2020 … what a year. It would be difficult to look back to the year 2020 without thinking about this obvious issue that has affected our entire lives in the world in one way or another. But for me, 2020 will also be the year of the return of my passion and love for writing.

This year I have treated a wide range of games with many surprises. I plundered graves, went back to school, mapped, fought with different monsters, laughed, cried, got angry, died many times, explored different countries and drank a lot of coffee. It’s been a hell of a year for the game. It’s a rare year when I really struggled to pick my favorites, but here I did my best. In that spirit, it’s time to go back and present my personal Game of the Year awards. Have fun!

Surprise price

This prize is awarded to a game that I played without too many expectations, but which I ended up becoming passionate about.

Winner: Freeze

Have the cards been played to your advantage?

I rated Frost as part of the Vol 1 set of cards and was really shocked. A brutal survival card game in which you often have to make difficult decisions to survive, including possibly resorting to cannibalism. Actually, I’m cold feet about that game I got so carried away with. Cruelly unfair, but a pleasant surprise. A title I approached lightly, without too much hope, but which eventually left a lasting impression.

Second place: Tank Mechanics Simulator

I don’t mind just washing the tank.

A game with a simulation in the title that I strangely liked. I ended up having some good memories of the past, even though they were a bit boring. Even though this game was unnecessarily busy with work, I just loved exploring the world around me looking for rusty tanks to dig up and make them functional.

Supplement CO – OP

This prize is partly dedicated to my wife, as she helped determine the winner this year, especially in a few local contests.

Winner: Port

Love looks at us to the end.

The end of the year is the time. I played it on the PC, but it will be released for the Switch in 2021. Haven is a collaborative game that I have distanced myself from and thought about a lot. They embody the cute couple Yu and Kay, who are trying to navigate their lives on a new planet, far from their society. For me, a game that leaves a lasting impression is special. A great principle with a great voice, a fantastic and fun gameplay that mixes exploration, crafting and light role-playing games. You can literally pet all the animals you save in this game, and that comes with an impressive score. It’s a game I know not everyone will like. But for some, including us, it was special.

Second place: Cats Quest II

Time for a little nap dog/cat

I played the cat, she played the dog. A hack-and-slash role-playing game with a simple design, but addictive. Being able to play potato on the couch was like spinning for that title. I’m looking forward to the rumors around the third game in the series.

Best Player Price

To a game that has a serious message. While games are fun and entertaining, they can be pretty impressive when you play them and just stand still and think.

Winner: Warsaw

I think your boyfriend is outnumbered.

Warsaw ripped my heart out and left it somewhere in an alley. Warsaw, during the Second World War, is a brutal turn-based game in the Polish capital. Fighting is generally not recommended, but is sometimes necessary to perform the assigned tasks. When an ally falls, it’s gone forever, and it’s heartbreaking. For some, this design will be unfair and a little exaggerated if you are looking for a more relaxed and cheerful experience. I thought it suited the theme so well. It’s this complexity that reminded me of how terrible the war is.

Second place: Emma: Lost in memory

Simple and Beautiful

A good little platformer who tackles the difficult subject of dementia. Emma was a cute little game that a lot of people don’t even know exists. Without pushing the boundaries of the platform, he was a star in the crowd for me because of his theme and execution.

Role play price

I think I surprised myself this year by playing quite a lot of RPGs. But of course there can only be one winner.

Winner: Error Fables

So many fun characters

Three insects, a beetle, a moth and a bee go on an adventure with hilarious humour and unique role-playing games. For those who long for the era of Paper Mario: A thousand-year-old door fills the void left by the popular plumbing series. Although the graphics are familiar, the rest of the adventure is completely original and unique. Every time I played Fables of the Bugs, it made me laugh. There were often stupid jokes about insects that made me laugh.

The RPG’s turn-based combat system was addictive and required players to pay close attention because they had to press the right buttons and choose their movements wisely. It’s a change from the usually sophisticated gameplay you’d expect from normal turn-based RPGs where all you do is bully the attacking team and hope to win, but maybe I’ve been playing the wrong turn-based RPG all this time.

Second place: Cold steel, track III

High fives all round

Despite the confusion in the title of the game in my review (originally written as Trials, not Trails), I had a lot of fun playing this RPG, which gets a sub-prize for Anime as Game of the Year. Rin and his group of students on a mission to save Earth. A lot of history to digest, maybe too much. But in between the long cut scenes there is a fun fighting system and the opportunity to explore and practice a variety of other activities, including fishing, which is great.

Retro price

I really like my retro games, so this award goes to a game that shows a little love for the old retro days.

Winner: The Darius space collection

Two patterns for the price of one

M2, takes him out of the park again with another collection of fantastic games from the popular Taito shmup at sea. It is not a complete Darius collection, but it does contain a fair selection of arcade and console titles. It’s not just stones that are thrown at the collection. It is M2 that does the magic, adapting the games to modern hardware, providing different versions, and even a bit of history. They also show a certain love for the Sega Master System, which is very good. If you like space shooters, this is a collection not to be missed.

Second place: Bubble 4: The Baron is back.

Beware of the Baron.

After being a little disappointed with the first version last year. Bubble Bobble 4 brings out Baron again, a great expansion that almost resembles a brand new game, which offers many more levels and a new mode very similar to the original arcade title. The best part: If you already have the previous version, you get it for free.

Zen Price

To the coldest game of the year. Sometimes you just want to sit down and play a game to relax.

Winner: City River

Traffic Control has never been so much fun.

