title. The unlikely story is that of an adventurer seeking to defy his god in the hope of turning the tide for the greater good. To strengthen the mythological legacy and put an end to inevitable death, Immortals Fenyx Rising has surpassed many action-adventure games released this year. However, the Immortal Fenyx Resurrection is necessary for all players, especially those who have marked themselves with brand new devices. The challenger to Game of the Year.

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