Of the five new contracts MinnMaxShow has created for Hitman’s February 3 roadmap, this might be the most difficult. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Two Ends with the rank of Silent Assassin.

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As with the other “Featured Contracts” in the MinnMax collection, you must kill two targets. While no disguise is required, there is an optional electrocution method for Lisa Thorne and an explosive device for Akbar Salam.

The problem with this particular contract is that it is set at 1:20. That’s one minute and twenty seconds, which at first glance hardly seems like enough time to achieve your goals.

This race will require a lot of training. However, we can assure you that not only is it possible, it is possible with the rank of Silent Assassin. Follow our guide carefully and you will see a satisfactory rank at the end of the mission.

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Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

The only way to get this special contract is to use the starting point for the art installation. You also need a remote ICA MKIII explosive and a remote ICA micro-taser. You can unlock them all by completing additional missions in Dubai.

Step 1 – Placing the bomb

From the spawning grounds, go up the stairs next to Agent 47 as fast as you can. Turn right and go through the door on the left. Walk past the equipment on the left here to the balcony. You will have to jump over the balcony.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

Turn left and open the door. First objective is to sleep in the chair here. Put the explosive on the floor under his chair. Then grab the banana from his desk. It may not seem important now, but it is important.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

Leave the path you took and jump over the railing. Now run to the end of this metal walkway and go down the stairs. Once you get here, your next target should either be on the laptop and away from you or on the way.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

Go to the water dispenser standing next to the other technician in the room. Place the microprocessor on the floor in front of you. Any place near an electrical outlet is ideal.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

You should now go to where your second destination is. She should be typing on her laptop. Pick up the screwdriver from the tray to her left. Go back to the water dispenser and pick it up with the screwdriver.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

When you’re done with the water dispenser, run to the left to stay behind the second NPC here. Throw a banana at his head to knock him out. This is important because it will prevent him from dying or later discovering your murder. Both will ruin your title of Silent Assassin.

You can now leave this area through the automatic doors on the left. You are standing in front of the stairs you descended earlier. Walk past the table with the spinning targets and follow the path to the stairs. While you’re there, equip the laser detonator, but don’t use it yet.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

Stop to pick up the key to your helicopter on this road. At this point you should receive a message that the bypass of your water cooler is being examined. Blow up the laser and climb the ladder.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

During your ascent, you should receive a notification that your first target has been successfully electrocuted. At the top of the stairs, crouch down and turn left to avoid being seen.

You can now use the second detonator to activate the previously placed explosive. This will kill your second target.

Go to the helicopter platform and walk to the helicopter. After a few milliseconds, a warning message will appear and you can leave.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

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