This guide shows you step by step how to install Skins for Football Manager 2021.


Welcome to the latest version of the Football Manager Skin installation guide.

This guide shows you how to install the skins correctly in Football Manager.

In addition, unless otherwise stated, the instructions are generally the same whether you are using the Steam, Epic or Gamepass versions of the game, whether you are playing Windows, Mac or Linux, or buying a floppy disk or digital copy of the game.

Please note that, as always, it is advisable to check every file downloaded from the Internet for viruses. Sports Interactive or SEGA has no control over the content of third parties and therefore downloads from third parties are used at your own risk.

We also recommend that you read all the instructions on the download page for the content you install (or find them in the readme file attached to the download), as they may contain additional instructions for that file. This is especially important for multicomponent mega-packages that can be unpacked in a certain order.

How to adjust skins

This section of the manual explains how to install the hides. First of all, keep in mind that the skins only work with the version of the game for which they are intended (FM21 skins only work with FM21, not FM20), and touch skins and full mode are not compatible, so if you use the touch version, you can only use touch skins.

Once you have uploaded a file, it is usually in one of three formats: zip, rar or 7z file.

Zip files must be automatically supported by your operating system and can be displayed as compressed folders. For Rar and 7z files, it may be necessary to download software to decompress the files, the following software is fixed:

The windows: 7-Zip [] (Select the last .exe)

MacOS: Unarchiver [] (in English)

Linux : If you use Linux, we hope you already know how to download and find software for Linux.

7-Zip is installed with the .exe file that can be downloaded by following the on-screen instructions. To install Unarchiver, double-click the .zip file you downloaded from their website and drag and drop the unzipped program (called Unarchiver) into your application folder.

After the installation, create a new folder that you can follow (for example on your desktop) and place a downloaded image in zip, rar or 7z format. Now we take it out:

The windows: Right click on Blitz, Riri or 7z. Select 7-Zip from the menu and then select Extract here.

MacOS X: Right click (or ctrl + click) on your zipper, rar or 7z. Choose Open with, then Unarchiver.
Your file needs to be unzipped and most likely you will need to create a folder in the same folder.

If you have unpacked (or just downloaded directly) an fmf file, that’s no problem, they’re just files packed with the FM source tool, and as an end user you don’t have to worry about unpacking the files, you just have to see them as the same folder you would get when unpacking the files.

User location

After downloading and unpacking your files, you need to move them to the User Data Location folder so that the game can read them.

First make sure you run the game at least once (go to the start menu and exit normally) so that the game can create the right folders for you.

By default, the User Data Location folder is located under the DocumentsSports Interactive folder. This folder contains the Football Manager folder for each version of FM started on this computer.

Just open the Soccer Manager folder corresponding to the version you are using.

FM TOUCH RADIO USER: By default, you will need the Touch folder.

USERS OF GAMEPASS/SOFTSHOPS : If you’re using this version of the game, your user data is in a slightly different folder, you need to open the Football Manager folder for the year of the game you’re using, and in this folder you’ll see the Gamepass folder, and this is the folder you need.

Once you’ve opened the correct football management folder, you should see a list of folders, and what you need to do is find a folder called Skins. If this folder does not exist, just create a new folder and launch the skins.

Now open the Skin folder and put the unpacked files in it.

If it’s an fmf file you downloaded, place it directly in your skinmap.

If you have a folder after extracting the files, make sure you copy to the correct folder, because if the skin files are nested in another folder, they will not work.

So you have to open the unpacked folders until you find a folder that has been expanded so that the skin_config file is present;

Football Manager 2021: Skins Installation Guide

Then you want to take the root folder from this folder and copy it to your Skin folder. If you’ve done this right, it should look like this:

Football Manager 2021: Skins Installation Guide

In-game skin display

To select the game skin you need to load the game and go to the settings menu, then you need to have an area in the middle called Interface and in this area there is an option called Skin with a dropdown menu under it.

When you select a drop-down menu, it must contain a list of all the skins you have specified. If the desired skin is in the list, select it and click Confirm to download it.

When the desired skin is not visible.

Football Manager 2021: Skins Installation Guide

You can then select Advanced on the left side or Interface from the drop-down list on the top right, then scroll down to the Skin section and use the Caching tag to shorten the download time, and remove the Skin Restart Tag when the changes to the options are confirmed.

Or, in the search box at the top of the skin type and search results, remove the Use Caching box to reduce download time and select the Restart skin box when you confirm the changes to the settings.

Football Manager 2021: Skins Installation Guide

Then click on the Confirm button below. This should take you out of the Settings menu, and when you go back in, the skins list should be updated and your skin should be in the list.

After loading the skins, you can activate the skin cover and uncheck the Always reload box.

If you would like us to cover other guides for the football manager game 2021 in addition to this guide, please let us know in the comments section. We like to do this for our readers.

The author: Michaeltmurrayuk

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