The game: Freddy Spaghetti
Genre: Action, adventure, simulation system
: Nintendo Switch (also Steam, PS4, PS5 and Xbox)
Developer|Publishing : Playful Macaroni | Ratalike Games
Age Rating : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £4.99 | EU £4.99 | US £4.99
Publication date : 18. December 2020

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Meeting with Freddy

Freddy Spaghetti is one of those weird physics-based games where the controls are deliberately disabled. You literally play a spaghetti thread made by Dr. P. Starr, who leads the game by telling the story. It’s a strange adventure that will probably make you laugh, frustrate you and probably confuse you. But for a good price, it’s hard not to get the upper hand.

The main message of the game

Bulk like noodles

In the role of Freddy Spaghetti you navigate and jump through several short levels in search of a lively piece of dough.

The game begins with an introduction to the controls. Each controller activates the controls on one side of your spaghetti line. By clicking in the rhythm and pointing an analog stick, you can walk through small 3D environments. If you hold down and release the shutter button, you can also jump.

At the beginning of the game you perform basic tasks, many of which simply take you from one point to another as the storyteller goes through the story. The game is ideal if you solve some basic physical puzzles, such as destroying all the points on the table, typing things on the keyboard or playing the piano. However, the game is mixed in certain stages where you have to jump between platforms, danger to escape and cross the street while avoiding the traffic. Because the commands are disabled, they cause a lot more problems, because if you don’t do them, you restart the level.

Many of them also felt overwhelmed and were soon overwhelmed. The game also has the habit of repeating the same types of levels several times. With a flexible and complex control system, the game felt more like a job than a pleasure. If he decides to focus more on the puzzles, it’s a lot more fun.

Scary Stairs

Great storyteller

The graphics are a fairly standard 3D environment with a simple color palette. You’ll visit different places, but you won’t be blown away. I think it’s probably the best video game I’ve ever played, where you play like a spaghetti thread, so it certainly has that kind of praise. Moreover, the voice of the actor is excellent for the narrator. He really sells the story of Freddy who gets used to the fact that he is a macaroni and what he decides to do with the information.

Asking the Difficult Questions

The game isn’t long at all. Although there are many levels, some only last a few seconds. You could probably do it in less than four hours. The game takes into account the time you need to complete the levels, which encourages you to run faster or beat your time. It’s not multiplayer, but it’s a game that I can imagine that family or friends enjoy the game more than they play it themselves. However, once you’re done, you can unlock bonus levels that allow you to replay improved versions of old levels.

Why would we want to destroy Freddy?


Freddy Spaghetti feels like a new Christmas present. Some will open the gift, understand the joke and like it, and others will probably politely open it, smile and not get it, and then maybe give it to someone next year.

It’s a good price to try, maybe even consider buying for a friend, but if you weren’t sold on a physics-based game like Octodad or Man : If you lie flat beforehand, you’re unlikely to get over it. Sounds like the best spaghetti video game of all time.

Final verdict: I like her.


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