Water is one of the most important types of blocks in mining. It can be used by multiple users and can also fill the space quite well. But how many blocks does the water flow into the mining vehicles? Today we’re going to talk about that and about the water blocks!

When the water flows out of the bucket into the mining vehicle, it flows in up to 7 blocks in all directions on a flat surface. If you put it on a mountain, the water will flow endlessly until it reaches the bottom, and then another seven blocks. Obstacles in the path will reduce the amount of water in the blocks.

Have a look at our sample pictures first, because the picture says more than a thousand words!

First we put the water on a flat surface. You can easily see how it stretches over 7 blocks in all directions:

However, if your water encounters an obstacle (or more) on its way, it will be stopped. It’s the same block of water on an irregular surface:

But if you want to build a waterfall or reach the bottom of the gorge safely, you can put a block of water over it and watch it fall endlessly until it reaches the bottom:

If you don’t have a straight line down, a single block of water can also yield impressive results, as you can see in the example below:

As you can see, the water in Minecraft will flow in a different number of blocks, depending on the situation. However, the maximum distance is bridged by seven blocks on all sides.

How to control water flow in mining vehicles

The only way to control the water flow in the mining vehicles is by throwing up obstacles along their route.

Most blocks in the game stop the water flow. In addition, digging holes can be a way to control the flow of water through the game.

How to make solid water in mining vehicles

Most of the water in the game is still water. You can create solid water by placing a block of water surrounded on all sides by barrier blocks (so a block of water surrounded by 8 blocks of earth will create solid water).

You can also place two blocks of water next to each other, surrounded by barrier blocks.

To cover large areas, the water must be placed one block apart. This also changes the middle block into flat water.

Don’t forget that all the water in Minecraft turns into running water if you give it a chance (e.g. by digging a block or more around it).

The difference between solid and liquid in the game is that it can be really frustrating – like not being able to carry lava in a bucket.

How to produce infinite amounts of water in mining vehicles

Endless water is produced in the same way as stationary water, but to create an endless source of water, at least two buckets of water and an opening three blocks long are needed.

Just place one bucket of water on the right and the other on the left. The middle block is transformed into water and an infinite amount of water can be extracted from it.

Don’t forget that when you collect water from the sides, it turns into running water and isn’t infinite anymore!


Now you know how many blocks of water are going to flow in Minecraft, and a few other things to keep in mind when working with water in the game.

As long as you understand these basic principles of water flow and know how to create solid water in Minecraft, you can create all kinds of amazing contours and designs that will make an impression.

And if you want to go one step further and just make it breathtaking, try one of Minecraft’s best realistic mods – you’ll be amazed!

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