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Here’s the Top 10 Stardew Valley Games

Here’s the Top 10 Stardew Valley Games

Stardew Valley has revived the love of the game world for the farm-simulator genre of role-playing games, and it will always have a special place in our hearts. But if you’ve done your last flower dance or can’t stand the thought of throwing another turnip in the garbage, there are many other ways to help you manage agriculture.

I’d like to talk to you about some upcoming matches and some matches that have already been played and that you might have missed.

Now, on my list, in no particular order, 10 games that can fill the void in the form of the valley of the stellar void in your soul.

10 Years of the Moon: Wild indent

Date of first publication October 2019
Platform Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4
Developer Natsum ink.
Publishing house Natsum ink.

The harvest of the moon: Crazy Dash is a deviation from the norm for a respectable franchise company like Moon Harvest. As you can see from the trailer, Mad Dash is quick to do something.

Most of the activities you’d expect to see in the farm simulators are shown here, but it’s all divided into mini-games with a timer. If you get burned in some kind of agricultural simulator, a much more random approach can bring you back.

Such as the modernisation of two fighter planes in the Stardeve Valley, Moon Harvest: Mad Dash has a club bank. It corresponds to the simplified gameplay and makes Mad Dash a good game to introduce your friends and family to your crazy and prolonged farm simulator habit.

There is also a certain playing potential here. The harvest of the moon: Mad Dash is a great way to repair your farm simulator without investing time.

9 Crossing animals with new horizons

Date of first publication 20. March 2020
Platform Nintendo switch
Developer Nintendo
Publishing house Nintendo

If you are a fan of the sim role-playing genre, you probably already know it, but on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the RPG you will see it in action. In March 2020, the main article in the series Animal Crossing will appear in the Nintendo Switch Shop. Crucifixes : New Horizons supports the cute and child-friendly artistic style of the previous titles, but don’t be fooled by the soft look: It looks like this game is getting deeper and deeper.

Just like Dragon Quest Builders 2 and My Time in a Porsche, Animal Crossing lets you build your entire city from scratch: New horizons. The trailer is made as a promotional video for a developer, and I think it’s you in a way.

Stardew Valley may be the most beautiful, but Animal Crossing is one of the oldest names in the world of farm RPG simulators, so I expect great things from New Horizons.

Date of first publication next year 2019
Platform Nintendo switch
Developer Wonderful! Neverland
Publishing house Xseed games, great!

If you missed Rune Factory 4 on 3DS in 2013, the iconic RPG, your favourite farm simulator, is on its way to Nintendo Switch with Rune Factory 4 Special.

The entire gaming industry may be heading towards a simplified mechanic to attract the widest possible market, but it’s just not in the style of Rune Factory. There’s just an extraordinary amount to do, as if to say yes to every idea the programmers have had.

Rune Factory 4 has a deep-rooted agriculture/collection/traditional system, interesting urban life, and the character interaction/romantic system is good enough to be a stand-alone encounter simulator.

The game also has a strategy layer where you can change the events in your kingdom. They also managed to bring the secret of the Manay-style JRPG into Rune Factory 4! The Nintendo Shuffle Switch version has many updates and improvements over the original game.

7 Turned sails: Curse of the island scout

Date of first publication October 2019
Platform PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Apple Arcade
Developer Entertainment with lemon bombs
Publishing house Maple Whispering Limited, rockaplay

In October 2019, Branded Sails : Researchers from the Islands of the Curse is (as you probably already guessed) a military introduction to the genre of the Agriculture Simulator role-playing game. When you inherit a family member’s farm, which is so common in this genre, your pirate ship crashes on the island and you experience the command of your father, the captain of a wounded ship.

On the Playstation’s blog, Roman Matuszczak, the creative director of Stranded Sails, drew inspiration from the Legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon sites. When I looked at the trailer, my first impression was that it visually reminded me of Wind Waker or other cartoon games closer to Zelda.

They also seem to have added some cooking difficulties similar to those of the Breath of Wild Animals. Please note that as Stranded Sails is available in the Apple Arcade, the combat and action segments of this game may not meet your expectations as it is touch screen compatible.



Date of first publication February 2018
Platform PC, Xbox One
Developer Emilios Manolidis
Publishing house Emilios Manolidis

Gleaner Heights is a peasant role play with a hint of nostalgia for aging hippies. I mean, at best, of course. While Stardeve Valley is a love letter at the origin of the Moon Harvest series and Cemetery Keeper is an absurd parody that pushes the boundaries of the genre, Gliner Heights just wants to amuse you. He is very open about how he is inspired by Twin Peaks, which I, as a 30-year-old botanist, am happy to pay for.

