Most people don’t think of Roblox when thinking of a truly horrifying gaming experience. However, Roblox is packed with unique horror games that can make almost anyone squeal in fright. From single-player to multiplayer games accommodating up to 20 people, Roblox has it all. This list highlights the scariest Roblox games and what makes them so horrifying.

Alone in a Dark House

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Alone in A Dark House is a classic horror game that can be played with up to 20 players at once, making it a great game to play if you have a large group of friends. Your goal is to collect clues and follow a murderer’s trail. During your investigation, you will encounter ghosts and other paranormal enemies.

Bear Alpha

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Bear Alpha is a ten-player survival game where one player is tasked with hunting down and killing everyone. The survivors can fight back, however, using any of the weapons found throughout the large map. The bear is faster and stronger than the survivors, but the survivors can take down the bear as a team.

Dead Silence

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Dead Silence is a thriller game based on the 2007 film by the same name. It’s full of jump scares and challenges that are best enjoyed with friends. The unique first-person camera makes this game pone pf the scariest on this list.

Horror Elevator

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Horror Elevator offers the most creative horror scenarios than any other game on this list. Players begin by stepping in an elevator, and the elevator stops on multiple random doors on its way to the top. Each floor is packed with unique monsters and challenges for players to enjoy.

Murder Mystery 2

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Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox horror game for players who aren’t scared by the paranormal. This game has players battling it out as either a Sheriff, Innocent, or a Murderer. The Innocents and the Sheriff must track down and kill the player-controlled Murderer before he can kill them all. Murder Mystery 2 can be played with up to twelve players and feels similar to the insanely popular Among Us game.

Nightmare Mines

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This Roblox horror game features the classic zombie survival experience. Nightmare Mines is an action game similar to Call of Duty Nazi Zombies. You are trapped in a mine with up to eight other players and face hordes of zombies.

Piggy Traitor Mode

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Piggy Traitor Mode plays out like a game of Among Us but with a twist. The traitor is paired up with a computer-controlled pig. When a survivor is killed, they turn into a pig, and when all of the survivors are converted, the traitor wins.

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

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This game lets you explore a haunted hotel that is full of creepy enemies and traps. The Haunted Imperial Hotel can be a fun experience with a few friends but lacks replayability.

The Mirror

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The only single-player game on this list, The Mirror, provides players with an unforgettable horror experience. The gameplay consists of players completing an obstacle course using only their reflection. The Mirror will have you on the edge of your seat by pairing creepy sounds with disturbing images.

Zombie Rush

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Similar to Nightmare Mine, Zombie Rush puts players against hordes of relentless zombies. Zombie Rush has more replayability, however, as it features a comprehensive leveling system and unlockable guns.

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