The basic premise of Hades, that you have to go through the underworld to reach the upper world, seems pretty simple and superficial, but there’s a lot more to the game than you might initially think.

There are many secrets to discover in the game, many characters to interact with, and even secret skills to unlock for each weapon in the game. These are called Hidden Aspects and completely recycle the touch of the weapon. Each of them corresponds to a specific hero or historical character and requires a specific action to be unlocked.

Beginning of activity

To unlock the hidden aspects, you need to do two things:

  1. You should have reached the final boss of the game at least once.
  2. For 20 gems, you have to buy a list of meaningless prophecies from the seller of the house.

After that, it’s time to pump some Titan Blood into your weapons, and you’ll need at least 5 in each, no matter what aspect you want to unlock. The selection of aspects really depends on you and the weapons you prefer.

Once that’s done, you have to talk to some characters and unlock the first one before you can unlock the others.

Aspect of Guan Yu

image via Gamespedia.

The aspect of Guan Yu is related to the Eternal Spear and opens with a conversation with Achilles in the House of Hades. Fortunately, he’s around a lot, so talk to him when you get a chance between races. If you talk to him enough, he will tell you that he saw a large bearded warrior and a precise phrase to say to the lancer.

Zag will remember this phrase for you, so go to Skelly’s room, equip your spear, walk to the Orb and press Apocalypse to unlock the Guan Yu Aspect.

Aspect Arthur

How to unlock all Weapon Aspects in Hades image via Gamespedia.

This aspect involves the blade of the Stige and is unlocked when you talk to Nyx. Like Achilles, Nyx is almost always in Hades’ house, and it’s enough to keep playing and talking to him every time to unblock the dialogue.

In this dialogue, she will mention the gun in Zagrev and tell him the phrase to say to the knife in Skelly’s room. Fortunately, Zag remembers it itself, and all you have to do is get close to the weapon, equip it, and press Uncover.

Aspect ratio

How to unlock all Weapon Aspects in Hades image via Gamespedia.

The aspect of Rama is associated with the bow, seeks the heart and requires you to speak to Artemis. Artemis is not a character you find in the house of Hades, but one of the gods of Olympus who will give you blessings that will help you on the battlefield. We recommend you unlock her memory to improve your chances of communicating with her on the run.

Like the others, keep talking to her as much as you can and she’ll eventually give you an impression for the bow. Just go to Skelly’s room and do the exposure procedure.

Aspect of Gilgamesh

How to unlock all Weapon Aspects in Hades image via Gamespedia.

This aspect allows you to customize the double fists and is unlocked by talking to Asterius the Minotaur in the Elysée Palace. You have to contact him in the form of a minibus, which takes place before the boss fight in which he participates in the end zone. Keep fighting him, and after each fight he will talk to you a little and eventually give you the look of the sentence.

Take this set to Skelly’s room and open the Fist Aspect.

Aspect of Lucifer

How to unlock all Weapon Aspects in Hades image via Gamespedia.

The Lucifer aspect is connected to the Adamantine Railroad, and to unlock it you will have to talk to the great man himself, Zeus. As with Artemis, he is not in the House of Hades, and you must deal with him during your races and make use of the advantages he offers you. Do it as many times as you can (use his locker after unlocking it), and he’ll eventually give you the sentence.

From there, you know what to do.

Aspect of Beowulf

How to unlock all Weapon Aspects in Hades image via Gamespedia.

When combined with the Chaos Shield, the Beowulf aspect requires you to speak to Chaos. Another character you can interact with during your races. Chaos sometimes opens a portal for you to meet him after the meeting. Keep talking to him if you can and he will give you a line.

Use it to go to Skelly’s room and trade the Chaos Shield.


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