So, before highlighting some of my negative impressions, I would like to congratulate the developers of the CDPR for their incredible design, which really shows through many of the disastrous flaws of Cyberpunk. The City of Night is an amazing metropolis that has the potential to be full of life. It is a futuristic wonderland of what the neon city landscape will look like in 2077. Of course, that would be an exaggeration, as one could say of the film Back to the Future: Part II, and 2015. But it’s 2021 (good year, by the way) and we don’t have flying cars, we don’t have instant pizza, but we do have iPhones….. don’t we? Anyway, Cyberpunk 2077 on the console is our problem right now, and we have a list of problems.

As everyone knows, and that the copy of the title that was kindly handed to me at the time of writing has been removed from the digital market, I will only talk about my personal problems and inconsistent experiences with this game. Suddenly the game collapsed on me a couple of times. I knew from the start that I would have problems when I loaded the title and couldn’t even get to the main menu before my PlayStation 5 sent me back to the dashboard with an error code. I made a face, but it wasn’t the first time this happened to me on a PlayStation title, but the fact that it was only the first time made it a rather disappointing standard.

See also.

It has become a real challenge to try to concentrate on every facet presented on the screen, hoping that the game doesn’t collapse completely. Many insects destroyed the immersion in this unique environment, including flashing lights and shadows in cutscenes, vehicles driving in scenarios where they are not needed, stone robot NPCs moving in a triangular and unnatural way, textures appearing out of nowhere, and simply a general lack of detail placed over much of the environment. This is a minor inconvenience that prevents Cyberpunk as a whole from tarnishing its reputation on the consoles of today’s generals. After only playing the game for an hour on my PS4 base, I wasn’t very happy and went straight back to my PlayStation 5. Without the NVMe hardware of the PS5, the game itself would be a complete disaster.

There’s one thing I need to comment on, and I blame CDPROJEKTRED. The model children in the game are literally adult citizens with shrunken bodies. That’s too bad. It’s an absolutely disgusting shortcut. I’d rather they just copy the glued children’s model and sprinkle a thousand around it instead of recycling models with big adult heads and dotted bodies. It’s an insult to a player’s intelligence. As if we didn’t notice or criticize him? It’s not fair. So let’s talk about the broad interactivity of cyberpunk before we talk about …… …we’re going to talk about. Braindanse. The first-person shooter gameplay is quite contrasting, although far from The Witch’s third-person adventures, but that’s where the visual differences end.

In line with the traditional third party role-play, statistics and capabilities depend on the creation and collection of different elements during the campaign. With each update, you need to go to ripperdoc to upgrade your equipment and improve your chosen class. NetRunner, Techie and Solo are represented by the way you align V-status over the course of history. Body, intelligence, reflexes, technique and calmness are delegated to a specific class after each skill improvement. Cybernetics and implants, as well as weapons of military quality, can be purchased and installed on the black market. The traditional mechanics of first-person shooting, as well as the combat and range weapons, enhance any exciting fight. Travelling through the fictional futuristic capital of California, Night City takes place in six neighborhoods that have been invaded by their respective gangs.

Each of them serves as a refuge for V to get angry or poses a great danger and must be careful at every step of the process. To advance the missions and understand some of the events taking place, V must dissect the memories and experiences of other citizens using the now infamous device called Braindance. So, in case you don’t know: The Braindance Sequence caused many problems in the gambling community, resulting in crises. Why did the developers decide to keep this feature? I have no idea, but it shouldn’t be in the air. Terrible decision of the CDPR and needs to be amended for future versions of the title. By the way, the problem can easily be solved with a patch. I’m not going to weaken it any further, we know how serious it is, so I’m going to move on.

Secondary quests are available from various street vendors and NPCs. Unlocked mini-games such as training, hacking, boxing and running. The shooter will develop better control and a better understanding of the use of weapons, although you can complete the game without shooting or killing anyone, which is an interesting feature. XP is acquired during each mission and can be used to increase each skill and improve your street cred. Let’s talk about the performance of our actors in the title. As a Persona 5 fan, I was absolutely delighted to hear that Cherami Lee (Makoto Niijima from Persona 5) had given a female version of our main character. Excellent work from such a talented person working alongside the incredible Keanu Reeves. As far as Gavin Drea’s performance by V is concerned, I can’t comment, but I’m sure he did an exemplary job in his performance.

So here’s where I’ll end my reservations about the latest generation of Cyberpunk 2077. It is a difficult journey, but the performance of Witch Developer remains reasonably satisfactory. Would I recommend it on PlayStation 4? It depends on your personal situation, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who bought a next generation console, I’m waiting. The experience of being underwater, the mysterious insects take away everything that was promised, but I place my expectations on a hot spot in the hatch before jumping into the water. I expect the PlayStation 5 version of the CDPR game to be an excellent improvement over this problematic version, and I’m looking forward to and hope that my second trip through Night City will dispel all my doubts about its potential. I’ve seen the PC version, it’s fantastic. So I pray we get something as close to a PC version as possible. I’ll be back later this year with some thoughts on the PlayStation 5 version.

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