How do you find fossils when animals cross each other? Finding animal crossing fossils is a puzzle. That is why we have compiled a list below where we have a complete guide to finding animal crucifixion fossils. Fossils can be used to sell or give away, you can make a lot of money with fossils.

Fossils play an important role in Crossing New Horizons Fossils of animals are skeletons that once lived on your island, and creatures such as insects, fish, paintings and sea creatures that can also be donated to museums.

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We have a quick and easy guide to finding fossils in animal crossings, take a look.

There are a total of 73 different types of fossils in New Animal Crossing Horizons, with a total of 14 individual fossils and 21 sets of fossils containing 2 to 6 individual fossils that, when put together, form a dinosaur skeleton.

Now we must move on to the main theme – How to find fossils in new animals that cross the horizon.

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To find fossils, you need a shovel. You can buy a shovel or make one yourself. You will have difficulty determining which fossils you have found until you have evaluated them. You can find up to 4 cracked fossils a day, and if you don’t collect them, they have 2 more cracks. You can collect up to 6 fossils a day on your island. Fossils are also available on Mystery Islands, which can be purchased at the Nook Stop at the resort with the Nook Miles service.

How to find fossils in crossed animals: How to use?

If you have the fossils, you should go to the museum. If you haven’t opened the museum yet, you have to write history first.

If you receive fossils from Blathers now, you will receive an offer to evaluate what kind of fossils they are. You’ll get the mileage of the Nook if it’s never been displayed before, if it’s petrified before.

After the fossil is valued, you can give it away or sell it, or keep it. The first fossils have to be donated to the museum, they can offer you a good amount of money, or you can exchange fossils at the board of the trade.

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How to find fossils in crossed animals: Fossil set and price list

Here is a complete list of Fossel kits and their prices, take a look.

Name Prices of fossil products
Acanthostega 2000
Amber 1200
Ammonite 1100
Ankylo’s skull 3500
Ankylo’s tail 2500
Torso of Ankilo 3000
Anomalocaris 2000
Archaeopteryx 1300
Arkelon’s skull 4000
Cockerelon’s Grid 3500
Australopitheus 1100
Brahio’s safe 5500
Brachio Pelvis. 5000
Brachio’s skull 6000
Brahio’s dick 5500
Coprolite 1100
Dinon Tail 2500
Daynoni’s torso. 3000
Dimetrodon’s skull 5500
Torso of Dimetrodon 5000
The dinosaur trail 1000
Diplo tribe 4000
Neck diplo 4500
Diplo Palvis. 4000
Diplo Skull 5000
Diplo’s dick 4500
Diplo tail end 4000
Dark Eosteus 3500
Eusthenopteron 2000
Skull of Iguanodon 4000
Iguanodon tail 3000
Torso of Iguanodon 3500
Juramaya 1500
Left side of the Meghalo 4000
Pter’s left wing 4500
Ketzl’s left wing 5000
Mammoth skull 3000
Mammoth hull 2500
Megasero skull 4500
Megasero crane 3000
Torso of Megaseros 3500
Millocunmingia 1500
Ophthalmology of the skull 2500
Ophthalmo Tulova 2000
small skull 4000
Silent Cock 3000
Skull of Parasaurus 3500
Tail of Parasaurus 2500
Torso of Parasaurus 3000
Pleasio skull 4000
Pilgrim’s tail 4500
Plezio Torso. 4500
Peter’s body 4000
Torso of the Quetzal 4500
The right side of the Meghalo 5500
Pter’s right wing 4500
Quetzal right 5000
A saber-toothed tiger skull 2500
sable cake 2000
Shark teeth 1000
Spino’s skull 4000
Spino cock 2500
Spine 3000
Stego skull 5000
Stegostaart 4000
Stego’s goals. 4500
T. Skull Rex 6000
T. Rexschwanz 5000
T. Rex’s torso 5500
Tritzer skull 5500
Tail of Tritera 4500
Tricera-torso 5000
Trilobite 1300

So it was all about finding fossils in Animal Crossing.

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I hope you enjoy your search for fossils in the animal intersection.


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