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Guide to Atterax Build 2020

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

The Atterax, a melee weapon, is a whip with rotating knives at the tip that makes a quick cut and causes great pain to enemies who take action against the owner.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020


The Atterax is a whip-like weapon with a mechanical end of the whip, whose blades rotate around the whip when used.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

Atterax presents the following statistics:

  • Offensive speed: Has an assault simulation of .917.
  • Critical Chance: He has a 25% chance of a critical strike.
  • Critical multiplication factor: Critical attacks cause three times as much damage.
  • Damage block: 35% of the damage is blocked by enemy melee attacks.
  • Jump attack: Compensation of Law 45.
  • Rotating attack: 96 damages.
  • Status: A 20% chance to postpone the consequences of the status.
  • Attack on the wall: 180 to pay damages.
  • Type of damage: Treats damage caused by 2.3 Impact, 40.5 Puncture and 2.3 Puncture.

In order for Atterax to be used by the players, he must have mastered Grade 2. It can be built on its design.


  • High degree of skin damage
  • Wide range of products
  • High critical probability
  • High damage rate
  • an important opportunity
  • Good attack speed
  • There’s a good chance it’ll cause a bleed…
  • All you need is some skill on the second floor.


  • Damage without major impact
  • Small stab wound


In order to buy Atterax, it must be manufactured according to the design.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

You can buy the design on the domestic market and have it manufactured later, or buy it for 175 units of platinum, where it will already be built and ready for use.

Building design

The Atterax is considered very popular because of its high critical probability and its multiplying factor and large range, as it is a whip-like weapon.

It is also useful to hit multiple enemies and make them bleed, in addition to any other status effects it may have.

The use of the high critical rating and the multiplier can cause significant damage to enemies, especially when the combination of the multiplier strikes.

Below you will find some examples:

Strike House

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

We add the total damage to the pressure point triggered and the Buzz Kill in our building.

By increasing our critical capabilities, we add organic destruction in addition to real steel, resulting in more damage.

To make our building more versatile, we have added Berserker, which has the ability to increase the attack speed at critical hits with Primed Reach for a larger attack distance.

Blood flow is an important part of this test, because with the scrum combinator it increases the critical probability.

Maiming Strike will be our main model in the assembly because it has a great critical chance in skid attacks that have the chance to kill enemies immediately.

This training focuses on creating a combined multiplier to increase the overall critical chance of using Maiming Strike for maximum damage.

You can choose to repeat slide attacks or start with a few normal attacks and occasionally use small attacks as line of sight.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

Continuous mounting

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

This view is similar to the previous one and is the preferred alternative for those who are not mutilated.

We’ve retained all of the previous modes, except for the mutilating strike, and instead we use the ruthless combination, which increases the combination score for any opponent who suffers the consequences of the bleeding.

This model is not as powerful as the Maiming Strike Build , but it is still effective for critical damage, and with a large combined counter, it is still able to do a decent amount of critical damage.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

Government buildings

Guide to Atterax Build 2020

For those who prefer a more basic design, the Status Build model retains the Berserker, primed range/range and primed pressure point/pressure point for its primary purposes.

We trade Blood Rush for Condition Overload, which causes an enemy 60% more damage for every Status Effect they have.

Four modes for elemental and status damage are added to increase the damage caused by elemental properties and to increase the probability of status.

This project focuses on working with elementary damage and the application of state effects, but not only on elementary state effects.

In this design we focus on restoring natural disasters with the addition of physical effects and elementary states.

Enemies get 60% extra damage for each condition they get because of the overload mode.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020


One of the most popular weapons ever used for its critical properties, Atherax has fooled many people with its low base damage and became dominant when its true strength was demonstrated.

If they are built with the right mods that cause damage on a scale that others could not even dream of cutting enemies like a thread through the water.

Atterax – a weapon with a whip, which not only has a large range, but also a considerable attack speed, as well as a large critical base and status probability.

Different setups are possible, but never forget that it also has one of the largest critical multiplication factors, which can cause even greater initial damage if properly adjusted.

With the right modification, especially with the right war frame and the right technique, this whip is certainly a good choice for those who want to kill their enemies with a quick extermination.

Guide to Atterax Build 2020



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