There are three things you should prioritize watching to assess your results:

  1. The positioning of your site in the results of Google.
  2. The number of visitors that Google brings to you every month.
  3. The turnover it generates.

To monitor the positioning of my sites, I once again use Ahrefs which offers the “Rank tracker” tool.

But you can also use Jloo a great free tool . (To learn more about this tool, I invite you to discover the interview I did with Louis-Alexandre Tachon , its co-creator)

To see the evolution of the number of visitors to your site, there is nothing better than Google Analytics, it is the most complete tool on the market and it is free. (If you are using Prestashop I have made a full tutorial here to show you how to use it).

Finally regarding turnover, it obviously depends on what you sell and how you sell it.

You will therefore have to use your own tools to check the impact of SEO on your sales .

How long does it take for a good SEO on Google?

I have partially answered this question previously, but I would like to come back to it.

Generally you will read on the internet that it takes 6 months to start getting results in SEO.

But this duration depends on many factors.

  • If you are in a very uncompetitive market, you can get results much faster.
  • If your site is already very popular, but very poorly optimized (i.e. irrelevant) it is entirely possible that a good SEO will be able to explode your traffic in a few weeks.
  • Conversely, if you only devote an hour a week to referencing your site, there is little chance that it will be well referenced after 6 months.

What is a Google penalty?

Google has published a best practices guide , the objective of which is to explain to website owners how to facilitate the task of its search engine (and therefore improve their referencing).

If you stray too far from these best practices, Google may decide to penalize your site .

Penalties can be applied either automatically or manually.

Either it is the Google robot which, while passing on your site, realizes that you do not respect the “rules” and decides to penalize you (it is therefore an automatic penalty).

Either it is a member of the Google quality team who will visit your site (most often after you have been reported by someone) and decide to ban it or not (this is a manual penalty).

There are then two scenarios.

Either your site will be downgraded, so you will lose places in the search results .

Either he will be blacklisted, it’s rarer, but much more serious.

Indeed, when your site is blacklisted it no longer appears at all in the results of Google (you can check it with the command “site:” which I mentioned above) and it is very complicated to come out of a blacklisting.

We often mistakenly think that updates to Google’s algorithm (like Panda or Penguin which I will talk about again) modify the rules to be followed to be well referenced.

Therefore, we imagine that seo consultant delhi is a very changing science and that our sites can suffer a penalty overnight.

In reality, the daily updates made by Google have only one goal: to better enforce the rules that have already been in place for a long time.

So when a site is penalized, it is most of the time because it did not respect Google’s best practices and has only just been spotted.

Google Panda, what is it?

I’m not going to talk about all of Google’s algorithm updates here, as there are quite a few of them.

I will focus on the two most famous: Panda and Penguin, which “rocked” the web when they were released.

Google Panda was implemented on February 24, 2011.

The objective of this update is to judge the quality of the sites and more particularly to identify low quality content .

Sites with too many low-quality pages will then see their ranking in search engines negatively impacted.

OK, but what is a low quality page?

Here’s the simplest answer you can get (and should remember):

“A quality page is a page that brings value to the Internet user”.

How to avoid Google Panda:

It’s important to note that Google Panda is a smart algorithm that uses machine learning to continuously improve.

This means that it is impossible to define “rules” which would allow to have quality content necessarily appreciated by this nice bamboo lover teddy bear.

The principle of machine learning is to constantly learn and evolve , therefore rules written today will be wrong tomorrow.

In addition, they may differ from one subject to another.

The work to be done to bring value to an Internet user who is interested in “Quantum Electrodynamics” will not be the same as for someone looking for the “most beautiful collar for dogs”.

You will therefore have to adapt to your theme and your visitors rather than looking for a recipe to follow.

The astronomical amount of information Google Panda has at its disposal and its ability to constantly learn make it a true genius.

Looking for tips to get through the cracks of your nets is therefore a waste of time (and if it works today, you will get caught tomorrow).

The best solution is therefore to memorize and permanently apply the definition I gave previously:

“A quality page is a page that brings value to the Internet user”.

Study each page on your site and ask yourself if it provides value to Internet users (especially those coming from Google).

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my page bring something more or different from that of my competitors?
  • Does my page deal with the subject in a precise and exhaustive manner?
  • Is the information I give correct and verified?
  • Does my content belong to me and is original?
  • Is the vocabulary I use understood by my readers?


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