Five new contracts have been added to Hitman 3, created by members of MinnMaxShow. The first, Get Loaded, is a good introduction to the game, but Cross Blade is where these Contracts come in. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fill Cross Blade with the title Silent Assassin.


This special mission gives you two targets to kill. The additional disguise is one of Agent 47’s fantastic costumes. You also have two additional options to kill these targets with a falling object and an ornate scimitar. This guide will help you meet all of these optional requirements.

The difficulty here is that you cannot change your disguise, which also makes it a racing suit. There is also only one exit, but that won’t be a problem.

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Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

With this special deal, we start with a boot that everyone gets. The point of entry is the atrium. All you need is one of the fantastic costumes above, a gun with a silencer and some coins.

Step 1 – Achieving the first objective

From the atrium, go up the stairs and turn right. You must enter the garden, which is the only green space in the entire building. There is a shovel leaning against a balcony. That’s where you need to stand.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Below is a link to a map of the place.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Now you have to jump off the balcony and waddle to the left. Jump onto the scaffolding behind the window and open it with the camera.

There are two techies in this room. One of them is trying to turn off the lights in the back of the room, and the other has a patrol taking him from the back of the room to the laptop by the window.

Go through a window and use the crates as cover to shoot the NPC closest to you while he takes care of the laptop.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Hide his body by throwing it out the window and onto the scaffolding. Now, subject the other technicians in this room and hide their bodies as well. Throwing them out the window will not kill them or affect your Silent Assassin score.

It is now time to go down the corridor to the right of where the second technician was. You will see two guards and another technician further down the hallway. This technician is your target, but we won’t kill him yet.

Step 2 – Kill Rocco Lewitt

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

When the guard leaves, run down this hallway and up these stairs. The technician can almost see you, but if you are fast, he will not notice you. At the top of the stairs, follow this corridor. In front of you, a blue tarp is hanging over the railing. That’s where you need to go.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

The storage area above the railing with the blue sail. There are two technicians in that area, but you must not disturb them. Go to the blue toolbox in front of you. You need to grab the crowbar from above.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

With the crowbar in your hand, return by the same route you came. You must return to the platform at the top of the stairs you came up earlier. Now wait until your target moves under the speaker that was attached earlier. Use the crowbar to bring it down on your head.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Step 3 – Buy a scimitar

With one target, it’s time to grab the scimitar you need to kill the other. It’s in the apartment.

Get off this platform and meet at the next platform. It’s the one with the railing and the blue sail. Don’t jump the railing this time. Instead, look at the balcony in front of the blue sail. The guard is on the right and the camera is on the left. Take the camera now so you don’t forget it later.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Watch for the guard on the right. Wait until he is away from the stairs to go to the water fountain. Now you can jump over the balcony without him seeing you. Use the crowbar to get him out. You can keep his body in a cabinet in the storage room to the left of where he will be.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

There is a janitor in this room. You can take him out and hide the body if you want. There’s no need, because he won’t notice that you’re holding the body.

Exit that storage room and turn right. Follow this corridor until you find the door to the penthouse on the left. Use the crowbar to break in.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Below is a link to the map of this door.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Go up the stairs, through another door and into the living room of the apartment. This area is large, but a guard patrols it. Use the bar on the left as you enter the room to hide from the guard. Wait for him to enter the room from the main corridor and cross the corridor to the windows. Defeat him and hide his body in the black chest in this area.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Now you can move with more freedom. The rest is a matter of time or waiting, depending on how long it took to get here. A group of guards enters the penthouse and stays in the area behind the curtains and on the right in the photo above for a short time. That means you can’t get there initially.

If you have to wait, take another opening in the resting area. You can lean against the wall and observe what is happening in the space where the scraper is located. In the photo below, you can see that it is marked yellow on the right. Familiarize yourself with the place because we are going to the other side.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

If you try to enter this room through that door, the guards will see you. Instead, go to the other entrance as soon as the group of guards leave the room. When they do, slip into the room and use the furniture as a cleaning blanket.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

As the other group of guards leave the room, the other guards in the room relax. When the janitor is not looking, walk around the marble counter. You can grab the scraper behind the guard’s head.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Step 4 – Kill Tommy Marewick.

With the scimitar in hand, it’s time to go back past where you entered. Exit the penthouse the same way you entered and run down the stairs. Use your instincts to make sure no one sees you. If someone comes up the stairs, hide in the lounge bar again to escape them.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and jump over the balcony you climbed. You must now slide down to the platform at the top of the stairs you climbed.

Instead of going down the stairs, refresh yourself once more from this platform. This will take you to the metal walkway above the area where you got the two technicians.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Continue straight along this path and go down the stairs at the end. You must exit this area through the automatic doors before the stairs. Watch for a technician you might see. Wait for him to leave this area before you go through the doors and turn left.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

You must now pass the area where you can see the targets swinging. Run along the path that leads to another staircase. Stop along the way to pick up the key to the helicopter. Otherwise, you have no way out.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Climb the ladder and crouch down when you get to the top. If you don’t, security might see you. Go to the left of the top and climb until you see the helicopter pilot.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Sneak up behind the pilot and kill him with the scimitar. Make sure you equip him first. Otherwise all this effort will have been for nothing.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

As you may have guessed, the only way out of this flagship is by helicopter. As long as you grabbed the key ahead of time, you can leave as soon as you kill the second target. If you want bonus points, drag his body to the edge of the helicopter platform and drop it there. Make sure he falls off the building and not the lower level.

Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Crossblade Silent Assassin guide

Roguebook is an upcoming card game from developer Abrakam Entertainment and publisher NACON. Card games and card battles are one of the most popular game genres that transcend even the virtual world of video games. They existed long before virtual video games, but now that video games have gone digital, we’ve seen a lot of amazing Card Battlers and Deck Builders on PCs and consoles. Roguebook is one of those card battlers in the making that combines deck building and rogue mechanics. We had the opportunity to try Roguebook’s demo, and here is our preview of the demo where we tried out this brilliant combination of deck building and rogue mechanics.
In Roguebook, you are trapped in Laura Faeria’s book, whose every page challenges you. Although this book was originally known for all the traditions of the world, it was associated with an evil spirit, and now this book has become Roguebook, and you are trapped in it. Although the plot of the game is not that important, it actually combines two very popular genres: rogue and deck building. The battles are fought with cards, while the levels of the game are generated by procedure. Each of your passes through the game is called a “run,” meaning that you must play it out without dying, otherwise you must start the game over from the beginning.

Your party consists of two heroes. The full game will include 6 heroes, but I had access to 2 heroes in my demo order. Each hero in the game has their own unique deck of cards that you use in your games. When you choose a new hero, you get a new deck, and in battle each card can only be played for the hero it belongs to. There are also a few neutral cards, but most of the cards in the game are hero-specific and you can only use them for the heroes they belong to. You need a solid deck of cards to make the game a success, and you can unlock the best and strongest cards in the game in a variety of ways, such as by spending gold in the Vault of Wisdom.

Each hero also has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although these are mainly determined by the cards you use in the game, you will often find that certain heroes are useful for certain aspects of the game, such as attack or defense, depending on the gems or treasures they have at the time. You can also choose different abilities for these heroes that make them more effective in battle. In addition, you cannot rely on a single hero, you must combine with both heroes and develop strategies to ensure that you have the right hero in the front to absorb damage and the right hero in the back to inflict maximum damage.

Roguebook’s gameplay consists of two main aspects. First, there is an exploration phase where the mechanics of cunning come into play. Each race is considered solo for you because if all your characters die, your race ends and the next time you start the game, the map will be different and unique because the maps are generated by a procedure every time you start the game. This keeps each race fresh, and each time you start a new game, it’s a new challenge. The map in Roguebook is shaped like a hexagon, and to unlock more tiles you need to use ink, which you get as a reward for winning battles. Ink is pretty scarce in the game, so you have to be careful, because I ran out of ink and I couldn’t unlock new ways for other battles to become powerful enough to fight bosses often, so I had to restart the game.

On the map you will find many things to explore. In each chapter, there are several merchants and stores scattered around the map that will sell you updates and even new maps. There are no travel restrictions on the map, and you can explore as many tiles as you want. The more maps you draw with the brush, the more new tiles you unlock and the more you can see what new tiles are waiting for you. Sometimes you get picks like health or gold, other times you unlock new merchants and random encounters with enemies. You can go to the alchemist to transform your cards or to the traveling merchant to get new gems, treasures and cards.

Clicking on a random encounter, a boss fight, or an elite encounter starts the second phase of the game where the fight takes place. Roguebook follows the formula of the card fighter in his fight, and this is where your card game comes into play. In each battle scenario, you have two heroes and any number of enemies to defeat. In each round, you have a set number of rounds and a set number of cards. Depending on your play, you get a good balance of attack and defense cards. The rest of the fight depends on your skills and how effectively you use these two cards to survive and defeat your enemies. Although the initial enemies are easy enough, the battles only get really difficult as you progress through the battles and chapters of the game. The hero in front absorbs all damage from incoming attacks, but some attacks do damage to both your heroes and your enemies, so they will all attack.

When you get shields, they absorb incoming damage until they are exhausted. Combat is highly dependent on the quality of your cards in the game, so you should try to find and use the best cards in the game. In addition to cards, you can make your heroes more effective by acquiring various skills from the skill tree or each hero’s unique abilities. Some of the treasures and jewels you collect also give your character certain fans. Some of the cards you play will also grant “buffs” or “debuffs” to you and your opponents, so your card play will always play an important role in gems and treasures.

The cards in each hero’s deck go from attack to defense. You have the standard attack and shield cards, but in combination you can also unlock special cards with powerful attacks and a special defense that provides more resistance to damage than the normal shield cards in the deck. There are several ways to unlock new cards in the game. The most common is to get them from merchants or to spend some gold in the Vault of Wisdom. I got some of the best cards from the Vault of Wisdom during my races. Your main goal is to beat the final boss in each chapter, which is really hard. So you have to explore the rest of the map first, upgrade your team, and then go to the final boss to get to the next chapter.

Roguebook adds a new shuffle to card games with a unique exploration mechanism. It combines two interesting mechanics, Roguelike and Carddrome, making it a pretty decent title. While it certainly looks promising in its initial form, the full version of the game will add even more characters, maps and areas to explore in the game. I really enjoyed the game, and I’m sure I’ll spend some decent hours in the full version when it comes out. If you like cards and card games, Roguebook is a game that will definitely interest you with its unique game mechanics.

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