When it comes to music games, few developers compete with Harmonix and its ancestors in the industry. From Amplitude on PS2 to the early Guitar Heroand of course the incredibly popular Rock Band and Dance Central, they are known for their quality in this genre. Of course they’ve had a lot of other names over the last two decades, and when it comes to developing music games, Harmonyx has remained a rock star (despite the studio shivers). Players now have the opportunity to play the role of a professional DJ and cheer up the crowd and the community with their newest game called Fuser. Will this game last as long as the previous fans?

Fuser Review –

The Fuser comes to the Nintendo Switch as a game in which players take on the role of a professional DJ in order to achieve big hits at individual player locations and then improve their skills to impress others in the community. Unlike previous DJ-oriented games such as the DJ Hero, there are no peripherals and everything is played directly via joysticks.

From the start of the game, you’ll enjoy the bright colours that fill your eyes and the catchy music that immediately draws your attention. There is a narrative/educational voice about it, although a bit too kitschy perhaps, using a trick to keep the mood alive. It is undeniable that Harmonyx made some notes from its Dance Central sections and inserted them in the Fusersection.

The most appropriate mode for an immediate jump is the location of the campaign. There are several other modes in the game, and we’ll talk a little about it, but they are more focused on the multiplayer and social aspects. The campaign took place in 6 halls, each with different concerts, so I thought it was a very sincere gesture. I admit, when I saw the trailer for the game, I thought, how will it be based on skills, since it looks like you only use a DJ tool? The game quickly dissipated all my doubts.

Fuser Review –

The course of the game has taught me a very linear but progressive way of playing. My first show was just a study in the fact that I can drop 4 beats and that any of those beats can be synthesizer type (voice, drums, strings, etc.) What immediately distinguishes Fuser from a traditional DJ mixer is that you actually mix licensed music. This means that if you want Bad Guy Billy Aylish’s singing to be combined with the drums of Born This Way Lady Gaga, you certainly can, so you were born to be a DJ-nob! After a few more shows, the game mechanism and the whole range of features really opened up, and it became much clearer how skills come into play.

The level of difficulty with which you can mingle begins to unfold in different series, and soon you are challenged to fight at certain speeds. You can also reuse the same type of synthesizer, stoptracks and a few other amazing tricks to create smooth rhythms for almost everyone. When you talk to your listeners, you learn that they too have needs to meet, including requests for songs, instruments, and more. To make sure you meet their requirements, you have to put on a show that is lethal and eventually gets a better rating. What I really liked about Fuser is that even when you rub the music together it still sounds great, and although I’m far from being a professional DJ in every area of my life, I turned up the volume on my soundbar and the whole family danced in the living room in no time. He felt inspired by playing in the rock band and participated in a musical way that was not characteristic of my life of skill.

Fuser Review –

Now that the library of titles is sufficiently reliable, you will still, as expected, encounter microtransactions for new titles. However, the game offers points in the game for good results, which you can also use to unlock new tracks. However, if you want an accelerated experience, you’ll have to pay a little cash for about $2 per number.

What’s really cool is that once you have a few songs in your library and you start a few campaigns, you can start building the whole thing. You can select songs before you start recording and then adjust the light effects, background and other visual effects that appear on stage. It’s a good idea to personalize your show. It also introduces a second micro-dollar, which is an effective style point for unlocking new scene elements as described above, but also for buying crazy stuff to customize your DJ character. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t long before I had a pretty cute DJ on deck playing together in a nice pattern in knotted pants, gas mask and hipster shirt. It is certainly an aesthetic ode to what we have seen in musical genre games from the beginning.

Fuser Review –

If you ever get tired of the campaign, Fuser also offers some more basic game modes. The first is the Open End Freestyle mode, where you really become a DJ yourself if you just want to play, try out different tracks and improve your own skills. There are no questions or rankings, and optionally it’s a fun mode where you have friends who just want to have fun and save some background music.

There is also a cooperative freestyle mode, which seems more reliable because it offers private shows, watches active community freestyle shows or even participates in a freestyle show with up to 3 other players. Unfortunately there were no active sessions during the whole time I was watching the race, so I was never able to participate.

Fuser Review –

The latest mode is the Fuser Battles, a very competitive 1v1 DJ mixing mode. They will fight for supremacy, and it takes skill to meet the needs of the crowd. If you win two laps, you win the battle and take a place in your ranking tracker, which, if you score regularly enough, will also yield some great beauty prizes. Unfortunately there was no scoring match for me and I was looking forward to the opponent. I don’t know if it’s the result of locating the server for me or for the Nintendo platform or a combination of both, but I really wanted to give it some time, but it never worked.

But even if the campaign is really at my disposal, there is a lot of content to play, and history shows that collecting some music titles now, before they are removed from the list because of licenses, is also the key to longevity (oh, what would I do to buy other Guitar Hero titles a long time ago, since I still play them). In this kind of music game, the Fuser has a lot to offer, and blowing up some sweet remixes around the house on a certain Friday night is fun in itself. Since there are no devices to consider over time, there is a level of repeatability that should last as long as you want. Fuser brings the rhythm, and at least now I feel a bit cooler in my life, when I have mastered a few pieces of music myself.

User overview

  • Graphs – 7/10
  • The tone is 9/10.
  • Course of the game – 7.5/10
  • Late appeal – 7/10


Final remarks : GOOD PLACES

Take on the role of DJ and mix licensed music from many genres to please crowds and friends at home. Once you’re in the game, you’ll master real skills and it will be fun to bring your creations to life. Unfortunately, none of the multiplayer modes in the game worked for me on the Nintendo platform, which is a big mistake considering the total price of $60, so I only had to play in single rooms. If the dream of becoming a DJ is your thing, then here at Fuser you can pretend to do it and feel good while the audience entertains.

Fuser Review –

Alex has been actively involved in games since the release of Nintendo. After turning his hobby into a profession, he spent just over ten years developing games and is now creative director of the studio.

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