The year 2020 is almost over… …a year most of us want to say goodbye to. But there were also some good games. Let’s see which games have made 2020 a good year for our writers!

Best games from Elena 2020

At the beginning of the year 2020, I thought taking care of a child would mean that you would have very little time for games. And even less to play with others.

But it turns out I had the time. Actually, I had a chance to finish some cooperative games with my husband. And I ended up playing online with more friends than I could ever imagine (guess which game!). A lot of great games came to Nintendo Switch in 2020, and here are my top three selections.

Curious shipping

It’s just like: Step-by-step strategy, bagel. The promoter: The stagehand. The publisher: Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!

Blarb: Roger, if Indiana Jones would play.

First look: Mashup between a board game and a visual novel. Browse through an age-old game based on twist, heavy pixel text patterns and hexagonal map tiles, and you’ll find a fascinating game of exploration and treasure hunt.

What’s that? Choose a famous character from the 19th century. Centuries and embark on a dangerous expedition to unknown lands. Your goal is to return home with enough glorious artifacts and heroism to defeat the enemy explorers.

Why is that so surprising? The most exciting game I’ve played this year, this roulette knows a balance between luck and player knowledge.

I died many times, but each race was fresh and exciting, thanks to the procedure maps, the rich variety of objects and events, and the hilarious tragedies that struck my party. Despite the difficulties, it was never as difficult or coincidental as I never despaired to win. And with so many characters to play – with unique strengths that make you play differently – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play. I look forward to the continuation of the second Curious Expedition, scheduled for 2021.

Evaluation of portable devices : Perfect for manual games, especially if you’re lying on your stomach in bed. The controls of the original PC were very well installed at the switch. Because you can almost always save time, Curious Expedition is a game you can use in your free minutes.

Details : Here is my complete overview and 10 tips for new players.

Streets Raj 4

It’s just like: Hit her. The promoter: DotEmu, Lizardcube, Guard Crush. The publisher: Endowed.

Blarb: Recruitment fight.

First look: Normally I don’t touch the beaten kind. But the rave reviews for the soundtrack of the 4th album were not enough. Rage Street and the seductive style of the comics attracted me.

What’s that? Ex-agent Axl Stone and his buddies are fighting criminals and cops. Hit him, hit him. Knock, knock.

Why is that so surprising? Besides art, electronic/technological music and a good fish in the jaw? My fear of sucking them off will quickly evaporate. The movements are simple and few; there is no basil combo to learn. The DORS4 in easy mode is really manageable for beginners. When you die, you just recreate the current scene, you don’t start over.

It’s also a nice cooperative game. I enjoyed both online collaboration (max. 2 players) and local collaboration (max. 4 players) with a minimum of technical problems on my PC. The history of fashion is a short 12-step campaign. You can beat him in about three hours, so he’s perfect for one night. For fans of the old series: Keep playing, and you’ll open old avatars from previous SOR games.

After all, it’s amazing because my baby loves the soundtrack. The other day she shook her head violently and waved back and forth, whether I was cold or not, and Olivier Derivier got up.

Evaluation of portable devices : I haven’t tested it myself, but I’ve read that it works well in manual shift mode. Looks like a candidate for the next family vacation! In addition, the version with switch has an HD-brom.

Details : James looked at it and wrote a short Streets of Wrath story.

Animal crossing: New Horizons

It’s just like: Social simulation. Developer/Publisher : Nintendo.

Blarb: This game is played by everyone and their grandmother.

First look: Do you live your best life on an island with talking animals? At first it seems relaxed, but then, just like in real life, you end up working hard to earn and spend money.

What’s that? Develop and design your dream home and the island on which it is located. Make friends and introduce the villagers to animals and real people.

Why is that so surprising? In a nutshell? Ironwood furniture.

Besides, I’ve never played in another game for more than 100 consecutive days. The only thing that kept me from playing was lending my cartridge to a friend’s kid. In the end, the whole family changed from five to AC players, including Mum, who hated video games on a vocal level.

AC New Horizons made me a fan when AC New Leaf failed. There’s more to do now, and you can do it sooner. Even the things I find tiring and a waste of time – fishing, diving – I find compulsive. This game is a big slot machine.

The New Horizons offer many possibilities for creation and visualization, but also much more than a single player can offer. But my experience tripled when I started communicating with friends and visiting their islands. The very first friend I uncovered – only two days after my release – was someone I didn’t know before. (She was the teacher of the child mentioned above. Thanks to her fellow teachers she had already picked half of the fruit). Cool, like a game that brings people together.

But seriously, I think the appliances department has such an attractive air conditioning system: My own house is a mess. There is little time to maintain them, let alone improve them.

Here you see an island without dirt (it is not necessary to dust it off). It’s not a routine job, but every routine job contributes to building the house of my dreams. And I don’t have to clean up after my husband sews IRL. Actually, his virtual house is prettier than mine.

Nice fugitive. I know people who bought Switch or Switch Lite just for this game, and now I understand why.

Manual: 11 out of 10! However, if you play for three hours in a row without a bathroom break (which some of you have done), you might want to play dockside so that you don’t break your neck and back.

Details : Ash has shown his love for the ANHC in our official report here.

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