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Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

The Amprex is a hand rifle that shoots from a continuous current beam that clings to nearby enemies and can easily kill large groups.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020


The Amprex is a body shotgun that fires from an electric beam that clings to nearby enemies.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Amprex has the following basic statistics:


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 12.5 and is capable of accurately hitting enemies at short and medium distances.
  • Critical Chance: He has a 32% chance to criticize.
  • Critical multiplication factor: Shots do 2.2 times more damage with critical hits.
  • Burn rate: Fires approximately 12 shots per second.
  • Magazine: Productivity of 100 cassettes per magazine.
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2.6 seconds to restart the new protocol.
  • Status: Has a 22% chance of delaying the effects of the status at once.
  • Trigger: Hold – Gunshots are repeated until the trigger is released.
  • Type of damage: Transactions 22 Damage to electricity

In order for the Ampex to be used by the players and built according to their drawings, it must have the rank 10 attribute.


  • Has basic electrical damage
  • High critical probability
  • an important opportunity
  • Attack other enemies with a chain.
  • Chain attacks go through walls
  • It’s a good thing for big business.
  • Large capacity of the cartridge
  • Large storage capacity


  • No physical damage.
  • Requires a master 10.
  • Limited range for the main attack
  • A limited range of chain attacks
  • Research required prior to reproduction


In order to produce an Amprex, the design must be purchased through replication in an energy laboratory.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Building design

Amprex has basic electrical faults that can be combined with other components depending on use.

It creates a beam that clings to multiple enemies and is ideal for eliminating groups with a high critical probability and a high status chance.

These weapons can be configured with many structures and use multiple basic statistics, making it an excellent weapon capable of eliminating even the largest groups of enemies and causing permanent damage to enemies.

Note that Critical Chance and Status Chance can also have an effect on chain attacks.

Below you will find some examples:

Critical building

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

In this design we use a heavy jagged caliber to increase the total damage to the barrel, and a split camera to allow multiple shots.

To increase the critical capabilities of the weapon, we add the Point Strike for more critical opportunities and the Vital Sense to increase the critical multiplier.

To penetrate and increase the speed of the fire, we add Shred and 2 elementary damage modules to increase the total damage.

This construction uses a high probability of critical weapons and adds even more elemental damage.

Due to the high probability of weapon status, status effects may occur that weaken or damage enemies over time, or cause damage within range of the weapon.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Government buildings

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Our Amprex module exchanges various modules for 3 basic and state modules /

The reason why we use only 3 elementary damages and state changes is that we already have electricity as elementary damage.

To obtain a combination of 2 elements, it suffices to repair 3 missing elements.

With this construction we will focus on increasing the chances of weapon status by forcing it to do all the damage in the area and the damage in the area with a bonus to weaken the enemies.

These state effects, as well as the vast area covered by the Ampex chain attacks, cause multiple sources of damage to the enemy and are good for eliminating the enemy and inflicting elementary damage.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Hybrid construction

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

By combining critical and status-enhancing effects, we combined the modes of both to create a hybrid combination of damage.

It is a hybrid assembly that combines critical state and status attributes, enabling it to handle damage from multiple sources, such as chain attacks, critical hits, status effects and elementary damage.

This allows you to create multiple sources of damage to enemies, as well as different mixes that can do the most damage to enemies depending on the items they choose.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Scope of application Development

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

We focus on damage in the target area using a combustion beam that kills the enemies and damages the enemies around us with a large explosion.

This body focuses on inflicting damage in the area and destroying various enemy groups through Ampex chain attacks and combustion explosions.

This guarantees multiple sources of damage, especially if multiple enemies are killed in the same area.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Critical Impact Area, Year of construction

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

In this case, we take the critical body and replace the divided chamber with a combustion beam using a critical body with additional damage as a result of the explosion.

This design is ideal for trading multiple, targeted damage, such as damage to specific enemies, and also has an additional bonus of Burning Ray for trading area damage.

In fact, it is an essential building whose field of action is away from the chain attacks.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Scope of application of the State structure

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

This building becomes the Vigilante and replaces the weapons of the Vigilante with a Burning Ray to use this building with the Burning Ray effect.

It is an excellent addition to the area where the weapon can cause explosion damage.

With the same directional sensitivity of the state structure, this design uses elementary damage and state modes to cause the specified damage and state chances.

Fashion Burning Ray will have the effect of blowing up dying enemies that cause a lot of damage in the area, resulting in more sources of damage, with the exception of those in a structural state.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

Hybrid face Year of manufacture

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

The burn roll comes back in the game with a mix of AOE Critcal and AOE Status.

This design is very versatile because it can handle different amounts of damage and different cases.

The device is probably capable of processing critical hits with a good critical multiplication factor, resulting in attacks and chains that are capable of processing strong consecutive critical hits.

Through elemental damage and state changes, weapons can create state effects that can cause damage in terms of action, damage over time, or weaken an enemy.

This makes them more vulnerable not only to critical damage, but also to elementary damage.

Finally, the building is crowned with a Jet of Fire effect that causes even more damage when enemies die.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020

These are not the only models available for Amprex, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Amprex is very unique because his attacks are chained to other enemies.

In addition to a high probability and criticality, the damage potential of the weapon is infinite and depends on the user and his preferences.

The ability to tackle and sequence damage to multiple enemies in the same area allows you to use multiple structures while taking advantage of chain attacks.

Since the weapon is compatible with multiple models, the user can choose between critical damage, state effects, surface damage and more, and the user’s creativity is the only limit to the weapon’s skill.

Amprex is a destroyer that can create sources of damage ranging from the turmoil of multiple enemies in one area to devastating damage throughout the area.

It can be adapted to destroy different types of enemies and is ideal for cleaning up those annoying crowds.

Guide to Amprex Build 2020



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