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Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

You play in an uncoordinated environment and want to give your team the best chances to win. Which hero do you choose, and on which map?

Here you will find the five best drawing proposals for each HoTS card. Let’s move on.

Alterac Pass Best Heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

The Alterak Pass is a little snowy. You want to prioritize while maintaining macro printing.

May – Large transparent wave, can perform solo in the initial phase and has a large dramatic presence during tasks. Because enemies tend to group, you can easily attach multiple people with the umbral link and get multiple resets with the knife fan.

Kael’tas– How Mayev punishes the bad positioning of Kael’tas on the targets. It’s easy to hit multiple people with a single fire and spread live bombs.

Nazeebo– Nazeebo is a big city because of the amount of damage it causes over time in long target fights. The toads and spiders can also be an excellent tool for spatial planning.

Samuro– Samuro harms uncoordinated teams on Alterak Pass. It can exert macro pressure when left alone, act and be an obstacle during the lens and push it away indefinitely.

Alexstrasza– The skill of Alex Dragonfly guarantees a good goal of 15 seconds. If the opponent wants to fight, he is at a disadvantage and has to commit murder for your team.

General advice for the Alteraca cross:

  • If you are fighting from a position of disadvantage in terms of talents or people, protect your side instead of attacking them.
  • Take your mercenary camp with you as soon as he arrives. This allows you to take a different side of mercenaries during the goal if there is a silence that puts a lot of pressure on your opponent.
  • Don’t ignore it for weeks. You can often send one person to pick up another job quickly during a task while the rest of the team fights back, giving you an EXP advantage over time.
  • You don’t have to cover all your goals at once. Every second you shoot counts. Don’t be greedy and don’t push the wrong fight.

Battlefield of Eternity Dear Heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Because Battlefield of Eternity is only a small two-way map, the most important thing when choosing heroes is their racial potential in the immortality stage. They also prefer heroes who are good in team fighting.

Raynor– This happens to Immortals, especially if you select the Destroyer talent at level 1. Both Ultimates are excellent choices – Raider Raynor for an even faster target win or Hyperion for zoning and siege while pushing the Immortal.

Valla – Vallas Q-Build with the talent of Monster Hunter is the highest DPS on Immortals in the game.

Hanzo– Scattered Arrows pierces the immortal with talent Simple geometry, jagged arrows and never replay Given the wide range of scattered arrows, he can push them down without endangering himself.

Sergeant Hammer– There are many safe places where Sergeant Hammer can sit and shoot at the Immortal with virtually no threat. If the opponent shoots correctly or is highly coordinated, they can’t even get within range without you and your team, which will destroy them.

Li-Ming– An immortal can safely pierce infinity with his rockets and bullets. It fits in a police station like Hanzo.

General Field of the Battle of Eternity:

  • If one or two people soak the strips while wearing the lens, while others are protecting the lens, you may have an early advantage.
  • In general, you just want the first immortals to live a half-life and then run as fast as possible, given that in the second phase they will always move to your side of the map.
  • In the middle and at the end of the game you start to protect your immortal and safe shot with heroes like Lee Min and Hanzo. Fighting alongside an immortal enemy is a recipe for disaster.
  • Bring your mercenary camps just before the immortals arrive. If the enemy ignores them, they can destroy entire fortresses themselves.

Blackhart Bay’s Top Heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Blackhart Bay is all about macro and EVP. If it plays well, the winning team just has to walk on the map, kill the mafia and the standards, don’t engage in pointless battles, but only give up when it has an advantage.

Xul – Xul may follow the bone as well as the upper and middle oak track, while the rest of the team pushes the bone in a 4-1 rotation. He can also act alone and make a decent escape if he’s trapped in the bone prison.

Tanning– Just like Sil, tanning can be double and hard pressed. His goosebumps allow him to keep an eye on the rotating enemy.

Samuro– Destroys uncoordinated teams. He can take action, push gangs and take part in team fights.

IllidanIllidan is not at its best in methamphetamine, but that doesn’t matter in Blackhart Bay. Illidan can disband the stronger camp early to get the team to the top and give them a lead. He can also sneak behind the boss with one or two other teammates.

Falstad– Excellent macro presence and the ability to perform solo mergers with bribery talent

General Blackhart Bay pipe:

  • Honestly, just focus on the PvE. Merc wins this card.
  • The winning team can simply choose and select their battles. Only do it if you have a level, talent or advantage of the person.
  • The Bot-Lane can be prioritized at an early stage by running a curve from 1 to 4. You can conquer two giant besieged camps + Bruiser for a huge push.

Ownership of Braxis Best Heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Blazeis one of the best solo lanterns Excellent support and can mock almost anyone on the track.

Yrel– Another large solo ship that can control a point with its hammer.

Dehaka– Good support and a wake-up call for the solo band, can immediately erupt to help the team during the battle.

Guldan– Excellent cleanliness of the tree to grow or clean with Zerg. The rain of destruction is sometimes viable.

