The beauty of the Yu-Gi-Oh! bridge is an opportunity to bring your own personality and uniqueness into the experience. It’s going to be a new and exciting experience, depending on who you eventually encounter in battle, as each Duelist has his own card game, completely different from the others – a strong charm among Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.

Before you start building, you should discuss the general subject of the terrace. In this context, you have many possibilities. For example, you can build your game by focusing on fire, error, dragon mode, architect mode, or you can focus the entire game on one extremely powerful map; in Yu-Gi-Oh, the possibilities are endless! This guide gives you the tools and reasons to build your own deck.

Card types

Before we can build our own deck, we need to understand what’s inside. There are three types of cards that are stored in the main deck: Sample cards, spelling cards and trap cards. Remember that the aim of the game is to reduce the opponent’s health points to zero and thus win the game. The main method to achieve this goal is to summon monsters in the game and attack and defeat enemy monsters in battle, using Spell Cards and Trap Cards to help achieve this goal. A balanced approach to all three types of cards is therefore recommended.

Normal and Dramatic Samples

It’s usually a good idea to focus between 16 and 24 Monster Cards on your Deck. The reason for this is that you want to spawn monsters if necessary, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed by them so as not to rob your Deck of the potential of Spell Cards and Traps. In addition, the sample cards are divided into two types: Normal samples and effect samples. Normal monsters are simple, with an emphasis on their attack and defense statistics. The red-eyed black dragon is defined as a normal monster, without effect, but to compensate for this attack and protection it is quite high.

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On the other hand, Effect Monsters have specific effects that are defined in the Effects description on the map, complemented by their attack and defense properties. This is where the originality of your game takes all its value, because the monster effects are very different. The effect of solar dragons, for example, suggests it: As long as you control another Pyro-type monster, this card cannot be attacked; share out 500 damages to your opponent during each of your final stages. Activate the normal samples to get raw energy and the effect samples to get the effect.

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Magic cards

Magic Cards are very useful, and their effects are very varied, as are the effects of monsters. You want to add between 11 and 20 spelling cards to your game. Spell Cards can improve your monster attack and defense, hinder enemy cards in the game, you can draw more cards, restart some of your favorite monsters that were sent to the graveyard, and more. As mentioned above, choose Spell Cards that complement your game theme. For example, if your Deck is mainly made up of Dragon Monsters, a card like Dragon Treasure would be an ideal addition, as its effect increases the attack and protection of Dragon Monsters equipped with this card by 300 points.

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Like Spell Cards in many ways, Trap Cards add the element of surprise to the game. The traps also differ considerably in their unique operation. It is recommended to add about 5-10 Trap Cards to the Yu-Gi-Oh! deck, especially Trap Cards that complement your Monster and Effect Cards. Solemn Review, for example, is activated when an opponent tries to summon a monster or a Spell/Trap Card by refusing to move but sacrificing his Life Goggles.

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Bridge Rounding

  • The deck should contain between 40 and 60 cards.
  • Only three copies of the same card are allowed in your deck.
  • Try to keep the deck closer to 40 cards to increase the chance that your best cards will be stretched more easily.
  • Choose the theme that best suits your individual style of play – enjoy the game.
  • It includes 16 to 24 sample cards with a targeted mix of effect and normal samples.
  • Record 11-20 spelling cards and 5-10 trap cards to complete and enhance the strength of your deck.

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