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Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

Betrayal in a house on the hill is considered one of the best games is a cooperative board game. When you enter the mansion with your friends, you don’t know what to expect. As you explore the mansion, things happen and your character is put to the test. During the rest of the game an important event is activated and it turns out that one of your party members is a traitor and needs to be defeated. This game has much more time to drive than the driver’s seat. An amusing journey. There are many other big names in this sense, and if you’re looking for something new, read on. It’s five games like treachery in a house on a hill.

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Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

#05 | Betrayal at Baldur Gate

At the bottom of the list of games like Betrayal in House on the Hill cheats because it’s the same game, but if you’re really looking for something new and similar, then you’ve come to the right place. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate combines the incredible gameplay of betrayal in a house on a hill with the legend of Baldur’s Gate. Very clever hook of worlds. The tiles are different, the symbols are different, the fonts are different, but everything else is the same. If you’ve put the Hill adventure behind you and want a new attitude, this one’s for you.

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Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

#04 | Above and below

Based on a simple adventure, Above and Below is an urban and narrative concept in which you and other players compete with each other to build a better village above and below ground. In the game you send your residents to work in areas such as exploring caves, collecting resources and building houses. Each villager has unique skills and abilities, and you have to decide how best to use them. Although this mix of genres places Above and Below in a different category, note the similarities in the use of the characters and the revelation of the city.

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Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

#03 | 7. Continent

We’re at the beginning of the 20th century. For centuries. They decided to return to the newly discovered seventh continent to try to break the terrible curse that had befallen them on their return from their previous expedition. In the board game The 7. Continent, alone or in collaboration, choose your adventure, choose your character and start your adventure alone or with a team of other explorers. The way you choose your characters and tell the story is similar to betrayal in House on the Hill.

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Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

#02 | Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness is a fully cooperative and application-oriented board game of terror and secrecy. The satellite application guides you through the veiled streets of Ismut and the corridors of the ghost villas of Archam in search of answers. You choose one of eight researchers ready to face four scenarios of fear and mystery, collect weapons, tools and information, solve complex puzzles and fight monsters, madness and death. Apart from the fact that the different game mechanisms are the same, the thematic background of the entrance to the haunted house is almost identical. A few new mechanisms to keep track of interest, but many on the list of games such as betrayal in House on the Hill.

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Five games like Betrayal at the Hill House

#01 | Arkham Horror

At the top of the list of games like Betrayal on the Hill is the terrible power of Arkham’s horror. The year 1926, and that was the culmination of the roaring twenties. The bavettes dance in the smoke until dawn, filled with rum and mafia. The end of the war festivities is interrupted by extraterrestrial entities known as Elsewhere or Days. Players choose from 16 investigators and take to the streets of Arham to defeat these enemies. Before the game is chosen, one of the eight Ancients of Days must be chosen and the researchers must prevent him from entering our world. In the course of the game players improve their characters by acquiring skills, allies, items, weapons and spells. What is missing is the additional element that he complements by developing his character. Absolute explosion of the game.

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