Electric scooters are becoming more and more appreciated , and there is no lack of reasons! They are a great invention that allows people to move in an ecological and efficient way.

But they are also fun! Who wouldn’t like to have one? And more with the new generation. The first models did not last long on the battery, but that has already changed. Now they are worth it! But, what do we rely on to advise you?

  • More than 50 initial hours of research . First of all, we have selected them by price looking for all those in an economic range. Afterwards, we have analyzed each of them on a quality / price basis to carry out the first screening. Finally, we have looked for opinions and ratings from customers “with verified, real and sincere purchase”. Manufacturers often misrepresent them and it is not easy. And with all this, we have made the list that you can see below.

Finally, every week we analyze the latest models and if any deserve to be included, we update! Always on the hunt for the best cheap electric scooter .

Guide to buying an electric scooter at a good price

We have created a guide so that you can guide yourself if you are really interested in buying cheap electric scooter. Forget the typical [cheap = bad and expensive = good] because there are models at an economic price that give better performance than others that triple their price. If you stay with us you will know the best cheap but good options.

Do not launch to buy without first knowing the basic characteristics and the maintenance they need. They are simple to have ready, and anyone can do it. Yes anyone, no matter how clumsy you are. You just need basic tools (they usually include them) and a little love from time to time.

Categories and price ranges

The first “be aware” that normally super cheap electric scooters are for little more than recreational use or let’s say “soft”. We have selected the ones that offer the best results, keep in mind that in a price range below € 150 the engine has little power, the batteries are of poorer quality, the brakes are weak and the manufacturing is usually in series.

However, there are scooter manufacturers that are doing a good job with these low budgets (And there are those that are not) That is why it is good to be well informed to find those that are giving good performance and are functional! In our list you can find!

But wanting a high-end electric scooty in india for a very cheap price is not possible. You can find very cheap models that offer great performance, and that’s what we bring you! That is why I speak of “being aware.”

If you want a higher quality electric scooter, for example, to go to work every day, and work is not too far away, the price range is between € 300 and € 600 approximately. And if you want a high-end model, they usually range from € 600 to € 1200. Buying cheap is buying based on use.


Once the price range is clarified, I will explain the characteristics of cheap adult electric scooters. These are: price, distance, weight, speed, engine, brakes, tires and suspension. Let’s see each one.


Generalizing, more or less these conclusions are drawn.

  • Less than € 300 – For gentle or recreational use.
  • Between € 300 and € 600 – Perfect for moving around, going to work (if it’s not too far, of course) but you already have a more professional scooter, so to speak
  • From € 600 and up – Let’s give it a go These are already prepared to give you war.

I repeat that this is generalizing, there are models and models. It is to get an idea, because there are models for € 200 that surpass others for € 400 in benefits, to give you an example. That is why you do well to inform yourself, buy cheap and offer good performance.It is the best!


Something very important to buy a cheap adult electric scooter is to read in the manufacturer’s specifications how many kilometers you can travel with it. Once you have the data for the distance recommended by the manufacturer, divide it by two. This way you will have a more suitable distance to the real one.

  • Studies say that manufacturers tend to overestimate the distance by at least 25%, divide by two the kilometers they recommend and you will have a figure more appropriate to reality.

You have to take into account that they work with batteries, and as you travel the km the power decreases, running out of power means having to drag it back home.

Tip: Taking the charger with you can be very useful depending on the occasion and where you are going.


The weight on an electric scooter is important, you have to think about it seriously. For example, will you need to carry it up the stairs? And is he strong enough?

  • Normally, the cheapest electric scooters tend to be around 10Kg to 15Kg. It is important that you watch the weight, and be aware of your physical capabilities.

Another aspect is “load weight” a very important factor . This refers to the weight of the person, if you are an adult do not buy one for children It ends in disaster!

In short, you have to check the weight of the scooter to see if you can take it home if you live in a third room without an elevator, and check the load weight to see if it will hold, or not.


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