Middle-earth: The Shadow of War has many rewards hidden somewhere in the recesses of its mystical world. A common thing you’ll see during the game are Itildin’s secret doors. They’re locked, and if you’re looking for an answer on how to open the doors of the Itildin to the Mediterranean: The Shadow of War, read on. Because the answer lies beneath it, and opening the doors rewards you with special treatment.

You can open the legendary armor of the Shining Lord by opening the gates of Itildin. Each card in the deck has five cards and an Itildin door. To take the set, you have to unlock all the doors. Let’s solve this mystery.

How to solve the mystery of the Itildine Gate in the Mediterranean: The Shadow of War?

On 5 maps of the Mediterranean: The shadow of war is an Itildin door and six words to collect. After collecting the six words we will solve the poetic riddle of the Itildin Gate. Just collect the words and go back to the door to open it.

How do I find the word Itildin?

Look at the symbol above on the map. Here are the words of Itildin on the map. If you notice this symbol, click on it and add a check mark. You can then follow the state of the world and take it with you. So you have to put six words together to open the door to Itildin. After collecting the six words you return to the door to solve the riddle of the poem. You must enter the world of the Wraith to see the words.

How do you solve the poetic riddle of Itildine’s door?

Collect all the words and go back to the door. Place the words in the correct boxes to open the door. The easiest way to solve this problem is to put words in the slot. Below you will find all the verses and the correct words. Make sure you write all the words in the correct lines to open the door.

A poem by Minas Itil Itildin.

In the land of Mordor, where the shadows are
, we wear our banners above, boots like drums.
Our kadan is fast, our face is terrible.
For who dares, in this dark land obsessed with dreams, to face the righteous flame of anger and condemn themselves to despair and death?

Poems of Nurennen Itildin

Let our enemies be strengthened with iron and stoneLet the rough snakes, the wild beasts call them upHe will not leave them indifferent. After centuries, no army with such weapons has had the death of GoreTacay against the Black Horde, who soon dared to claim that he would rule Mordor.

Poems in syrite Ungol Itildin

When the sun rises, the shadows
must retreat to escape the daylight.
The night never knew the end of the fleet, for the bright Lord carries beacons.
The sun rises, yes – but from the west it shines on 1. March 1999, still light east.

Poems by Seregost Itildin

The Righteous Mordor slumbers, confused in the night
Nest of the viper, nest of sorrow and division
Poisoned by malicious treachery and misery
Trapped in the corpse of Helidian’s hand
Always on the lookout! The luminous Lord comes like a forest fire
and burns only that which is the basis so that all others can flourish.

Poems by Gorgorot Itildin

They hunt and hide and then escape with such angerBut our flagship is the proof of their angerOur hard, hand-forged armor is insurmountableUnder the command of the forces of darkness however violent or horrible the attack may be against the Lord of Light, it stumbles and fails

Below is a list of Itildin doors and armour that you can find inside. You have to go to a certain place and solve the puzzle of the global collection to unlock it. If you collect all pieces of Legendary Armor, you will receive a bonus on certain skills. So it is worthwhile to crush and open the gates of Itildin in Middle-earth: The shadow of war.

  • Minas Itil – The armor of the Lord of Light.
  • Nurennen is God’s light onion.
  • Syrit Ungol – God’s cloak of light.
  • Seregost is the dagger of the Lord of Light.
  • Gorgoroth is the shining sword of God.

By collecting armor you can increase your strength by winning a lot of XP in Middle-earth: The shadow of war. Buying XP will speed up your progress in the game. Follow this link to learn some simple tips on how to quickly earn a lot of XP.

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