There is a lot to loot in Valheim, but after a successful looting trip you may be wondering how to bring home MORE loot. The further you get from your starting point, the more storage space you need to bring back valuable resources. Fortunately, there are many ways to transport loot from one place to another, and that’s exactly what we’re going to explain in this guide.

How can more goods be transported to Valheim?

Here are all the ways to transport and deliver more loot to your base in Valheim :

  • Use the basket
  • Put the car on your boat.
  • Use of ship memory
  • Purchase of Meginjord

Read on to learn more about these means of transporting goods in the game.

Use the basket

The trolley is a tool that allows you to bring more items to the base. The trolley has a capacity of 18 seats and there seems to be no weight limit at the moment. Players need 20 wooden nails and 10 bronze nails to build it. The weight needed to pull the workbench depends on the type of terrain and the total weight. Yes, you will need your own strength to pull it, but fortunately you can attack enemies as long as you are attached to your cart. Keep in mind that other hazards or enemies in the area can also damage and destroy it.

The car will follow the physics and go down the hill if you allow it. However, if your cart is very heavy, you will have trouble getting up the hill. If you put too much on it, you will also have trouble pulling it down. So players should be careful how much they put in their cart when they want to drag it up the road. Still, the cart is one of the best ways to transport large amounts of wood, loot, and heavy resources. To make your life easier, you can use the pickaxe to level the ground and make a path for your cart.

Buy a basket for transport on your boat More Loading

How To Carry And Transport More Loot Back To Base

The best thing about the improved boat is the Karve, you can bring your car. It’s perfect if you want to bring back biome resources that are only accessible by boat. Just dump the cart on the Karve, it will save you a lot of time. Will the boat suffer from the weight of the load? There seems to be no difference in the way the boat works, even with the extra weight. Try it for easy transport and take more loot to Valheim.

Use of ship memory

Even though it’s not much, your Ave has 4 memory slots, so make sure you use them. You can also use 18 long course memory slots if you upgraded to this boot.

Purchase of Meginjord

How To Carry And Transport More Loot Back To Base

You can buy a Megingjord from the hawker of Haldor, which can easily increase your carrying weight. At 950, you can boast a weight of 450 when you equip this item (+150 additional weight). You can find it in the Black Forest biome, but the exact location is randomly generated. The game will help you if you are in the area, as you will see a bag icon. When that happens, you’ll know you’re 290 meters away from it. There are other things you can buy from him, like Ymir Flesh’s Circus and Dverger.

For example, in Valheim there were all the opportunities to transport and carry more loot. We hope this will help you collect more resources and bring them back to your base easily. Speaking of your base, here’s how to use the console command to increase your build area and make items appear. For more information, check out our Walheim Wiki.

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