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Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Cavity-based radioactive source that collapses and leaves the cavity daily

Argon crystal

These crystals are quite difficult to get out of the vacuum. And if you know how to grow argon crystal, you should know to grow it only when you need it.

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Argon crystal is a delicate source for some people because they don’t always seem to have a good chance of falling on it.

These crystals are needed for various weapons and cases and are an important resource in the production of large lenses.

Note that argon crystals break down after 24 hours. Therefore, they should only engage in agriculture when necessary.

Where can you grow Argon crystal?


The best place to grow argon crystals is in Nothing. In fact, it’s the only place they fall prey. (no rewards)

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

The Void is a mystical place full of power and corruption, and you have to be careful when trying to complete missions.

In most missions you can get argon crystals, and it’s a good idea to check the map to see if there are containers that can drop these crystals.

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1) Ani

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

We offer Ani because it is the lowest survival mission in the Void, and because it is a good place to explore and kill enemies with the ability to loot.

You will not only receive Argon crystals, but also other resources that may be useful to you in the future.

You may come across containers of argon crystals. It is therefore advisable to look for rakes wherever you can.

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Enemies here will drop the argon crystal when they are killed, or you can retrieve it from the containers found around the mission.

The argon crystals fall out when you destroy the argon pegmatites, which can sometimes be found on the map.

Note that some enemies will be stronger than the ones you usually encounter. It is therefore advisable to bring a good arsenal so that you can easily kill your enemies.

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

You can expect to receive an average of 1 to 3 argon crystals in a 5-minute session on Ani.

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2) Oxomoco

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Another good choice for people in a hurry is Oxomoko, which is actually a mission of destruction.

For those who want to get out quickly and seize the opportunity to get Argon crystals, this destruction mission is considered an easy way to get Argon crystals. And some people say it’s the best way to ferment Argon’s crystal.

This mission has a good chance to make argon crystals a player, as long as they are lucky with hostile drops or looking for an area.

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Chances are you’ll get at least one argon crystal in Oxomoco, especially if you’re exploring the area.

There will be many enemies, so it is important to have a war framework that can kill enemies quickly or that is good for agriculture.

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Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

By going through Oxomoco you can obtain an average of 1 to 2 argon crystals.

Guide to Argon Crystal Farming 2020

Argon crystals are used to make many devices, but we recommend that you only grow them if you use them on the same day.

The picture above shows an argon crystal and its time is counted, while it disappears from the inventory after a while.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.



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