Hey, guys! Pending BlizzCon, which will probably give us some information about Immortal and Diablo IV, I have decided to update my knowledge about Diablo and fill in the gaps that are still missing.
I have everything but Adria’s book. Most things seem to be going well so far, but I’ve hit two walls. Ironically, these are probably the two most important parts of the legend. Black exile and the fall of Leorik. Since I don’t have a library full of Horadric’s scrolls, I decided to consult the best there is: People.
Black exile: Thus, during the E.D., Higher Evil manipulated Lower Evil to unite against them and banish them to the Sanctuary. But why? They had agreed to leave the sanctuary alone, so just going there would have been a serious breach of the agreement, but in fact they were planning to be hunted down and imprisoned. I don’t see how it would make any difference if they missed the whole devilish civil war story.
Problem number two is Izual. So he attacked the Forge of Hell, was captured and revealed the secret of the Soul Stones to the three of them. Then they decided to follow the plan in its entirety. But Tyrael would not have made the soul stones until he realized that the three brothers were in the sanctuary. How could Izual tell them in advance? Did he have plans on his desk in case something like this happened? And he decided to accompany him when another angel who knew the idea was captured by those against whom he wanted to use the stones?
Leorick: It’s gonna be a big game, because we have three games. Diablo, Diablo the Immortal and Diablo III. So if we look at the events as they unfolded, Leorik came to Tristram with Asilla and her two sons, who Leorik rejected as stagnation. It’s a strange feeling, considering the fact that we haven’t seen any village in Khanduras that isn’t a small village. Oddly enough, his field is quite a long way from Tristram’s. He’s actually closer to Wortham than he is to Tristram. And Ashwold Manor is actually closer to Tristram than Leorick Manor. I don’t know if Asilla was from Ashwold or if she just loved people, but if she was from there, I don’t understand why Leorik was surprised by Tristram’s condition a few miles away. It is possible that Wortham had not yet been founded at that time and that Leorik still lived in Ashwold Manor and only moved to DIII Manor after he had been corrupted.
So Leorik is dead and buried in the catacombs. The third level of the catacombs, to be precise. He came back with a big skeleton. He was torn to shreds by Aiden and company. Later the Letis summoned up the spirit or essence of Leorik or something in Ashwold’s legacy (an indication that this was important to Leorik). Once again he was defeated. He’s resurrected in a very strange way, using his connection to Asilla. This merry-go-round suggests that her body was unavailable.
Now comes the hard part. In Diablo III Leorik is brought back to life. His tomb is now on the fourth level of the catacombs and for some reason contains a gigantic throne. To enter the graves and fight Leorik, you need his crown, which was buried together with councillor Eamon. Where do all these new things come from? I think that either Leoric was reburied after Diablo I to make sure that no necromancer or evil demon could reach him, or that a shingle from the world that fell near caused a cosmic recession and rewrote the past.

So, am I crazy or am I at least missing something?

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Post Hunt for Missing Lore (Dark Exile and Leoric) for the game Diablo 3.

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