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Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

The blade of the key is perhaps the most symbolic object in the royal heart universe.

Sora has been using key knives since the first game, and over time they have only improved radically. Today, the key ring is an easily recognizable weapon that is also known to players outside the franchise thanks to its unusual design.

But as you know, dear Kingdomhearts, is a key knife that everyone knows is the key to the Kingdom.

There are much nicer and sturdier keychains in Kingdom Hearts III, which vary in complexity and rarity. But it’s up to you to decide which one of these weapons you prefer.

17. Key to the Kingdom

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)


Kingdom Key is the first weapon Sora starts with in KH3. It’s a classic that was in every game in the series.

This legendary jewel has existed since the first heart of the kingdom, and is the first weapon to expand the true power of Sora.

Similar keys are often used by other characters in the series, such as Xion, Roxas and Riku.

You don’t have to do anything to get that gun. It is given to Sora at the beginning of the game.

It has the shape of a normal and traditional skull key with the small head of Mickey Mouse at the end of the chain.

This weapon can draw all the power of the Sora, but it is also very simple. Although it deserves a place here because of its strength, there are certainly more interesting designs than this one.

But there’s a reason why every version of this weapon is so effective!


16. Starlight

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

It won’t be hard to get a Starlight keychain. In fact, it is one of the first keychains you can get during the main activity of KH3.

When you complete the Classic Kingdom in Union Cross, you will receive a Starlight key ring.

It may not be as strong as the Key to the Kingdom, but it has a rhythm that makes it quite unique. It has a total of 4 magic points and 4 legendary points, which doesn’t make it very strong, but can be useful at some point in the game.


You can also get a Starlight keychain after defeating the Demonic Wave in the cemetery.

15. Night blue

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)


Midnight Blue is a storage keychain for PlayStation. This knife even has the same color palette as the PlayStation 4.

It was only available to players who had ordered KH3 for the PS4 before its first release.

It has a cool shape with the moon at its outer tip. At the bottom of the keychain is also the moon, which gives this weapon a magical aesthetic.

Maximum alignment makes it possible to hit with a total of 8 points plus 8 magic points.

The Night Blue is the same keychain as the Star Treasurer, but the color scheme and the name are different.

The button blade has a design with the X and O buttons on the PlayStation, underlining that this weapon is based on the popular Sony console.

14. Green Ghost

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Phantom green looks like a midnight blue blade, but with a different colour palette. Players could only get Phantom Green by pre-ordering the game for Xbox One.

This key fob shows the colour of each key on the Xbox controller. Cool!

And no wonder he’s become a fan of the Xbox community.

It has the ability to thunder and can reach the same level as the midnight blue key blade.

13. Twilight to sunset

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Dawn Til Dusk is the same design as the Key to the Kingdom, with a unique colour change.

The green design is similar to that of the 7-Eleven, which is why it was designed as a key blade. It could only be purchased by ordering the game on Amazon in the United States or 7-Eleven in Japan.

Just like the Night Blue and Phantom Green leaves, it is no longer available.

12. Shooter

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

The shooting star is the first truly unique key ring on this list.

Sora bravely wears and uses the Shooting Star and challenges Big Hero 6 to improve her in-game arsenal.

You can have it as soon as you leave San Francisco. It is the city from the movie Big Hero 6 and one of the most important scenes from KH3.

The key blade has two different shape changes. If you like an amazing leaf construction and a good damage result, the falling star will serve you well.

11. Crystalline snow

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Magic Crystal Snow is for players who mainly use magic. So if you keep breaking spells, you’re gonna love this key knife.

The construction resembles a large piece of ice and protects very well against frost. The design and its impact are clearly inspired by the Palais alsacien du monde glacé.

This key ring is actually named after Elsa; the crystal snow is an ode to the princess’s ability to make solid ice out of nothing.

It is one of the most unique in terms of design, and its possibilities will be very useful in the development of lots.

10. Happy Gear

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

A glance at the Happy Gear key ring should remind you of Monsters Inc, the world this key ring was made for.

The whole key sheet is built around the machines you can find in the factory where Sally and Mike work.

It also has a durability of 8 points, making it a deadly weapon that Sora has to carry.

However, the magic rating is very low.

Happy Gear is one of the keychains you need for aggressive and hacked KH3 playback. It’s one of the best ways to kill your enemies like flies!

You can get it by completing the Monsters Inc. level.

9. NanoGyr

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Nano Gear is one of the best intermediate level keychains in the game and a very balanced weapon.

It contains elements of almost every member of the Big Hero Six franchise and contains at least one reference to each character somewhere on the magazine.

