Cyberpunk 2077 gangs control different areas of Night City, they have a domain about everything that happens in their area, and nothing can happen without their knowledge. Rival gangs are the cause of most of the violence you will see in Cyberpunk 2077. If you want to know more about the different bands in Cyberpunk 2077, read this manual.

Cyberpunk 2077 Band

  • Tiger claws
  • Valentinos
  • Voodoo Boys
  • Ghosts
  • Scavengers
  • Animals
  • Aldecaldos
  • Maelstrom
  • Mox
  • 6th street gang

A total of ten gangs control the streets of Night City, each with its own location and control over most things that happen there. Each gang member has a leader who is the most influential member of that gang. Below you will find more details about the different courses:

Klauzuli Tiger

Tyger Claws is one of the most ruthless gangs in cyberpunk 2077, they look very much like the Japanese Yakuza gang and use violence in a sadistic way. You have to be careful when you’re on the Tyger Claws field, because they could hit you at any moment.

The area controlled by the Tiger Klaus: Westbrook: Japantown, Chartered Hill, Little China in Kabuki and Watson.


Valentinos is a very territorial gang that wants to preserve its Mexican heritage, making it impossible to penetrate from outside. They are also masters in smuggling and other crimes. Each member of the Valentinos gang is held in high esteem and his or her faith is reflected in the changes he or she makes to his or her body.

The territory controlled by Valentino: Heywood: Glen, Welsprings and Vista del Rey.

Voodoo Boys

The Voodoo Boys believe that the control of the NET in Cyberpunk 2077 gives them an advantage over all other gangs in the game. As long as they’re not physically present, you can’t run away from their opinions on the internet. Voodoo boys constantly compete with animals for common areas. The voodoo boys are of Haitian descent, who emigrated to the city at night after a natural disaster brought them home.

The area controlled by the voodoo boys: The badlands and the net

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Spirits are the most dangerous group of people who gather outside the city at night. This gang likes to hunt small nomadic settlements and leave nothing but dust behind. These looters are often frightened and are one of the reasons why most nomads don’t like to stay in one place.

The ghost-controlled zone: Badlands


As far as gangs are concerned, it is usually the scavengers involved in petty crime who have anyone inserting cybernetic implants, regardless of human life. If you want something cheap and fast, the Trashmen are the people to take care of.

The area controlled by the marauders: North Pacific, South Wellsprings and the Heywood area.


Animals take body modification to a new level, far beyond the natural boundary of man. Their goal is to be omnipotent and they are often used as bouncers in nightclubs and other VIP areas to avoid garbage. Animals are one of the toughest bands in Night City that have no jurisdiction.

An animal-controlled area: Almost everywhere, but probably in the Pacifica region.


Aldecaldos is a master in the art of smuggling in the city of the night in Cyberpunk 2077. These itinerant nomadic groups usually keep things inside, but it can be cruel if you attack even one person in their camp.

The Aldecaldos-controlled area: The desert, the free states of the west coast.


Maelstrom is the most cruel gang in the city of nightlife. This group of individuals improves their body parts to achieve superhuman capabilities. This gang believes in hostility and especially in the fact that they are the next step in human evolution. Maelstrom is a group that sells drugs and other tonics in the city of the night.

Malstrom’s control area: Watson, Kabuki and the Northside Industrial District.


Mox is a gang of sex workers, anarchists and other rebel groups in Night City. The least aggressive gang in the game, whose main goal is to help people find the courage to edit a loved one’s memories or gather evidence. It’s the least violent group, which has gathered under the name Lizzie.

The Mox-controlled zone: Lizzie’s Bar, Kabuki and Watson.

6th Street Aisle

The Sixth Street gang formed after the Fourth. The company war was born under desperate circumstances. People from all over the world have come together and joined forces to bring their own kind of justice. This gang isn’t so aggressive unless you’re on the other side of the law.

6. controlled area : Santo Domingo, Chatter Hill, Westbrook and Haywood.

They are all cyberpunk 2077 gangs to distinguish themselves from these gangs, as they are also known as wandering the streets of Night City. If you’re wondering whether or not you can join a gang in Night City, you’ll find the answer here.

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