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Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

The Plasmor Arca is the main weapon, the plasma rifle, manufactured by the Hull, which is best known for its unique projectile that causes great radiation damage to enemies over a large area.

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020


Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

The plasma arc has the following statistics:

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 9.1 and is capable of accurately hitting enemies at short and medium distances.
  • Critical Chance: A 22% chance of being hit by a critical strike.
  • Critical multiplication factor: Critical hits cause 1.6 times more damage.
  • Burn rate: Shoot about 1.1 rounds per second.
  • Magazine: Productivity of 10 photos in the magazine.
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2.8 seconds to restart the new protocol.
  • Status: Has a 28% chance of suddenly delaying the effect of the status.
  • Trigger: SEMI – pulls when triggered
  • Type of damage: Causes 600 radiation burns.

This weapon of war requires a Dominance Rank of 10 before it can be used by players, and must be examined before the design is purchased to create it.


  • High base damage
  • Radiation damage.
  • High critical probability
  • an important opportunity
  • Damage in a large area
  • please do not hesitate to consult.
  • guaranteed response time
  • Can have 3 combined elements
  • Good storage capacity for magazines
  • Good loading speed
  • Fast projection speed
  • 2 polarities
  • Moderate puncture


  • The slow fire
  • No physical damage.
  • Requires a master 10.
  • Limited range
  • failure between 10 and 20 meters
  • Limited sampling
  • Low critical multiplication factor


In order to buy an Archa plasma, it must be manufactured according to the design.

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

The arca-plasma drawing can be reproduced from the energy lab to the dojo, which will be available after the research.

The Plasmor Arca can also be bought for the price of 190 platinum and already built or, with the Arca bundle, which contains it and other items made with it, for the price of 550 platinum.

Building design

Plasmor Arca can be modified in different ways and at the same time the substrate is severely damaged by radiation.

Many options can be considered and it is up to the user to decide which mods are useful in certain situations and what is most practical.

Below you will find some examples:

Buildings with critical radiation damage

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

In this building we force Arca Plasmor to take the basic radiation and add an ignition coating with a charged shell to increase the total elemental damage.

To further increase the damage, we add blank firing points, as well as Hell’s Chamber and Vigilante weapons, which allow them to fire multiple shots.

We add Blunderbuss to increase the critical chance, Primed Ravage to increase the critical multiplier, and Shotgun Spazz to increase the shooting speed.

This design also uses and increases a high level of radiation damage to the baseline, so the weapon can do a lot of damage with every shot and has a good chance of having a critical impact.

With conventional shots causing a lot of damage, critical hits do astonishing damage.

Although it is only one kind of combined element, it can cause a lot of damage to certain types of enemies, regardless of the type of enemy, due to the high base damage and the extra damage it can cause.

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

Take a look at this: Cohm image

Two-Element Critical Building

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

By analogy with the previous mounting we add 2 elementary damage modes, which are combined to form an additional mounting element.

The result is two different combinations of natural hazards for different effects and types of damage.

Depending on the user’s preference, it is sufficient to replace only two elementary modules with different ones.

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

Check here as well: Soma prime building

Government buildings

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

For this building we will continue to use primed/blank fire points for damage and Spazz rifles for a higher fire speed.

With the hellcam and lynch mob the weapon gets different stats for extra shots.

To focus on the state, we add 3 elementary damages and the mode state and cold wind instead of the elementary damages and mode state.

This build gives you 3 different secondary elements that can not only cause bonus damage to enemies because of their weakness, but also multiple status effects.

When the damage is rearranged in item and status mode, the combination of items changes, allowing the user to choose which items he prefers to use.

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020

These are not the only models available for Arca Plasmor, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.

View other constructions here – Built Weapons of War


The plasma arc is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons in the game, because the main damage is not only significant, but already a combination of two elements (radiation).

The use of its wide range and the devastating damage it causes can wipe out enemies.

It can be adapted to tackle different types of enemies, which is an excellent quality for a weapon.

Few weapons are comparable to the destruction that Arca Plasmor can cause, and enemies who use these weapons against the user will not survive long in the heat of battle.

Guide to Arca Plasmor 2020



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