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Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Carbon steel plates to reinforce Grindarmour


This is a combination of metals in one, which is mainly used by the Grineer for their armor and can be reused for objects that are also ghost ships.

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Light metal plates can be used for many parts that need to be manufactured, such as neuroptics, systems and even cosmetics.

It can be found on several planets, but only a few of them offer the best amount that can be cultivated per session.

A good stock of alloy sheets can be useful in the future when you need to manufacture many of the devices you need.

Where should the alloy plates be grown?

It’s easy when it comes to working with alloy plates, like those found on many planets. Choosing the right planet and determining the best location for an alloy plate can be very useful if you notice that you are missing a lot.

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Alloy plates can be grown on different planets, but since Ceres offers a denser map with the mission of the Dark Sector, we prefer this planet over others.

The cards of the series are mainly installed on Grineer cards and can be used with certain advantages.

Cerera has two missions that make it possible to have large stocks of alloys.

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1) Gaby

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

With a 35% increase in the depletion of raw materials, Gabbia is considered the best place to grow alloys.

Since we are dealing with infected people in Libya, we know that they are easy to shoot and fast to move, which provides a light but stable enemy flow.

Infected people don’t get as much armor as you do, the longer you stay in the missions, and you can just stay a fair amount of time.

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Registering infected people shouldn’t be a problem for most players, and the sooner you get them out, the sooner they will be numerous.

Their systematic destruction and the fact that they are in a place where they can reach you quickly will be very beneficial for your farming session.

It is advisable to regroup to increase the number of enemies, giving you more alloy plates.

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

A 5-minute session with Gabii should allow you to be on average between 1000 and 3000 on a solo farm.

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2) Draco

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

For those who prefer to fight with Grineer himself, Draco is a good choice because the level is not so high and there will be many enemies.

On the map you will find many areas of the camp as well as a lot of loot that you can get hold of if you move, so you can do whatever you want.

To choose a camp, it is best to use Hydroid here and Necros roaming.

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Camping with the hydrofoil or walking with the necroses should get a good amount of alloy plates while brooding on the Draco.

Since the enemies are relatively few in number, you or your troops shouldn’t have so much trouble killing Grineer.

Staying too long can raise the level of the Grineer and the armor, so it is best to stay 20 minutes and then start again.

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Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

A 5-minute session yields an average of 500 to 2500 alloy plates.

Guide on Alloy Plate Farming 2020

Since the alloy sheet is used for many different designs and is needed to build many of the items you need, it is advisable to have a good stock of it to avoid trying to grow it later in a hurry.

You may not have to process as many alloy sets as you need, as most tasks can accumulate a large number of datasets.

For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.



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