Very impressed with Diablo the Undying. It is a mobile RPG, and it seems to be a different/improved detail than D3. That’s great for a mobile RPG. The fact that it is very similar, and sometimes a little deeper/interesting than D4 is tragic for D4. I said D4 had a mobile game element when they unveiled it…. At that time he was actually much less dominated than what Diablo Immortal was. What a joke!

According to the current iteration of clause D4, the legendary people feel like the few with a legendary random power. They don’t feel legendary at all. He’s only legendary in name. Unique objects are what the legendary objects should be, but can only be equipped with fun. At least the myths are gone.

The legends of Diablo Immortal are more like legends. They are quite unique and different from each other. Well, let’s see:

The D4 LEGENDARY weapon:

The weapon of a legendary detective:
Diablo Immortal has slightly deeper or sometimes better itemisation than D4..or at least it is often more interesting. An example.


The legendary D4 has a generic name (pee stick), which doesn’t really make it legendary? The legendary detective has a unique, non-generic name.


The legendary D4 has a weapon attack, which adds damage to your character. It also has a slow weapon value, which can already be taken into account in the attack value of the weapon. It has another implicit status, that of a small regeneration of resources.

The legendary detective inspector has damage instead of a gunshot wound. It’s probably the same, especially when the D4 slow weapon statistics are taken into account when attacking the weapon. It also has another value called power (I think it’s an object level?).


The legendary D4 and DI have a legendary effect. The legendary D4 could be a little better, since the power that makes enemies fall is not tied to a specific skill (to all the skills that make enemies fall).

It’s a rare thing:
Diablo Immortal has slightly deeper or sometimes better itemisation than D4..or at least it is often more interesting. An example.

If you compare the legendary D4’s with the rare DI’s, they are pretty much the same, except for the legendary noise that is present in the D4 product.

The legendary DI has one output, the D4 element has 4 stats. The nest can carry a legendary jewel that adds a second legendary power. In this case, this advantage is general and not linked to any specific skill. This second legendary power can be enhanced by upgrading the legendary gem casing. The legend itself can be updated 20 times, giving a total of up to 3 additional statistics.

We don’t know what updates will be made to the legendary D4, none have been announced yet. So in this comparison I find the legendary detective inspector much more interesting than the legendary inspector D4:

  • The DI element has a unique name instead of a generic name (D4). After all, this is a ROLE EFFECT GAME, and this element would eh … THE CHORUS OF LEGENDS. (fun)
  • Point DI has the same attack strength/damage value as point D4. It’s not so bad for a detective, but for a D4… oh, man.
  • Element D4 has an additional implicit element specific to that element (in this case the % raw material production). The values for slow weapons can already be calculated in the values for the attack force.
  • Both the D4 and the CED have legendary performance figures. Legendary statistics about element D4 are randomly generated and can appear on any element, the legendary statistics of the ID are unique and specific to that element. Role play points for the detective here.
  • DI Ding can be upgraded 20 times and gets bonus values on level 6, 11 and 20. This makes it possible to reach a speed almost equal to the number of stats on element D4 (3 for DI 4 for D4). The statistics of the legendary D4 sometimes seem more impressive.
  • The legendary DI item has another advantage, a plug that supports the legendary jewel, and adds another legendary power that is not class-specific in this case. This jewel can be upgraded. It seems to me more interesting, and it also supports RPG game style improvements over time your cool items.

In summary, I would say that the legendary DI is more interesting because it has improved the mechanics and has more functions than the legendary D4 does not have. Since this is a role-playing game, it is very important. At best we can say that they are generally the same +/- some less important aspects. This should not be the case when comparing a role-playing game with a mobile phone with a gender-challenged computer role-playing game. It’s BIG for DI and sad for D4. The legendary D4 is not a legendary object, but a rare object to which a legendary random force has been added. As you can see in the equation, if you delete it, it will be built as the rare DI instance. The unique items of D4 are essentially the same as the legendary items of D4, except for a unique fantasy RPG name, a more powerful legendary power that is not randomly generated, and an equipment limit of 1 per character. Oh, and sweet talk.

I’m not even a fan of mobile games, and I have to admit that the ID implementation looks good after this first iteration has been presented to the public. If this was the first iteration of the D4, it would have been a stupid joke for the Diablo 4 team in April. The detail of the data in Diablo 4 seems even worse than before with regard to the ID, which…. It is a mobile game with more limited difficulty options than on a console or PC.

There are other things I could compare…. but I think this example is the best one. Both have runes that do about the same (no round words, like normal rosettes). The items are very similar in all levels of rarity. Combine defensive and offensive performances on the articles…. present on both. I think there are other examples.

I’m comparing the details of the D4 with those of the DI… what time it is to live. Compare the details of a computer role-playing game with its mobile phone counterpart and find a large = between the two. Worse, considering that in some cases the MOBILE RPG element is even better than the PC RPG element of the franchise equivalent……

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to publish it in that year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no important release date will not be considered.

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