Even at this time of year. Festivals have failed us, and today is Thanksgiving in the United States. A day to be thankful and express our gratitude. Normally you spend time with friends and family, but this year the festive tradition has changed somewhat. While the pandemic in Covida 19 continues to affect everyone in the world, this year many people are keeping things for their close relatives. It is difficult for all of us, but it is important to remember that we must remain grateful and thankful on this day. These are some of the things the players and I can and should be thankful for!

Video games! As a gamer, what else is at the top of the list than video games? It is easily the only thing that unites us all and for which we should be grateful. If you don’t want to spend so much time with other people in person during this year’s holiday, you’re sure to find people having fun and playing online. Video games undoubtedly unite the world and have been building lasting friendships ever since they became a thing. I wouldn’t write this article without her. There’s so much to be thankful for in video games.

Video games are good for your mental health! Remember how the World Health Organization considered video games to be a cause of mental health problems, which they called gambling disorders? Recent research at Oxford University has shown that video games can actually be good for mental health and make you happier. Although this is a fairly limited study, Andrew Przybylski, research director of the Oxford Internet Institute, said: Our results show that video games are not necessarily harmful to your health; there are other psychological factors that have a significant impact on how you feel. Another reason to be grateful for video games! Am I right?

Solo campaigns! Sometimes it’s just fun to play a video game on your own. We all need a break from social interaction, whether online or in person, just a nice break from everyone. If it’s true that you can play the multiplayer game alone, here’s a well-written story from the single player campaign. You can get lost playing solo for hours. Personally, I redesigned Demon Souls on PlayStation 5 as my current single-player game, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t call friendly spirits to help me when I needed it. So I’m grateful for this year’s solo campaigns, because I can only resist the poisonous behaviour of Call of Duty. You know what I’m talking about. I’m looking at you, Treyarh. But I’m also grateful for Treyarch. I’m just saying.

Multiplayer games. How can I call single-player campaigns, but not multiplayer campaigns? I can’t and I won’t! I love multiplayer games all the time. I had moments that seemed almost impossible, and multiplayer games made it possible. Anything is possible. I can be called Rambo myself or be the team leader who will lead the team. Endless shootings, waves of monsters and zombies, it is a wide range of genres, and it comes with new friendships and encounters of all kinds of players along the way. Of course, we all meet people we don’t like online, but mostly we meet nice players, and it’s quite fun if you ask me. Thanks for the multiplayer games? Tested!

Happy ThanksGaming! err… Thanksgiving -2020 Publishers, developers and consumers! In general, we all make this industry what it is. The machine doesn’t work very well without it. Many thanks to all publishers who take risks and promote the games on our way. Thanks to all the developers who created the worlds in which we play and gave us countless memories to think about and tell stories. Thank you, dear. Player. Fans! Without all of us, this industry would have developed and got out of hand a long time ago. In the end, I think we all deserve some gratitude.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving party today and thank you for reading. I’m also grateful to you as a reader. Be safe and enjoy what you can, where you can and when you can. As always, I’ll see you on the Internet! Happy Thanksgiving and happy gambling Thank you!

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