Today we will multiply your ps4 and ps5 internet connection by 100. Don’t worry if you get a high ping on your ps4 and you have a failure, don’t worry, we will find the fastest DNS and increase your ps4 and ps5 internet connection any way we can.

fastest internet connection on ps4

Check your internet connection on

Hey, hey, wait, I know why you’re here. I’m sorry you don’t play your ps4 or ps5 games for a long time because of your damn slow internet connection and you’re surfing to look for a faster ping on your ps4.

If you are connected via WIFI, make sure that you and the router are on a good and wide network.

Today we are going to upgrade your PS4 internet connection. If you do not have a good internet connection on the ps4, you will not be able to play smoothly and you will be killed in the game due to the delay and high ping during the games, and you will be killed out of the area due to the game disruption caused by the slow internet connection on the ps4.

Reasons for a slow internet connection on page 2. 4

  • Wrong DNS configuration settings (click here for better servers and DNS settings)
  • Due to incorrect port forwarding settings on ps4. (Click here for port forwarding)
  • Poor Wi-Fi signals

Increasing internet speed ps4 with Free Public DNS

What’s DNA? (Domain Name System)

DNS is a Domain Name System – these are standard protocols that translate IP addresses into a form that is easy for people to read. It is very difficult to remember the IP address of each site, so this DNS helps to solve the problem.

The way to store each person’s phone number with his or her name or alias is the same, but with a slightly more complicated procedure.


This is how DNS works, and the faster the DNS resolves the query, the faster the internet connection. Changing the DNS can therefore help you to get a faster internet connection.

We offer you the fastest ps4 DNS connection settings, giving you amazing internet speed. After changing your DNS, you get the perfect ping.

List of some of the fastest ps4 DNS servers

The fastest DNS servers for Ps4 – 2020

20 Best DNS server for ps4/ps5 games

Best DNS server for ps4


PS4 does not connect to WiFi Fix – 2020

Problem when ps4 is connected to a repaired Wi-Fi network

List of fastest DNS servers to play on ps5 and ps4

DNS Suppliers Primary DNA Secondary DNA
Comodo SecureDNS
Level 3
uncensored DNA

The fastest ps4 dns server

How to expand the Internet to ps4 with DNS

  • Step one: Connect to your PS4 console.
  • Level 2 : Go to Settings.
  • Step three: Go to the Network Settings section.
  • Step four: Select your network
  • Step five: Click on the Customize button
  • Step 6 : Select Automatic Settings
  • Step seven: Now select a guide and install the primary and secondary name servers.
  • 20 Best DNS server for ps4/ps5 games
  • December 2020
  • The fastest DNS servers for Ps4 – 2020
  • January 2020
  • How can I correct the error code CE-36244-9 to ps4?
  • 20. August 2020
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