Some of Arsaca’s top managers were a bit confused about the business they did with different customers, while at Cyberpunk 2077, when it comes to private matters, the other side wants to cut costs. You have to sneak into the apartment to capture the data card for this transaction and steal it for another client.

Where can you find the Wrighton Hotel?

You have to go to the Raito Hotel, which is in Watson, in the Kabuki. It will be located on the outskirts of Little China and there should be a fast access terminal that will get you there pretty quickly.

How to get to the Raito Lift

The biggest hope for this idea is that you don’t sound the alarm when you try to get in. So you want to avoid the confrontation with the hotel guards, and it can be difficult to sneak in, but since this is a public place, you can talk directly to the manager. Talk to them and you have several options.

  • Need a room – pay 4500 vortex per room
  • Delivery for Mikhail Akulov.
  • [9 points for technical ability] – [Distraction] Show something interesting…
  • Don’t look too busy.

Last option, don’t look too busy at this, it’s usually a talking point, so you can ignore it. Because our character was a street kid, they had a chance to give birth in Michael’s room. If you do, you can tell the caretaker that you are here to hand over a special reserve or sleep with it. A special reserve means that he will be called by the administrator, but you can stop him and then you will have to pay 1100 vertebrae or distract him with your technical skills. If you say you’re here to sleep with Michael, it’s the same situation and the same result.

If you say you need a room for the night, you have to pay 4,500 vertebrae for the night. It’s expensive enough, and we need to find Michael’s apartment.

For people with sufficient technical skills, you can go straight to the elevator, while the manager looks the other way. However, you will need a lift pass, which you will receive when you walk down the hall and turn right. There is a door accessible from at least seven access points, and the access code is on the back of the table.

How to not raise the alarm and steal Mikhail Akulov’s datashard in Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Using the diversion option is the cheapest, but after this choice you need to find the access code. The option for street children is the second most expensive and the rent of the room is the highest.

For our breakthrough, we decided to use our technical function to distract the caretaker and go to the elevator.

How do you like Michael Penthouse number?

When you enter the elevator, you will update your appearance data and receive information about the location of Penthouse Michael. There is a search marker that will take you directly in that direction, and if you follow it, the path will tell you how to reach the penthouse from the outside. We recommend that you keep them before entering the apartment.

There are different cameras, so if you jump over them, be prepared to turn the camera off. For our breakthrough, we hacked the first camera and then turned off all cameras.

How to not raise the alarm and steal Mikhail Akulov’s datashard in Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy gig – Cyberpunk 2077

There are several guards in the apartment, so you can’t easily share the data. There are two rooms in the main room, and if you wait long enough, they will move away from the room that gives you access to the main room.

How to not raise the alarm and steal Mikhail Akulov’s datashard in Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy gig – Cyberpunk 2077

One of the guards goes outside on the balcony, while the other stays inside, in the kitchen. We managed to sneak in and distract the guards with the light in the left corner. As they explore it, they enter the penthouse and then take a backpack from a table in the middle of the living room. It contains a data card. As soon as you have it, follow the path you took and go back to the elevator.

The concert is over as soon as you leave the hotel. Call Regina and tell her about the data sard. You must now consult with the customer to hand over the data card.

A new landmark will appear, showing you the exact location of your meeting with a customer. Go to the border crossing, give them the data card, then Regina will contact you and thank you for your professionalism. You will receive a bonus if you can go unnoticed.

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