With Nano Gear you get amazingly comprehensive protection and a solid set of advanced features, such as B. a basic starting statistic with 7 powers and 5 magical powers.

8. Senior commander

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

The Big Chief is another round keychain (statistically similar to Nano Gear) presented by the cute movie Ratatouille.

You can get it by completing the Ratatouille mini-games and upgrading Le Grand Bistrot to 5 stars.

It will be difficult, so be prepared for any disappointment when you take this test.

7. Origin of the hero

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Hero’s Origin is one of the most powerful manipulation knives available at the beginning of the game (actually after the first world).

It focuses mainly on physical attacks and contains elements reminiscent of Zeus and the gods of Olympus from the world of Hercules.

You can use Hero Origin to create a solid shape-changing shield. With the low level magic bonuses, you’ll only want to use them if you plan to stay physically with your enemies.

Remember, this key ring isn’t really meant for magic. So you really want to use it for physical attack strategies.

6. Funny Explorer

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)


The Hunny Spout, which comes straight from the world of teddy bears, should be even more in the middle of the street. Even more than Nano Gere and Big Chief.

He may not be that strong, but if you change his uniform, you’ll notice that he soon becomes a real weapon of choice.

The overall design reminds us of some unique aspects of the history of the teddy bear. There’s even a traditional honey pot that Winnie the Pooh loves so much.

You can get it by simply participating in 100 missions in Acre Woods.

Despite its simplicity, Hunny Spout is one of the best designs of all KH3 drinks.

It is an ideal weapon for those who want to approach the game more freely, although it is better to focus on physical attacks.

5. Wanted Member of Parliament

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

The name of the favourite assistant refers to Woody the Sheriff, which he has been doing ever since, because it’s an amazing toy story.

His design is a long cactus, reminiscent of the Wild West. But perhaps the best element of this weapon is the little green alien that everyone loves on a keychain and gives it a nostalgic touch of the Toy Story spirit.

The blade can turn into a giant hammer by changing its shape, and it can do some pretty crazy damage.

With this change in shape you can hit the ground and leave a lot of damage behind.

Although not very effective for all bosses, it works well for large groups of heartless bosses.

For basic statistics he has the magic 3, which is normal, but his regular strength of 6 compensates for this and makes him an excellent physical keychain. Not to mention the fact that it has such a classic design that any Disney/Pixar fan should recognize it.

4. Still after

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Ever After is one of the best keychains for magical savages. You can get it at the beginning of the game, so it’s easy to raise the level and keep it with you throughout the game.

Pretty bad as a physical weapon with only 2 basic strength points. But the magic starts at base level 7, making it easily one of the most powerful magical keyboards for any player who focuses on spells.

Don’t forget that holding the magic with this key knife will wear out your MP quickly. So it’s best to keep a few brothers on the pile and get used to the physical struggle with this key knife.

If you change shape, you can hit multiple targets at once as you climb to the top of the Rapunzel Tower. As you move up, you will acquire practical skills that will help you fill your MP’s seat faster.

I really can’t imagine a better keychain when it comes to magical heavyweight players.

3. Lot Wheel

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Destiny’s wheel has two shape changes, and they both swing.

With one you can make a flag out of this great leaf and with the other you can make a spear.

Each form can help you approach the fight differently, but both tend to feel very comfortable in a fight with a normal, heartless person.

You can choose the view you prefer, which is amazingly versatile!

With a basic strength of 8 points this is one of the best physical key knives that will definitely help you in the physical battle with long combos.

2. Classic tone

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)

Classic clay is one of the best weapons in the game. It has 11 points of tradition and an incredible 14 points of magic – not to mention the incredible eagerness of the MPs to restore the magic much faster than ever before.

Classic Tone is a high-end magic magazine that uses its magical powers to show your opponents a path to destruction.

You can use its shape-shifting capabilities to do damage to both an area and a target, but this weapon is hard to get – you must complete for each mini-game and set your own score in each!

1. Ultima Weapons

Best Keyblades in the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 (All Ranked)


The Ultima weapon is the endgame in Kingdom Hearts 3 (and most other KH games).

He has a basic starting point of 13 powers and magical power, making him the undisputed champion of the keychain in the game. Imagine his strength when you level him!

You have to start farming to create the ultimate weapon. You need 58 synthetic materials, 7 Oriharukon, 2 Wellspring gemstones, 2 pulsating crystals and 2 clear crystals. You can use this guide to get you started.

Its capabilities allow you to perform better combos on the ground and in the air, further increasing the total damage you can do with this weapon.

If you change the shape of this knife, you can storm all the bosses in the game, and in fact you can get through most of them with just this weapon in the basic level. Not to mention the fact that this thing seems incredibly powerful.



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