All services and products are offered with codes and vouchers for online advertising. They are an excellent way to entice customers to make a purchase. They know that if they use coupons, it’s because they’re about to take an important step: buy your products. To go even further, placing your promotions or discount codes on coupon sites can significantly increase your turnover.

People in different parts of the world have different attitudes towards promotional material. For example, the United Kingdom spends seven times less than the United States on research on the Internet or in newspapers. In the latter case, about 90% of American consumers use some form of advertising campaign, including paper-based advertising.

What does that mean? Everybody loves chords. We just have to figure out how to use them as efficiently as possible without losing margin. The Maria Promokode Casino is an excellent example that is used by players and enthusiasts because it works on a trusted platform.

But this raises an interesting question: How do these sites earn money from an advertising campaign or a discount code? There are several ways to make money on your websites, which are discussed here.


Websites offering online advertising codes or coupons often reach a sufficiently high number of visitors. So they can advertise on their websites. It is very easy to attract advertisers when they show their traffic statistics.

Advertisers can also understand that this type of website not only attracts visitors, but also potential buyers. As mentioned earlier, people who use promotional websites or discount codes have already torn up their credit card and are just looking to save money before making a purchase.

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a partner relationship

In combination with PPC advertising systems, partnerships with branches can be extremely high. Depending on the partner, the profitability of the partnership varies, but the course is generally the same.

Once a promotional website or coupon is linked to a partner store, the partner store sends a promotional website with offers and promotions related to the products being promoted.

The website distributes the coupon through the website and all available social media links, and consumers will hopefully use the coupon to buy the product.

If the consumer still buys the product advertised in the promotion, the promotion website will receive a commission on the sale. The actual percentage depends on the agreement between the site and the company, but the commission is usually between 10 % and 30 %.

Wholesale trade

In addition to selling transactions on an individual basis, promotional companies can also sell large quantities of shares directly to consumers. For example, some companies sell physical promotional books, charging part of the total savings in the book, but generating enough money to cover printing and selling costs.

A condition for the functioning of this business model is that as many companies as possible are satisfied with issuing vouchers for wholesale products.

Starting your own business

A daily transaction or other unique offer can usually generate a huge amount of money for the ad site. By visiting the company forums, you can get an overview of how to sell these companies.

Owners of promotional sites will ask companies to develop a promotional offer that distinguishes their coupon site from the competition and at the same time attracts a large number of visitors.

These daily transactions and other special offers lead to extra costs for the owners of the advertisement sites, but often also to extra payments.

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