How do you get your hands on a Tavnai FFXIV arch? The spring onion is one of the most important vegetables in Final Fantasy XIV. Finding Tawnair onions is very difficult, but as it is important that you find Tawnair onions in Final Fantasy XIV, we have a complete guide here on how to get Tawnair FFXIV onions, and we have also discussed how to use Tawnair onions and how to grow them, please take a look in this guide.

As you know, vegetables are very important in Final Fantasy XIV, and the Tawny Onion is one of them. When racing in the game, Chocobo can be your best friend, killing crowds of hunters and activating FATE. You should remember to maximize your Chocobo so that when you need it, it can help you as a healer and help you finish off your enemies.

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To maximize Chocobo, you need to maximize his levels, and to maximize him, you need to feed him when he reaches level 20, as you may know that Chocobo’s maximum level is 20, and that you need to pass 10 levels to complete his maximum level progression.

Tavnai arches are not so easy to get, because it takes a lot of effort to know what a bow is. You may not know this, but we will tell you that there are many companies that grow Tawny onions in large quantities for their members, because it is easy for them because they plant and water these onions in different gardens. But you also need to know that you can grow them yourself.

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Now let’s move on to our next topic: how to use the fawnbow in the FFXIV.

How to use the Tavnai FFXIV arch?

When Choco’s buddy reaches level 10, he doesn’t get any more experience points. So you have to feed your Chocobo buddy with onions, whether Chocobo is in the open world or in a barn, after feeding onions he will gain experience points again to reach the next level.

FFXIV Prix de l’Arc Tavnairi

  • Get a permanent job: Once you’ve completed the quest The Better Half, you can unlock the Ishgardian Sub Quest The Stable Work Landing. Now you have to get it in Mathye’s Jeweled Crozier (X:6, Y:9).
  • The nature of the hunter: There are a few conditions for this quest, you have to accomplish 3 side quests in the foothills of Dravan, namely pest control, steps in the right direction and garbage collection. Then you have to go to Herwuas at the back (X:32, :23) to accomplish this task and pick up your bow.

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How can I grow Tavnai FFXIV onions?

To get Tavnai onion seeds, you have to buy or cross. It takes up to 10 days to reach full maturity, and if you enter an intersection, you must allow another 5 to 6 days.

Here’s the best way to get seed:

  • Cross the Krak root and mirror apples in front of the Curiel root.
  • Cross Alomods and Mandrakes to get Nimeya Lillis.
  • The curcuma root and nymeia lilies are then crossed to obtain the seeds of the spring onion.
  • Just plant the onion seeds.

This is the easiest way to obtain and plant and grow FFXIV spring onion seeds to feed the Chocobo.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to Thavnan’s FFXIV Onion.


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