At the dawn of the digitalization of the current world, digital marketing appears as the  logical continuation of the evolution of marketing techniques . It is a universe that brings together  multiple practices using digital channels , in order to achieve specific and measurable objectives.

Today more than ever, companies need to take  care of their online reputation  and establish a permanent interaction with their customers  if they want to have a place in this new digital age. Digital marketing widens  the obsolescence gap  between traditional techniques and modern techniques.

But what is it exactly? Why do Digital Marketing and how?

What is Digital Marketing?

This is a true anchored trend, the  result of the evolution of our purchasing behavior .

Digital Marketing refers to all marketing actions / practices using all digital media and channels to promote a business  (but not only ⇒ associations, communities, personalities, etc.)  and its products / services, acquire customers and increase selling power.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing  refocuses the customer at the heart of the strategy . By accompanying and involving the visitor / prospect / customer throughout the purchasing process.

The interactivity  and the  relationship with the customer  are really central to a strategy of Digital Marketing.

Not to be confused with Webmarketing , oriented exclusively towards the web, that is to say via the company’s website. In web marketing, we do not use other digital technology media / channels ( example: SMS Marketing ).

The difference with digital marketing therefore lies in the use of media and channels.

Why do Digital Marketing?

Before setting up a Digital Marketing strategy, you must think about the objectives of the strategy.

Why put it in place?

One of the main reasons is  the evolution of our purchasing behavior .

Indeed, as a consumer, we seek for ourselves the information we want to obtain. This way, we no longer want to be bothered by intrusive advertisements. We want companies to adapt to our purchasing journey and support us.

It is in this context that today, digital marketing is imperative for your business if you want to  monitor and improve  your e-reputation as well as interact directly with your prospects / customers .

It has become a  strategic issue  including many advantages in terms of:

  • Visibility  ⇒ Increase traffic on your various digital media / channels (website, blog, social networks …)
  • Notoriety  ⇒ Influence & engage your targets / prospects / customers
  • Conversion  ⇒ Transform your visitors into customers and retain them

Implicitly, the increased interactivity in the relationship with your prospects / customers will make it possible to adapt your product / service offer  more quickly and more effectively to expectations than with traditional methods.

Explicitly, digital marketing will allow your business  to differentiate itself  from the competition  thanks to a tailor-made strategy.

Finally, the analysis of performance results is made  much easier thanks to KPIs  ( Key Performance Indicator or “Key Performance Indicators” ). Once established, they are easily measurable and perfectly reflect the performance of your business over a period of time.

How to do Digital Marketing?

The different methods:

Website creation or redesign 

This is the basis.

Your site must respect your graphic charter, be ergonomic and visually clean so that we recognize you and that we want to visit it.

The challenge is to support each visitor towards conversion through carefully placed call-to-action.

Natural referencing (SEO)  

The challenge for the digital marketing consultant in delhi is to organize the structure and content of your website so that it ranks first in search engine searches.

Mainly adwords campaigns in the form of ads with texts and images to ensure promotion (firm, products / services, etc …)

Content Marketing

The  Content Marketing  is inevitable.
You can create specific marketing content based on your goals. The goal is that the consumer easily finds the product / service he needs thanks to the content disseminated.

Example: Increase sales of a product / service create content that addresses issues related to this product / service.

Social Networks (Social Media Optimization SMO)

This practice consists of promoting your company and its content on social networks, you can set up:  Social Selling  or Employee Advocacy.

Mobile Marketing

It is a form of digital marketing that is growing in importance. It refers to all marketing techniques based on the use of mobile terminals , in particular smartphones and multifunction tablets.

Example: you can set up a mobile application, an SMS campaign, etc.

Emailing Marketing  

Today, the use of emailing through newsletter mainly responds to loyalty issues .


You can receive a commission in exchange for promoting a product / service. Conversely you can ask for the promotion of one of your products / services.

Online Public Relations

They are similar to classic public relations, transposed into the digital world. You can develop your online presence through web publications, blogs, and other content-focused sites.

Example: Keeping a blog, doing Guest-Blogging, podcasts, vlogs, etc …

Analyze its performance

Thinking about your Digital Marketing strategy is good, but thinking about measuring its impact on your business is even better!

Indeed, the digital environment is evolving with such speed that you have to set up indicators (Key Performance Indicators ⇒  KPIs ) with adequate reporting tools to  monitor and measure your digital performance .

At the risk of making your digital marketing strategy fail!

If you don’t set up KPIs, how do you know if your performance is improving with your results or vice versa? How do you know what is working, what is not?

It is not possible !

The main issue in the implementation of KPIs is the analysis of the resulting data  .

Thanks to this data, you will be able to know which action was more effective, which action was less effective, etc.

You can then  adjust your digital marketing strategy  accordingly so that it is more and more effective (if it is not already).


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