Kael’tas– Control of strengths, taking into account human overload. KT can also clean Zerg with Flamestrike + Phoenix.

General tips for keeping Brex:

  • You have to win at least one of the two titles, so it makes sense to get the stronger solo title.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn people over from above. If your opponent has a better bottom in 4 places, it’s better to give up the bottom and try to trade the upper fort instead.
  • Design is very important to Braxis. Priority is given to lone lanterns, waves and vagrants.

The best cursed hollow heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Zeratul– Zeratul shines in this damn cavity thanks to the large room for manoeuvre. Even enemy heroes tend to be isolated, which allows him to choose them.

Dehaqa– The Dehaqa can spend more time getting wet while your team slows down the target and can intervene at any time to help the team bring the fire back.

Brightwing– Like Dehaq, the team can be welcomed and supported by its worldwide presence for a small fee. Corruption also works well, especially if you can infiltrate hostile siege giants.

Abaturis the best Abatur card because of its large size. Teams that can get around it by stopping targets in Abatur to use it for as long as possible will be very successful.

Falstad– Another world hero who does a good job in team battles. Gusts can be very useful for safety and also for stealing patterns.

Total damn hollow point:

  • Guard the mercenary camps as soon as they get up. If the curse occurs on the opposite site where your giants are under siege, they will destroy an entire wall and most of the fortress if left alone.
  • Losing a goal is not the end of the game. It’s quite possible to give up two goals if that means you can pass the level and skills for the next goal.
  • Absorb and keep targets as far away as possible. This map is huge, so the characters, which can be easily picked up and rotated, will give your team an advantage.

Dear heroes of Dragonland

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

May – Extremely fast to go over the waves, allowing a bend in the middle and near the bone with a crew of 4 persons.

Blaze– Send a top to Blaze and let it ride on the top tyre.

Thrall– Works in solo or 4-way mode Can also easily take measurements and ensures a good presence in team battles with both outputs.

Garrosz– Garrosz stands in the middle of the alley/Bot and frightens 4 people and should lead to many murders, especially if he is associated with someone like Jane or Maya.

Jaina– Excellent complement to the 4-man unit causing tons of explosion damage.

Opinion of the Dragon General:

  • Turn in the middle and down with 4 strong people. You have a top-quality solo.
  • The main goal is to reach the nadir with the Dragon Knight. The bottom line is that this is a state of victory, because there are three mercenary camps that can help this gang move forward.
  • You don’t need the Dragon Knight right away. As long as you postpone the target, you can always get an EXP advantage by clicking on another track. If you press the 10 key first, you can enter the competition for the advantage.

Garden of horror heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Probius – Probius is surprisingly strong in the garden of terror. At the time of writing this article, he can boast that he has won 67% of the 39 most popular blog games in the past month. It has excellent zoning and objective control with its pylons and guns.

Joanna– Joanna can easily kill and distract Shambler’s defenders while someone else is on the canal. She has a lot of support that helps her in the long team battles for goals.

Alexstrasza – The dragonfly essentially guarantees its purpose.

Rexxar – Rexxar may take measurements shortly before spawning of the target which, if left alone, may weigh a tonne. Misha is also a big obstacle for opponents who try to block the goal.

Gaslowe – Like Probius, Gaslowe offers very strong objective control. Gravity bombs are also easy to plant, given the overload of your enemies.

General tips from the terror garden:

  • There are many mercenary camps on this map – use them!
  • One man is enough to attack one cripple – the other can capture the essence without killing them all.
  • Soak the strips until the target is reached.

The best heroes of Khanamura Temple

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Lucio– Helps the team enormously in detecting murders and his healings support the team during the long battles.

Artanis– Particularly suitable for unique crafts, including samurai. Keeps himself under control in long team fights.

Phoenix– Excellent auto-attacker with reliable output, convenient considering the size and aperture of the card.

D.Va– General Enemy Difficulties. Good support for long battles and can use self-destruction to repel enemies.

Rexxar– Can set up the first camps for mercenaries, including samurai. Misha holds the target well and is very difficult to reduce.

General tips for the Hanamura Temple:

  • The samurai camp is extremely solid and doesn’t restart until 1:30 in the morning. Hold this camp as soon as possible. It can do more damage than the target.
  • Choose heroes for long battles.

The best heroes of the Temple of Hell

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

May– Great restart potential, given the way the enemies are grouped together. Clear the waves and the guards quickly.

Sonia– Turn to win against servants and enemies! Get a ton of those wormholes and you’ll be able to empty the sanctuary in no time.

Lightning– Lightning makes it very difficult for opponents to get into the right position during the game. It also cleans them up quickly, and both exits are perfect for team fighting.

Ragnaros– The AoE and Mills Core spells give the team a big advantage. Potential in combination with Grey Smash.

Kerrigan– Probably the fastest guard killer with his devastation. It also forms the largest part of the 4-place corridor between the centre and the robot.

