Sometimes it’s just fun to break the rules. Or better yet, don’t have any rules.

That’s why Anarchy servers are so popular in Minecraft. They offer you a world where you don’t have to worry about following or breaking the rules. You can do what you want, when you want, and live with the consequences.

There are a lot of Anarchy servers for you, and we have the best ones here. What we think makes them the best is their popularity and the number of game modes you can play with them. For us, a strong community and many things to do are what makes these servers great.

10. YomNetwork

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Several game modes are in the making, including the new Warzone mode, based on the popular Call of Duty Battle Royale, but best known for the InfectedRPG DayZ mode, where you fight against zombies and other players to survive in a world where anything can happen and you can make your own decisions.

9. Democracy

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Once you get past the rather funny name (are we the only ones laughing?), you’ll see that Moocraft is a great server for those looking for a freer Minecraft experience. It is meant to give mourners and other anarchists the opportunity to express themselves, with only one rule: no hacking. Which, frankly, is fair enough.

8. Purity of vanilla

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This server offers you exactly what its name suggests: completely run-of-the-mill in Minecraft vanilla. No special game modes, no systems or objects; only classic Minecraft with nothing to stop you.

7. New wind

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Like Purity Vanilla, this server is not meant to give you a special experience. He just wants to give you a typical Minecraft gaming experience, with an emphasis on PvP only and no rules to follow. They just don’t allow blows or exploits to give you an advantage.

6. Bionic PvP network

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This server is for more competitive players who want to improve their PvP skills. You can unlock many items, crates, power-ups and more to help you climb the leaderboard faster. In doing so, you will not be forced to comply with any specific rules.

5. MineLatino

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This is a Mexican anarchy server for all Hispanic, Latino or Latin American players. You can play in different game modes, including those where the rules of anarchy (or lack of rules) are applied.

4. MinaWind

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MineWind wants to give you a pure Minecraft survival experience, without having to play by the rules. The special thing about the server is that it builds an endgame designed to bring you a lot of good things once you get to that point.

3. Time of the mine

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If you really want absolute freedom in your Anarchy experience, MineTime is an excellent choice. It allows literally anything and even hacks and mods. It’s really undecided whether you come to reap the chaos or whether you just try to outdo others by doing the same.

2. Spaceship

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A server full of game modes you can play, including Anarchy. So, if you’ve played without rules or you’re bored by the frustration of other players, you can switch to other games to take a break.

1. Minelandia

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Miniland offers the best experience for several reasons: There are always many players to work with, there are so many different games and modes to play with, it is constantly updated and moderated, and it works so well. If you are looking for what we think is the best Anarchy experience, then this server is for you.

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