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Darkest Dungeon Classes-The Definitive Guide

Welcome home. This poor village, this corrupt land, it’s yours now, and you’re bound by it – Ancestor

Hamlet is miserable and dilapidated, but you will always feel comfortable and safe in your hometown, especially after a particularly stressful dungeon. Hamlet is a place where you can heal, relieve stress, win, improve your skills and equipment and treat illnesses and curiosities.

When you rob dungeons, you earn relics that you can use to upgrade your buildings, increasing their usefulness and value. So let’s make a short tour through the different buildings to understand their role.


Here you can add new heroes to your list for free, because every week there is a random selection. The improved coach will not only increase the number of Heroes appearing each week, but can also be upgraded to give the Heroes more experience and better equipment. Finally, Stagecoach allows players to increase the number of heroes you can have on your list.

Inn and abbey

These two buildings are your main source of stress management and each has three different types of stress management activities, both of which have the same price tag. Both can be upgraded so that more heroes can be healed at once.


Here you can upgrade your hero’s weapons and armour, increasing the offensive and protection of the characters accordingly. Upgrading the blacksmith with relics.


Here you can see your graves and believe us that you will eventually have one or two victims.

Ancestral memories

It is essentially a repository; it stores all the stories of your ancestors for future reference (after defeating the boss, of course), as well as all the diary pages you found.


The guild is one of the most important parts of your home base. It allows you to increase the skills of your Heroes, which will be important to keep up with the increasing complexity of the dungeons. Each new Hero starts with a random selection of unlocked abilities (except), and the guild makes you pay for unlocking the rest, which of course is necessary to use your Hero’s abilities to the full.

Guild Upgrade gives you access to a higher level and more cost-effective updates.

Nomadic vehicles

This trader sells important jewellery, but at inflated prices, and stocks run week after week. Modernising the cars will reduce the cost of the jewellery and the number of jewellery available per week.


Part of your heroes’ tricks is their camping skills (for medium to large expeditions), and Survivor allows your heroes to unlock all the unattainable skills they need. An update reduces the cost of these activations.

Sanitary facilities

It works like a building to reduce stress, but instead serves to treat negative moods and illnesses and to identify positive characteristics. Modernising the building reduces the cost of these expensive procedures, increases the number of treatment places and increases the chance of eliminating additional diseases (it happens!).



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