The game: Me, like AI
: Engine, arcade, system: Nintendo Switch (also for PC)
Developer|Publisher : Sometimes the age classification is
: EU 12+ | USA All 10+
Price : UK £8.99 | EU €9.99 | US $9.99
Publication date : 9. December 2020

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I Robots

I’m a vertically-scrolling AI shooter. The principle is that you play the role of an AI who is supposed to develop weapons for the army. But you’re almost tired of this life and you’ve decided it’s time to escape, to climb a large space portal and find a new home.

On the first level you play like a small spark of energy and simply avoid electrical impulses. Then you take a spaceship and spend the remaining 19 levels shooting at enemy ships and destroying the big ships of The Boss. Everything you need to be free!

I wish the game had made more room for AI history. I liked the idea of AI management, but there’s nothing you can do about it after the first phase. The game is just a space shooting game where you play as the same ship and chase the bad guys. Not bad on both sides, but it seems like a missed opportunity to avoid, like the AI, hijacking other ships or maybe changing the gameplay between the battleships to play with an electric pulse as in the first level. I guess it wasn’t just a matter of fate.

Fuck-Bang Shooting time

Collection of pellets

The images from the room are quite standard. On each level they will try to destroy as many energy barrels as possible, collect the blue balls they launch and of course try not to die. Your ship can be hit several times, but a failure means you have to start the level again.

Between levels you can upgrade various skills, such as weapons and armor, and even unlock new applications, such as laser beams, smart bombs and shields. There is a reasonable selection that allows you to adapt them to your playing style.

If you fail during the level, it’s not a total loss, because you get 50% of the collected blue balls. If you complete the level successfully and destroy 100% of the enemies, you will also receive 50% more blue balls. It also has that exciting arcade feeling that makes me want to replay the levels just to improve my skills.

Blue pellets help improve your ship.

Game with options

Operation is simple, with options even allowing you to choose whether your ship should fire automatically. This means that you only need to use the left joystick to control the movement of the ship. They move slightly slower than the typical vertical scrolling shooters, but this may be suitable for players who don’t want to feel too complicated. There are three difficulty modes that ask you to replay the levels if you think it’s getting too easy.

Boss fights are varied and epic.

from space

The graphics are dark and mechanical. It’s not the biggest game. The levels just seem to mix, at least there’s a good variety of enemies. The highest praise goes to the boss battles, which have many different designs and do not repeat themselves. The music often starts quietly at all levels and becomes more epic towards the end. I suggest to enter the options and turn up the music louder and make the recordings quieter, because the beginning of the game ball obscures the musical score and actually becomes a rather distracting maneuver.

There are many things you can improve between levels.


I, the AI, have a good piece for the shooter, but he doesn’t seem to be handling it well. What remains is a decent space shooter who will appeal to fans looking for a simple and moderate challenge, but not hardcore space shoppers.

A strange spaceman, but it’s a pity he didn’t do more to stand out from the rest.

Final verdict: I love.

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