In this guide you will learn how to obtain all the achievements of Cliff Empire. Learn how to unlock the hidden achievements of the Rock Empire.

Before proceeding, please note that this guide may contain spoilers about the game.

Support for the objectives of the Cliff Empire

Great Build – Build 10 buildings at a time.

  • You only have to build 10 buildings at a time. It is best to interrupt the game and build a building. It is recommended that 10 small cheap buildings such as. B. to use open fields. After you’ve posted them all, you just go back in the game and you have the advantage. Note that you can do this at the beginning of the game, just after you have found your warehouse (aka first warehouse).

Well, you’re a builder. – Destroy 10 buildings in a row.

  • As simple as it sounds, all you have to do is pause the game and demolish 10 buildings at once. Continue the game and you have received the achievement. Note that you are not obliged to remove debris from the demolished building.

Fire fighter – Save 20 buildings from fire

  • So there are two ways forward:
    • By disaster – The first way to achieve this goal is much faster, but can only be done after the training phase (this phase can be skipped). There are 2 disasters that can cause a fire. Hot days (of course) and thunderstorms (lightning conductors can catch fire). Just make sure that your cities are adequately maintained so that you can avoid burning buildings. After one or two disasters (depending on the number of cities and the number of buildings in each city) you have this achievement!
    • Inadequate maintenance – Inadequate maintenance can cause a fire in a building. It’s inadvisable, but it works anyway.

Businessman – earning 50,000¢

  • For this you need 50000¢, via bridges, commercial portals, shuttles, offices and banks. You don’t need that kind of money. Don’t try to calculate exactly how much you’ve won in a day, but just play for a while with the same savings.

Student, professor and genius.

  • I’ve grouped these three accomplishments together because of their similarities. Of course you have to start with the first level to get the first performance. Steps two and three take a lot of time for research, so make sure your educational level is high (you can use schools to raise it). If you want to speed up your search, you can always invest 2500c to stimulate the search for a city within 3 days (you can stimulate more than one city at a time).

Village – More agricultural drones than conventional drones

  • Agricultural drones can only move food and more power. So you need a special level 3 research to build agricultural drones, and by the time you get it, you’ll probably have reached the maximum number of regular cargo drones. In that case, you need to get rid of some cargo drones. Wait until a storm destroys them, and if you don’t rebuild regular drones immediately, you keep building agricultural drones. When you’re done, rebuild the cargo drones to the maximum level.

Pollution – Low-critical ecology

  • You have to have an ecological level below 30%. It is preferable to build 3 nuclear power plants and not have buildings that pollute the environment (e.g. air purifiers, gardens, etc.). Note that your staff will be downsized and many people will try to leave.

Orbital visit – when two camps arrive at the same time.

  • Immediately after the landing of the first pole, put the second on the second cliff, they must land at the same time. That’s all I’m saying.

New generation – reaching 200 newborns on Earth

  • Just support a healthy community in your cities. If you want to increase the birth rate, you can always announce a new rule to Parliament. Don’t forget to always have free accommodation and a high standard of medical care.

Bada Boom – Blowing up a nuclear power plant

  • Let a nuclear power plant go up in flames until it explodes. This can be achieved by less maintenance or reactivation during an earthquake. Note that when the power station explodes, the surrounding building will also be destroyed!

Click on the limit – fully loaded merchant vessel

  • Make sure you have free resources of all kinds (including waste), put your business portal at the top of the priority list and make a one-time sale of 30 for all resources. Wait until 8am (when the trading platform arrives). Your drones will charge everything and you’ll have that power. Make sure you’ve got enough drones, too.

Alive again – 2,000 people have thawed out.

  • After unlocking the orbital station, proceed to the thawing of the people. You will have to defrost each capsule to achieve this goal. This requires a lot of resources.

Campsite – Walking from the town to the mountains at the Ice Citadel.

  • In the ice citadel, switch to the perspective of the first person (TAB key) and start walking to the mountains around town, keeping your course towards the lake. Once you reach the mountain, you get the advantage.

Fly Lemon – Passenger air transport when all your cities add up to 1,000,000¢.

  • Once you’ve collected a million currencies in all your cities, build a personal mansion, switch to first person perspective (TAB key), enter the mansion as a drone, fly around a bit, and you’ll get this.

Conquer Heights – Take the lift to the Entertainment Centre

  • All you need is an entertainment center. After building, switch to first-person perspective (TAB-key), find the lift around it and just walk inside. Here we go.

We’ll survive. Reaches 7,000 people on Earth.

  • There’s no chance of reaching 7,000 people with just 3 stones. So keep playing until you reach the Ice Citadel, where you have a huge space to build. Make sure you have enough accommodation for all Orbital Station residents (so they can get to the Ice Citadel). Once your orbital station is empty, you’ll probably have enough people on the ground in your 3 rocks and citadel together. If not, increase the birth rate in the citadel until you do.

Trade Center – Build 4 trade portals on each cliff.

  • You have to build 4 portals on the same cliff. The Ice Citadel does not count for this achievement! All you have to do is demolish a few buildings, and after you’ve built four, you can do it. You don’t have to invite everyone.

Defender – Survive 20 waves of Marauders.

  • The only game mode in which you can achieve this achievement is Tower Defense. Every 30 minutes (at normal competition speed) a new wave of marauders will approach your cities, and with each wave they will become stronger. Build a defense against the real eclipse of the game. Build at least 2 battery stations and 2 material mines. Note that after the 16th wave you no longer have to worry about rebuilding the city. Relax and let them attack in the last 4 waves yet to be reached.

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