How can I train without building big muscles? How should I train to lose weight? What exercises can I do? Should I train with high reps? Is it necessary to train with heavy weights? 

Strength training

As with most women, your goal is surely to have a lean, toned body. The training plan for women often consists of a lot of cardio as well as abdominal legs and buttocks, with mini weights and a lot of repetitions. However, to tone the body you have to build muscle. These ensure that the skin looks firmer in conjunction with a low body fat percentage.

However, women often use far too little weight. Muscles need a stimulus so that they can change and shape the body, tone it and fight the problem areas. Heavy weights and fewer repetitions will lead you to your goal faster.

Vi ele women, however, have “fear” of the strength training because they want to, after all, not build muscle bulk. However, this fear is absolutely unfounded. Your body has different requirements than a man’s, so our ability to build muscles is limited and you don’t get the same look as a man. In addition, you don’t immediately build up mountains of muscles just because you train hard. Other factors are also decisive here – a sufficiently high protein intake, a calorie surplus (the body must have more energy available than it needs) and progressive training during training. This means that you have to keep increasing your weights over time in order to be able to make adjustments in the form of muscles.

Basically, as a woman, you can use the same training plan as a man – anyone can train anything. Only adjustments to the volume, frequency and intensity should be made.
Women’s genetics suggest a different kind of training – women regenerate faster than men, so their training frequency can be higher. In addition, women need less breaks in sentences as they can cope better with metabolic stress. Furthermore, women can do more exercise volume because they have more slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Apart from achieving the “dream figure”, strength training offers many other advantages :

  • Nice, firm body shape
  • Muscle maintenance during a diet
  • Good, upright posture
  • Health reasons (osteoporosis, imbalances, insulin sensitivity, strengthening the immune system)
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Higher performance in other sports
  • Increased need for calories

Why is heavy weight training so important for women? 

So-called intermittent peak forces are required for the effective development of bone density These are short-term, high loads that act on the bones. These arise, for example, during jumps or heavy weight training at a gym near me for girls.
If we now load our body regularly, it adapts to this load and our bones become stronger. Due to the intermittent peak forcescertain factors are activated in our body that increase the mineralization of bones. That is why heavy weight training is very important, especially for women, as statistics show that they have a very high risk of osteoporosis. Strength training (as well as the supplementation of vitamins D3 and K2) is so far the most effective therapeutic approach in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

In summary, a sufficiently heavy load, sufficient protein and the amount of calories consumed are very important for bone health.

I hope you enjoyed the post, you are welcome to leave me questions and suggestions in the comments!

MUSCLE BUILDING | Exercise and Diet – What is Important?


In order to stimulate muscle building, we have to train above our usual level of performance – that is, we have to regularly push our limits during training. Increased strength and muscle mass are adaptation processes in our body; it is about becoming more efficient. A so-called training stimulus creates microscopic tears in our stressed muscle fibers – as a result, many repair processes take place in the body. For these “adjustments” the body needs the so-called regeneration = recovery phase after training.

So when your body has adapted to a certain load, it maintains its level with this load. In order to experience an increase in muscle mass, we have to exercise our muscles. There are various options for creating the necessary stimulus .  

You can do it by varying the

  • Rep range
  • Intensity range
  • volume
  • or by a variation in the choice of exercises

to reach. However, this does not mean that you should change your exercises in every workout;)

First of all, however, it is important that you exercise regularly . How often you train can and should be planned individually according to your time. You should definitely train at least 2-3 times a week if you want to build muscle.

Exactly how your training and the progression looks like, you should individually plan. Everyone has different requirements and some adapt faster than others and also

  • Living conditions
  • Nutritional intake
  • sleep
  • Age

can make differences.

During training, focus on the muscle area that you would like to “grow”. For example, if you want to build muscles on your buttocks, this is where you put the focus. If you want to build back muscles, then you put the focus here, etc. Just don’t make the mistake and only do sit-ups or kick-backs – exercises that target large muscle groups should by no means be neglected.

If you are a training beginner, I have to honestly say, first of all I would focus on mastering the exercises with the right technique, it is best to start with exercises on machines – the movements are guided here and you can learn them. First, deal with the basics – therefore, as a beginner, I might not start building up immediately, especially because training beginners often also have the potential to build muscle and lose fat “at the same time”.

Otherwise, my recommendation for advanced users is definitely to work with basic exercises! None of these exercises is a MUST HAVE, do what you enjoy! But exercises like

§  Squats

§  Deadlift

§  Bench press

§  Pull-ups

§  rowing

address the large muscle groups and are so to speak “more intense” because more muscles have to work.

It is important that you always pay attention to a correct and clean execution! Don’t stop “halfway”, not with momentum – but work with strength and really concentrate on the exercises – and don’t sit in the adduction machine with your mobile phone


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