General advice about the Temples of Hell:

  • Not all penalties are the same. Mortar is the weakest, followed by frozen and mysterious mortar. In the beginning of the game it is sometimes necessary to leave the target, especially if it is a weaker breeder.
  • Always stay behind the door to attack the cleaner.
  • Choose heroes with strong control over the sanctuary and the spells on the Ark.

The best heroes of the Celestial Temple

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Sonia– Strong support for the temple, can do mercenaries, and solo top band.

D.Va– If played correctly, it is almost impossible to leave the point.

Artas– Provides great control over the temples with its slow work and armor, especially when the other team has many melee heroes.

Daehaka– Daehaka can control the point and, if necessary, immediately dig the point to help the team win the fight against someone else.

Illidan– The Temple of Heaven is one of Illidan’s best cards. He can do a Mercedes, a temple solo and a hunt to protect the team from the murder. He might as well be the boss.

General advice for the construction of the celestial temple:

  • The macro is very important on this map. Camping outside every sanctuary.
  • It’s not boxing for nothing. Don’t let your boss start until heroes have died on the other team.
  • Don’t be greedy and don’t try to get two temples by fighting people.

Tomb of the Queen of Spiders Best Heroes

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Kerrigan– Kerrigan is the beast in the grave because the map is so small. As a member of a gang team, with a reliable anesthetic, she only controls the beginning of the game.

Garroche– As scary as playing Kerrigan Garroche for the first gang

Jaina– The Great Wave is clean and works well in the team of potential bandits.

May– Simlar to Jaina is an excellent wave that is clear and can easily hit multiple people with its chains and knives.

Silvana’s– Makes the thrust even stronger and helps the snowball win much more

Tomb of the Queen of Spiders, Opinion:

  • The wave is clear – king. Hurry up and find the bandits in the middle.
  • On this map you can easily throw snowballs, so the compasses can be very solid before the start of the game.
  • Don’t engage in risky battles if you have the great advantage of gems.

Best Heroes of Fate Towers

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Orpha– Orpha is essentially the best chromium, now it is infected by a nerd It can hold targets for a very long time and cause great damage when enemies regroup.

Place– Can keep the lens at a safe distance for a long time. Good potential for a wake-up call and a team fight.

Nazeebo – Causes major damage over time. Games on Towers of Doom usually last longer, so Naz gets on well with it.

Kel’Thuzad– The Kel’Thuzad deals well with DEATH, given the narrowness of battle space. It’s easier to hit the chains, and it can also hold targets for a while.

Malthael – Can suck up the lane twice and receive fast Pale Horse turns. It is easy to obtain the shroud for many enemies, and both defeats are excellent for fighting.

Towers for general purpose use:

  • Priority trajectory for the robots. The best strategy is for one person to pick up the top and middle track twice, while the rest of the team pushes the bones.
  • If you control the enemy Fort Bot, you also control 6 squadrons of pumpkin bombs. You can literally sit on the bottom bar and look at them and force your opponents to react.
  • Don’t be greedy and don’t try to get all the altars. It’s normal to give up one thing.

The best heroes of the Volskaya foundry

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Ragnaros– Powerful solo torch with good AoE magic during goal. The molten core also allows enemies to escape from the tip or fight a large insect.

ETC– The ETC can affect more than 3 people if they all wear glasses. His support isn’t great, but his slides usually lead to murder if you follow him here.

Raynor– Raynor shall, if played correctly, move tonnes of damage when a point is disputed.

Orpha– Orpha easily hits multiple enemies with all its capabilities, resulting in devastating combos.

Alexstrasza– Very strong healing plus dragon, what more can I ask a healer?

General tips for the Volksk foundry:

  • You don’t have to go straight to work. It is acceptable to abandon the first test if it means you can absorb the experience and catch up.
  • Start the storage tower right at the spawning stage, so the other spawners will be your 2 during the objective phase.
  • Do not underestimate the power of the Protector.

Connecting the best heroes to the warheads

Best Heroes for Every Map in Storm Heroes (HoTS)

Samuro– The split jumper is very strong at the jump point of the warhead, given the size of the map. Most teams aren’t running fast enough to deal with it.

Illidan– Maybe a Mercedes and a boss on his own, while Hunt ensures that the enemy is never safe if he travels alone.

Brightwing – Corruption measures and helps your team in team fighting by teleporting.

Zagara– Applies high mercury pressure and can be used anywhere at the same time as the Nydus system.

Dehaka– World heroes are beautifully represented on big maps, as you probably have seen. Dehaka can drop an atomic bomb himself and join the team immediately to compete.

General instructions for nuclear warhead connection:

  • This is a macro game. Break camp when they get up.
  • Look for bandits on lone heroes, given the size of the map.
  • The upper and lower bands are the most important because they are controlled by the patterns.

Hopefully this article will help you decide which heroes to choose on which card. The best characters in general that you can bring to HoTS can be found in our other article : Top 10 Heroes to take with you in Storm Heroes



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