In this guide to Aphrodite Jumping of the Ascending Immortals, you will learn how to complete the Aphrodite Jump in game. In Immortals Fenyx Rising, the Aphrodite Jump is the first obstacle that puts all of a player’s skills to the test, including critical thinking and adaptability. Among other things, you have to collect three tears from Aphrodite, push the pearl into the ocean, steal a golden apple and extract the essence of Aphrodite from the vault. You can reach it.

Storage instructions for Aphrodite – Rebellion of the Immortals of the Phoenix

The game memory consists of three interconnected memories. A giant purple seed will give you gas that will block your way. Then you’ll see the first puzzle and three other paths you have to take. After solving all the puzzles, you fight against the main enemy.

Puzzle 1 – Collected blocks

You make the first call to the vault. Now we need to find a wooden box on the left. Take him to the pressure pad on the right. You will see a blue torch burning, on which you can use a flame arrow. If you burn the seed, it distributes the gas over the raised blocks. It’s a good thing there’s room next to the flare button.

When you press the key, you make a call. Now start rolling the ball on the driveway, and when it reaches the top of the driveway, stop at the driveway. It is better to contest the gas and not do any damage. Turn it in the direction of the switch. You’ll see a red barrier fall into a small room and the next seed will be in that room. Now go back to the torch with Apollo’s arrow.

You will now find your way to the last seed. When you step on the pressure plate, use the arrow, and after the last seed has been burned, the last track is open for the next tests.

Puzzle 2 – Fighting arena

The path to the left will lead you to the arena of battle. But you have to make sure it’s filled with poison gas. The first piece is a thyrofoam and a hammer horse won’t cause so much trouble. But from time to time you will lose your health, and if you stand in one of the four corners, you will stay healthy.

Take the seed as soon as you can, so you don’t have to fight. Don’t worry about your health. You’ll get them back because you’ll find a lot of things that will heal you.

Now, there’s two seeds in room 2 and you’re gonna find a toxic gas. The enemy here will be the Taurus. To defeat them, you have to burn one of the seeds to get male snakes near the safe corner.

Puzzle 3 – Hidden seeds

In this article you must use tricolor switches to activate certain paths. In front of the main entrance you’ll see a torch. When you get to the entrance, use the arrow to burn the seed next to the stone ball. Now the gas will disappear and the ball will roll into the first switch.

The next bale is blocked by seeds and can be reached with the same flashlight. Move a little to the left or right to see it clearly. Then push it down and you can call the next ball.

Now, you gotta roll the ball from where you came from. When the ball falls, the caviar is born with a button. Now go down the stairs, you’ll find the next torch and the next gate will fall.

In this new section you will find a new torch, and here you will see two seeds. Use a flashlight to burn the seed, which will be on the right side. The other one will be in front of you, but don’t try to aim the shooter at him. You have to bend it around the wall and burn it.

You will also find a bonus box. Now that all the benches are clear, call the last ball and parade across the course.

With the last switch, the barrier will now fall. Now get back on the pressure pad and the path will open. Use the arrow perfectly and avoid everything. Send it to the seed found nearby.

Puzzle 4 – Ball Maze

It’s gonna be a big maze of bullets now. First you find the bullet in the poison gas. Turn the Phoenix tackle next to the torch so that the ball is ignited. This will dissipate the gas. Now, call the next ball. Now all you have to do is roll the ball, find the next torch and roll to the next seed.

The last two will be a little more complicated.

There’ll be holes, and you’ll have to avoid them all. You need to keep accidents to a minimum, and you can do that by standing at a distance and trying to reach it. Then he’s less likely to fall. If you’re on last, you’re gonna have to stretch a lot. You drop the ball a few times, but that won’t be a problem. Burn the last seed and it will release the pressure plate. The last job will be open. Burn the seed, and the final road will be open to you.

The boss… Ozoms:

You’ll meet the last boss on the way now. It has some unique features, but you can easily beat it because you’ve already beaten a dozen of them as before. They’ll be able to repel any attack from the magical ozone missile.

Avoid all attacks and hit the ozone.

Now, after a number of attacks, the boss will go into defensive mode for a while. He’s gonna call out two harpies to fight. You can easily remove them. Then Ozomena will attack again. Concentrate again on avoiding attacks and revenge.

This is all you need to know about the completion of Aphrodite’s vault in the ascent of the immortal phoenix. For more help with the game, please refer to the following guides:

That’s what our guide to the vault of the rising Aphrodite of the Immortals decides. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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