Patch 5.4 brings a normal and brutal version of The Promise of Eden : Battle of the Litany for Final Fantasy XIV. After unlocking the raids of the Promise of Eden, you will meet the normal version of the Guardian of Twilight. Some of the mechanics of the wild version of the fight are similar to normal mode, so it is a good place to practice.

We take turns breaking down the mechanics of each fight with text and screenshots. The screenshots illuminate our character as shooter, but we will explain the mechanics of all the roles: Healers, Tanks and DPS. With a little preparation and practice you are well on your way to mastering a normal version of the Promise of Eden: Litany.

Shadow Watch

Employment forwards (or backwards) : A large angle of 180 degrees will hit either the front or the back of the boss. Go to the other side to avoid. If you don’t know where to go, it’s usually enough to stay on both sides of the boss. Make one last move per second if you have to, and you’ll be fine.

Nova’s deep shadow: Damage all around. Raise the shield and heal.

A purebred shadow: Three boss clones appear in the arena. One of them will be connected to a boss by a black line. While the clones jump in a circle around the platform, keep an eye on the one who is tied up. Chase the coupled clone as soon as it stops jumping. Behind this clone is the only safe place for the massive attacks that will follow.

How to beat Eden’s Promise: Litany (Normal) in Final Fantasy XIV

Come out of the shadows: Two long griffins are placed from the pattern on a few shadow circles on the ground. Go directly north or south in relation to these larvae. Large AoE cups in an empty room will appear from these attached places, so make sure they are in a safe place. With the right positioning you can hit the boss over and over again.

How to beat Eden’s Promise: Litany (Normal) in Final Fantasy XIV

Soon the boss stands up and sends another big AoE to the ground from close by. This attack has no bars, so run as soon as you see the boss on his hind legs.

How to beat Eden’s Promise: Litany (Normal) in Final Fantasy XIV

Umbra Smash: The boss will hit the main target four times, applying four stacks of breakaway resistance. All Shadow Hunter attacks in this form are cut off, so you have to make a tank replacement after these four blows. Normal automatic attacks become dangerous for any tank with these disconnections.

Edge of the shadows: Too bad about the tank. The extra resistance of the Slash Down debacle makes this attack even more difficult to handle. With defensive coolers you have to be able to handle it perfectly. But if you have a weak spot in your battery due to a previous mechanical failure, you will probably die in addition to these four debugging stacks. In an emergency, use the damage immunity (Hallowed Ground, Superbolide, etc.).

Giga-slash left (or right) : As with the previous sword battles, the master splits his sword on the left or right side. Drive in the opposite direction as before. If you’re not sure where to go, you can stand in front of or behind the boss and spread out at the last second.

The shadow version of this power reflects the mechanics of the apparent shadow. The shadow is perpendicular to the ground and sometimes touches the pattern in a different way. Take this direction as you new north and avoid the mentioned possibility.

How to beat Eden’s Promise: Litany (Normal) in Final Fantasy XIV

The gate is empty: The three bright red circles multiply. Two players must be in each of these circles. They also have a haemorrhagic effect, which healers have to watch out for. Unattended circles cause serious damage to all members of the group.

A distant cry: The boss’s wind tunnel. Be sure to use your immunity to give a back punch or to avoid hitting a deadly wall with a back punch.

The boss will call three more clones. Follow the bound clone and run after him as soon as he stops moving like before. Return to the center as soon as the large AoE telegrams disappear from the field and avoid the small AoE circles underneath the group.

The pattern can also use the front or back to repeat the shadow fading. Go through the boss if it’s necessary not to be attacked.

The Shadow Guardian will now produce shadows to deceive you. Think of the order in which they spawn. The first shadow that reproduces will interpret the first cast of Implosion of Giga Slash mechanics. The second shadow will perform the following mechanisms. Make sure you replace these shadows with the pattern itself, given their frontal alignment as your new north.

There is no interference timer as with normal DPS control, so do your best to stay alive and move on. All mechanisms are repeated until you defeat the boss. Open the treasure chests and roll out the rewards.

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