Who would have thought it would be so much fun to control traffic by turning the traffic lights on and off? The reason that this game absorbs this price so easily is because my wife and I spend a lot of time playing this game in portable mode with the excellent touch controls, normally I do not support touch controls. There’s also a great soundtrack that even makes your feet move while making sure the cars don’t touch. If you haven’t tried Urbanflow yet, I’ve noticed it’s often on sale, so check to see if you missed it.

Second place: Linear luminaire

More entertainment than it seems

A game where you control the line through a few simple puzzles. Good music and a great example for aspiring game developers who sometimes even the simplest premise can produce a captivating game.

Coffee price

A term I’ve used several times this year in magazines. The coffee game is usually a game that doesn’t take much time and is played in portable mode with a good drink.

Winner: Space raw materials

Goes quickly and fun crawling around the dungeon

Probably my favorite Orange Pixel game that will be presented at the Switch this year. Space Grunts is a formula that looks like a turn-based caterpillar, but is fast, fun and accessible to a new audience. Randomly generated levels keep things fresh and new, and with games lasting from seconds to minutes, it’s the perfect title to enjoy a good coffee at your fingertips.

Second place: Duck showers +

This duck is too cool for school.

A cute little leveler who had a heart of gold. I liked the message the developer left at the end of the game, and it stayed with me for the rest of the year. It’s great to play short lines while enjoying a nice drink.

Dave Award

Named after a good friend of mine, it is the name of the best online game of the year.

Winner: Hammer hero: Last Edition

OK It’s time to try number 42 in the dungeon.

After playing the original online Hammerwatch game more than a year ago, we made some kind of mistake to go a little too fast to the next Heroes of Hammerwatch game on the PC. Fast forward to 2020, and we try the game again on the Switch, and this time the experience just seems to have clicked. Compared to the first game, it’s more of an out of control experience and more of an arcade-like hack and slash. It has a fairly high entry barrier with its difficulty level, but as soon as the game gets its claws into you, it won’t let go. Pretty good on its own, but brilliant if you can share it with friends.

Second place: Search hunter

I see you noticed my beautiful beard.

It was hard to choose between that and a winner. Quest Hunter deserves much praise for being one of the few games that allow crossplay between different consoles. A nice caterpillar game in the shape of a dungeon where we both played on the PC and my wife played Switch in manual mode. The game went well, too. Also, in this game, your characters open treasure chests that pop up to be examined, which I just found very funny when shared with friends.

Pre-accession premium

I got lucky with a few games in Early Access. The winners were here on the computer, but both should be published on Switch in the course of next year. So keep your eyes open.

Winner: Fix the fire

Regarding early access, some developers prefer not to release their major updates for several months. Gunfire Reborn surpasses all the Early Access games I’ve covered this year, with weekly updates. Communication with the developers working with the game’s target audience has been excellent, with regular messages explaining their plans and providing assurance that the product will be completed. Oh, and the acting is brilliant, too. A first-person shooter title where you play the little medicinal animal of your choice and go from one level to another by shooting enemies with crazy weapons. It brought back memories of playing the original Quake game on the PC, but much more family friendly. He also has a cooperative. I can’t be more excited about the Switch version.

Always bring a cat to the shooting.

Second: School: Hero hunter

A 2D roguelite adventure where you play a regular video game villain, Skeleton. One of the highlights of the game is that you can change your skull and transform yourself into different skeletal characters. It reminds me of the old Mega Drive chameleon baby. Skool deserves praise, because even though the game is in Early Access, it seemed pretty complete from the first review.

I am still GRUTH.

Otter Award

Cause who doesn’t like otters?

Winner: Ottoman Empire

Protect your head with a screen

Ottoman Empire is a 3D game in which you perform simple missions alone or in split-screen mode. It’s not a perfect game, but what I admire here is the passion of the developers and their dedication to the project. Despite the many rough edges in the graphics and controls, the developers are still committed to the project and often ask their fans for feedback and advice on how to improve the title. They plan to release a major update of the game next year, and I wish them good luck.  Besides, we forget the obvious, that there are otters here!

Second place: Joey Otter

Joey is the most fun

Well, it’s not even a game. Joey’s an otter I adopted for my wife earlier this year. A young pup, unfortunately an orphan. The aquarium where he is being treated spreads his healing on YouTube, and often, when I felt depressed for a year, I looked at the creature in the litter box and it warmed my heart. I may have seen Joey more than any other game this year, so he definitely deserves a second place.

Game of the year

And finally we come to my final choice for my favorite contest of the year.

Winner: Raj 4 streets

Great art, great play and fun alone or with friends, SOR 4 rulesz.

After a long sleep, the Streets of Rage series is finally back, thanks to Lizardcube, the guys who made an impressive remake of Dragons Trap. The game is more than a rereading of the original series. The developers have brought a lot of new features into the game, such as new characters, great battles and an impressive artistic style. The game is also played over a reasonable length. It’s fun to finally have a game that you can finish at once, but that you want to play again right away. I lost track of the number of times I played the game and ended up on PC, Xbox and Switch. Great on your own, great online or on location with friends. Streets of Rage 4 is the complete package, and every time I thought of my favorite game this year, there was no doubt that it would be the best. Whatever the developers come up with, I’m excited.

Special thanks

Before I say goodbye to 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the LadiesGamers website. Without their support and invitation to this wonderful site, I would not be able to share so many articles and reviews with you. I really enjoyed reading the work of my colleagues, but I would especially like to thank Yvonne and Paula, who managed the site well in the background and listened to my stupid chatter.

Thanks to all the game developers and publishers who provide revision codes.

Finally, I would like to thank all the readers who took the time to read our articles. You guys are really great. Have a good holiday and see you next year for even more fun and games.


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