How do you defrost all the shrapnel from the collision with Genshin in the mountains? To stop a strong gust of wind, you have to defrost all the debris. This tutorial is about thawing out all the shards from the Genshin battle.

The Genshin Impact 1.2 update is now available for download on different platforms. miHOYO has removed the servers for maintenance and they may be back soon. There are many things you need to know when playing Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact 1.2 update includes many exciting new features, quests, a new map, new weapons and equipment, and much more. The Genshin Impact 1.2 update also includes some fixes and bug fixes. In addition, miHOYO has fixed some optimization and configuration issues in the game that you will see after the release of the update.

You will also receive a fee for every hour you spend on the servers until they fail for maintenance, 300 primogems in your inbox for every hour as a fee, as well as x300 primogems as a fee if your character has problems, such as special features, special skills or the like.

More information can be found here: Genshin Impact Update 1.21 Patches and Downloads

For the search in the mountains you have to explore the Irish, and only then you have to defrost all the shards to prevent the strong gusts of wind from preventing you from finding the Dragon Thorn area.

The chalk prince and the dragon have begun! New BP missions have been added to Mountain Endurance. Fill them in to get the BEP.

See the full announcement here >>>

– Peimon (@GenshinImpact) 23. December 2020

Defrost all shots from a Genshin shot: Location 1

For the first location you can go to the northeast of the antelope town on the outskirts of town. At this spot you’ll see a 5 pillar puzzle, and now you need a Cryo character to solve this puzzle.

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Now, you need to interact with the block you see next to Seeley’s center on this one, and he’ll show you the order in which to turn it on. And if you need a visual aid, pay attention to the correct order, which is shown in the image below.

Once this game is successfully completed, the robots come to life and you must defeat them. The small bar next to the arena turns into a warm-up effect, so hold it up to get the full cold effect so you don’t get up. It breaks the ice so you can fall. Now just break the red crystals to reach the quartz scale, which you can use to break the shard in the corner.

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To defrost all Genshin splinters: Seat 2

You will find a second location in the Starlight Cave. All you have to do is spawn on the transporter to find out where Starglow Cave is. You see a hole in the ground, not far from the transporter, you go into the tunnel and you see a shard, you have to go down for the shard.

You will see that the shard is protected by a barrier, you have to stand the test of time to remove this barrier.

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To defrost all Genshin splinters: Final location

The last and last place is the frost tree on the snow track. It’s one of the easiest tasks. You have to collect the limestone quartz around it and just crush the ice.

So it was just a matter of thawing out all the broken pieces of Henshin’s neck.

I hope you like our approach to defrosting all of Genshin’s shards.


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