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The new edition of Prince of Chalk and Dragon by Genshin Impact will feature many new global quests. Most of them start in Moon City, but you need to know which NPCs to contact in order to launch them. The last two you may need to complete are Great Mountain Review 1 and Great Mountain Review 2. Before you can get them, you have to complete the search in the mountains. Learn how to take Major Mutan exams 1 and 2 in Genshin Impact.

To begin this quest, teleport to the northernmost crossing in Dragonspine and talk to Esther. It’s located northeast of the transporter, next to a large rock.

Complete the great exploration of Mountains 1 and 2 at Genshin Impact

Big Survey 1 is a twofold task in which you must obtain four survey markers and place them in the correct area. All tags are located in the same area, which is displayed as a map marker. For the last lighthouse you have to take the Scarlet Quartz, because it is enclosed in some kind of ice.

After finding all four, go back to Esther for the rest of this global search. Then you have to place all the tags in different places on the map.

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Location of the lighthouse 1

Let’s start with the lighthouse, which is in the Far East. The place where you have to stand is at the top of a broken tower, but you can’t go to the top. So you have to climb the mountain at the crossing to gain enough height. Then you can slide to the lighthouse location to climb up. There are also other ways of mounting, for example with geo-structures or the Venti-blower.

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Location of the lighthouse 2

Then we go to the central lighthouse, which is next to the albedo lab. You just have to climb the mountain to get it. There are no tricks or anything special for this lighthouse.

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Location of the lighthouse 3

The south lighthouse is next. It’s another easy way, but you have to climb fair. I recommend to climb the mountain next to the transporter and then slide down to the other top.

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Location of the lighthouse 4

The last lighthouse is on the west side of Dragonspin, near Esther. Meet each other on the spot from one of the two nearby Fast Track locations. It’s on a mountain, but there’s nothing special here.

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Finally, return to Esther to complete Great Mountain Review 1. You can take the second World Quest from him now. You must place a search tag on Dragonspin, one of the highest points of the new regions.

Placing a search beacon on the Dragonstone

Start at a point near the Dragonspine Estate. Go north and climb the mountain. When you reach the top, you will see the Anemo activation point. Use any Anemo figure to activate it and move the wind channels to the other side.

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Continue climbing the mountain until you reach the location of the guard lighthouse. Set the beacon and go back to Esther. She’s sending you back to Moon City to deliver the letter. From there you can visit the renowned salesman in Moon City to get your Primogems and complete two quests.

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