The battle on Gliner Heights has improved slightly over Stardeve Valley, and the agricultural and craft system has remained virtually unchanged. More attention is paid to the characters, and there is a terrible supernatural vibe.

By studying their secrets and exploring all possible plots, it is interesting to make some playful discoveries. One of the best games is to put Twin Peaks nostalgia in order.

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Date of first publication May 2018
Platform PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, MacOS
Developer Digital sun
Publishing house 11-bit studios

A undeclared worker is not exactly an agricultural simulation, but it’s just as itchy. Instead of owning a farm, you run a shop in the moonlight. Browse the Zelda dungeons, crush the monsters and pack your bags, then sell them in your shop. Wash and repeat.

The risk against the reward in the dungeons is great, and the decision to go back to the city or a little further has really tormented me.

Battles are much more focused than in Stardew Valley, but your time management skills are just as important. It seems strange to say this about a video game, but it’s true.

You may have left a farm in the moonlight, but you’ll find you just don’t have enough hours in the day. If you want more variety in the scenes and mafias in the dungeons of Stardew Valley, I highly recommend Moonlighter.

4 Dragonfinder 2

Date of first publication Worldwide broadcast July 2019
Platform Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Developer Anix squared, Omega PD.
Publishing house Nintendo, Square Enix LTD

I really liked the original, but Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a big improvement in almost every way. If the series is new to you, it’s part of Minecraft and part of Stardew Valley, made in that distinctive style of Dragon Quest art.

There are many more traditional search structures, but you can also continue cultivating and building after the main campaign.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is also a crazy game. In a game like this, I tend to hunt for every last secret, side issue, etc., but even if you step up the pace, it still takes 40-50 hours.

It is a pleasant pleasure to play an agricultural role-playing simulator, which is set up in a large studio where a lot of time is spent. The building fascinates by its great diversity, and the ability to manage the actions of your citizens is a great enrichment for this type.

Once you have planted your fields and brought in your first harvest, your burgers will harvest, replant and prepare food for you. I wish they’d make the battle a little harder, but it’s all I have from the Dragon Quest 2 builders.

Date of first publication 15. August 2018
Platform PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
Developer Lazy Bear Games
Publishing house TinyBuild Games

The RPG Farming Simulator is generally sweet, ruthlessly cute and suitable for any audience. With its mature humour and scary themes, the Cemetery Custody offers a refreshing break from tradition. If you’ve already passed on this title, Halloween is the perfect time to leave it to the cemetery administrator.

The mechanics of the game is not new, but well done, which makes Graveyard Keeper such an effective (and hilarious) parody on the genre of the pawn roll game.

16-bit graphic sprites – the only way for the game to work in this darkness. Burning heretics at the stake and slaughtering the dead for profit just doesn’t work with modern graphics.

Date of first publication January 2019
Platform PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC/MacOS
Developer Pateya
Publishing house Pateya, Team17 Digital Limited

The time I spend in a Porsche is perhaps the best choice to satisfy your passions in the Star Trek Valley. I recommended the Graveyard Guard and Gliner Heights because they accurately reproduce the playing style and graphics of Starry Sky Valley, where My Time is in the Porsche as his cousin of the next generation. The next generation is of course relative, and in this case I’m talking about the Playstation 1, not 5.

Unlike Stardew Valley, in My Time in Portia you improve the whole city, not just your properties. If you want to avoid the slow updates and the daily routine of farming, I recommend you try Dragon Quest Builders 2.

The advantage is that with the improved graphics there are an incredible number of configurations in the building and fun objects to discover. My time at Portia always gets updates and help, including a great romantic retreading system, so this is a good time to try it out.

Date of first publication 16. May 2011
Platform PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Developer Relegika
Publishing house 505 games

Terrariums are exactly where Minecraft is popular, and I think it has a big appeal to Stardew Valley fans looking for new experiences. The 2D side-scrolling perspective speeds up the fight and resource collection, and the retro graphics are very well executed. You won’t be a farmer, but the race to collect/restore against the clock will make you feel at home.

Terraria lacks a lot of intrigue and narrative depth in other games, but if you’re tired of trying to figure out whose birthday it is and what gifts they like, this may sound good. Maybe you just want to hook up with the monsters with more and more advanced weapons and not worry so much about things. Soon there will be a massive last update which, according to the developers, will be a breakthrough on the consoles.

I hope I’ve given you food for thought when choosing your next farm simulation! Sorry for the terrible pun, I couldn’t resist.

I hope I’ve given you food for thought when choosing your next farm simulation! Sorry for the terrible pun, I couldn’t resist.



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