How do you solve the problem of the collision with the nearby Genshin mechanism? When you meet Albedo at Genshin Impact, he asks you to do a series of experiments because Albedo wants to know more about nature and behavior. In such a test there is a mental test in which you have to solve an obvious mechanism. If you don’t know how to solve a near-collision mechanism with Genshin, this guide is for you.

Genshin Impact has received its latest update, v1.2. In this update a lot of new content has been added to the game, there is a new map called Dragonspine, there are new characters Albedo and Ganyu. These two characters are very strong and powerful.

Albedo is an alchemist in Moon City. Albedo has a sword and a power or geo. At Impact Genshin he was known at an early age as a friend of Clover and master of Sucrose. And Ganyu is half human and half Adeptus Cryo. Ganyu is Liyue Qixing’s secretary and emissary.

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Now let’s see how to solve Genshin’s collision mechanism in the Last Experiment task.

The Genshin Impact 1.2 update includes many new quests, including the Final Experience. In this task you have to solve a proximity mechanism, we will develop it in the next part, check it out.

When you meet Albedo, he will ask you to take a test to find out your tendencies. One of these is the clairvoyance test, where you have to find the mechanism nearby.

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In fact, you have to solve a total of two mechanisms, one on the left and one on the right. The two mechanisms are interlocking cubes that form the central piece of the puzzle. The mechanism on the right side is actually quite simple and easy to solve, you see 2 Seelies that you can turn on by going through them. You need a few small circuits to the neighboring poles that you just need to activate.

So it’s about solving the Genshin impact mechanism, but it was the mechanism on the right side and only 2 mechanisms, so now we solve the second mechanism on the left side.

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To resolve a collision with a nearby Genshin mechanism: Second mechanism

Solving the second mechanism is a bit difficult, the second mechanism contains 2 pedestals, you’ll see Seelie on the rock to the left in the area, deliver to the pedestal and now you have to find the last Seelie.

The first is easy to find, the second takes some effort, but you can find it. The last Sealy lies on a pole in the sea near the area. And to find the last Seelie on the bar, you have to jump from bar to bar and then lift him onto the pedestal. But it is not easy to climb and jump on the poles, which requires some effort.

Then you can deal with the block when you put Seeley back on the pedestal. It will lower the water level for you, it will reveal some runes you can learn with Albedo.

So the question was how to solve the problem of the collision with the neighboring Genshin mechanism in the last experimental task.

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I hope you like our approach to solving the problem of the effects of the Genshins mechanism in the near future.


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