Dragon Ball Legends has become a successful mobile game that brings a long list of colorful characters from the series against each other in a battle that you can fight anywhere. This fighting game is a little different from the others you might be used to, although there’s a third person perspective behind your character, and it’s your moves and hits that determine what they do. Here is some important information that new players need to know.

How to win games

Like most fighting games, Dragon Ball Legends immerses players in a one-on-one battle where the fighters collapse on each other’s health until one of them reaches zero. You’ll unlock different characters over the course of Dragon Ball’s long duration and build a group to compete against others. Thanks to this group you can change fighters in the middle of the fight to adapt to the situation. The party that stays wins. Attacks are quite powerful in Dragon Ball Legends, so battles don’t last long, with up to three minutes available on the game timer. If both parties stay until the end of the time limit, the player with the most health points at the end wins.


Dragon Ball Legends beginners guide

Dragon Ball Legends relies on the position and reflexes of the players to keep themselves alive against their opponents. Unlike games like Street Fighter V or BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball Legends has a much less complex movement system, but good players know how to read their opponents and use the openings for powerful attacks.

The movement is based on the player sliding his finger in the direction in which he wants to move his character. If you move left or right after an exclamation mark appears next to the player character, you will activate a trick called the Disappearing Step. If you synchronize them carefully, you can dodge enemy attacks and teleport close to them to carry out a counter-attack while they are completely defenseless. However, Disappearing Step uses a caliber that can only be supplemented with special skills called Arts Cards.

If you jump, you can throw yourself on the enemy and go into battle. Of course, this move is both aggressive and useful, but it can make the player vulnerable if the opponent expects to dodge, making the game difficult on the battlefield.


Dragon Ball Legends beginners guide

Although Dragon Ball Legends has a relatively simple fighting system, the game has several mechanisms that are easy to master and difficult to master.

First, the game uses a simple system of melee and ranged combat. To attack, the player taps the screen, and the distance between you and your opponent determines the style of attack. Melee attacks are based on melee, midrange attacks are based on ranged attacks, and ranged attacks are based on the known energy attacks of the series. Attacks can turn into combos if players manage to land one by one, but these dude attacks are usually used to launch large combos with art cards or to reduce the health of the opponent a little.

The most powerful attacks in Dragon Ball Legends come from the Art Card system. Players have up to four different cards at the same time and issue ki to use each card during the game. There are a total of four cards of different colors that represent unique cards that players can use. Green cards give advantages to the character of the player, such as B. increased damage by attacks. Red cards are used for melee battles, yellow cards make it possible to make chained ki movements, and blue cards make it possible to make special movements.

Recharge ki

Dragon Ball Legends beginners guide

The vitality of the Dragon Ball energy ki plays just as important a role in the Dragon Ball Legends as in any other medium in the series. It serves as a power source for the Art Card game. Each card requires the use of a certain amount of ki, with a maximum of 100 for each character at any given time. By using too many cards at once, you can easily exhaust Ki, which prevents the player from provoking special attacks with his art cards or maintaining long combos. Because the ki regenerates slowly over time, you can charge it faster while it remains open to attack. To do this, keep your finger on the screen and your character will start checking his ki.

Use of the Gold Rush

Dragon Ball Legends beginners guide

Rising Rush is your character’s ultimate ability in Dragon Ball Legends. It causes considerable damage to the opponents and leaves room for others. The successful execution of Rising Rush can knock down an opponent with a single blow and level the playing field in particularly difficult matches.

Players build their Rising Rush combo by acquiring seven Dragon Balls and playing art cards with a Dragon Ball. This means that players should prioritize their use of Dragon Ball Art cards to ensure that they collect the Rising Rush as quickly as possible, while keeping an eye on how you use your ki and where each card is most useful. When the attack takes place, you have the choice between several cards. If your opponent chooses another card than yours, your group will regroup for an even more devastating attack.

Just be careful, because while Rising Rush is powerful, it can be counteracted if your opponent sacrifices a weak character in its place or uses the Vanishing Step to avoid the attack. Experienced players recommend using Rising Rush only in combos, so your opponent is defenseless against your attacks.

Developing your core competency

Dragon Ball Legends beginners guide

After all, every character in Dragon Ball Legends has a main ability. They can be activated by clicking on the player’s portrait after the main skill counter has accumulated over time. Each character has a main power that can be used. Some people improve their health, while others give whiplash to damage or help regenerate ki. These skills can turn the tide of battle as you begin to lose ground. Make sure you use them at the right time.

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